Thursday, February 19, 2015

2/15/15 Big Rec West Field

It was another hot day in February.  We might as well enjoy it, and come August, when the entire state goes up in flames, we can say, Well, remember how nice it was in February?  The nice weather brought out a lot of players, 25 to be exact, and we started the move to play a group that was practicing on the other diamond to try and have a second squad game, but nothing came of it, so we just settled for a lot of substitutions.

Satch started for the homers, and felt good but was not throwing well.  I didn't get a chance to warm up, and everything was tight and pinched.  I feel like the mound at the newly manicured field in GGP is too steep, and while that should have been an asset, it wasn’t.  Just couldn’t get comfortable.  I threw 4, but the visitors scored about 6 runs, not the best outing.

Carter started for the visitors, and fared better than I, but was not impervious to hits and runs either.  The nature of the game, no one was going to throw a complete game.  Sonny relieved Satch and threw damn near shutout ball for his whole time on the bump, then Sean closed the deal. For the visitors, they had Tony, Dustin, Storm, and Daniel.  So a lot of different hurlers for the day. 

Probably the most interesting part of the day was that I think there was about 9-10 people hit by a pitch in the course of the game.  I know I hit four (not my best day, as I said) and was also hit myself, on the knee.  The sound was terrible, but I barely felt it.  Honestly, I thought that the ball was nowhere near hitting my leg. Strange day indeed.

The visitors won handily in 9, we played extras and I think the homers won in 11, but by then, four hours in the hot sun had zapped everyone’s brains, so help me out if this is wrong.


* Great day of ball, fun to have spectators as well

* Hank made a complete lay out to stop a ground ball up the middle.

* The homers were throwing the ball around like the Bad News Bears for a few innings

* Storm had a rip to right that cleared everything


* Tony and Greg were on opposing teams for the first time in a few years

* Jay + Sun = No shirt all day.  We insisted he at least wear one when he batted.

* Hank also made several running catches

* A lot of almost great plays

* Daniel had a really jarring fall off the grass on the lip of the outfield.  We were surprised he bounced back up

* The infield dirt is the right kind, but it's very deep and soft like sand.

* Thanks to Tim, Ed, Carter, Bob, Greg for catching in the sun

* First spotting of the Jameson twins in quite some time, and no it’s not just a clever name

* I had four hits, all in the exact same direction, between 3rd and SS.

* Elvin claims he likes working counts.  The rest of us call that Get the Goddamn Bat Off Your Shoulder.

* Happy Birthday to the young’un Gaston, 26?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2/1/15 West Sunset

A beautiful day for a ballgame, that is all I can say.  We started a hour early to make time for those that wanted to watch some sort of sporting activity on the television.  Can't say what it was, but apparently, becoming quite popular.  In any case, we were warmed up and ready by noon.

The teams were split up and Sonny started on the bump for the homers.  He lasted three innings and did well, keeping the ball around the strike zone and not letting any one inning get away from him.  He was followed by Chris Powell, who did the same and then a new guy on the front, Storm, who has a live arm to say the least.  I would put him in the mid-high 80's in velocity, which is a lot for our league, and everything with a downward spike.  We batsmen had a little trouble with him, but everyone felt worse for the homer's catcher,  Duane whose toes and shins and other vital appendages were in constant peril from the low skip. After Storm had thrown a few, Daniel came in for the 9th, and did his best, but by then the visitors were a team possessed.

I don't toot my own horn too often, but I have to say that Satch threw a hell of a game.  I could not have done it without some very stellar defense but a complete game, with a shutout through the 7th felt especially fine.  Given that it was almost a month since I had last thrown, the arm was loose and ready to go and the curve ball and the change up were there and useful.  The homers had one of the more formidable line ups that I had seen in a while, with Rich, Chris Powell, Storm, Duane, John McG, just to name a few.  We made sure that we got Mitch to at least negate some of the long ball threat, and that was probably one of the differences in the game.  I threw a lot of off speed stuff, and while some prodigious foul balls were hit, the homers always seemed to be one hit away from a rally and kept stranding the runner (which of course, was Chris Powell, more often than not).

We scored early in the game, and then we were shut down almost as efficiently as the homers were through the middle innings.  3-0 after the second and then 0's for both squads.  The 7th was my crucible, a few timely errors, and the big hit that the homers had been hoping for equated to them taking the lead for the first and only time in the game, by a margin of 5-3.  That served to light a fire under our asses to get back in the scoring game, and we quickly got a bases loaded situation that led us back into the lead in the top of the 9th, and Satch trudged out to save his own start, which he did, to the final of 7-5.


* Everyone who made it out, I salue you as having your priorities straight

* Mitch tracked down several fly balls, but was 0-5, I think, which may be a record.

* I tried to bunt off Powell, and it just rolled foul.  Next time up, he did the same to me, although his was fair....and perfect.  Show off.

* Rich hit a foul ball that hasn't landed yet

* Per tradition, I threw the new guy lots and lots of knuckleballs, which worked well.  I think the mantle of new guy is thrown off the day they stop swinging at all my gimmick pitches

* Handled a hot drive back at my head, and managed to keep my glove on and not cry....

* Don is in a serious slump and Greg wanted everyone to know, maybe shaming him would work.  Nope.  But he did score one of the more important runs in our comeback, so maybe light at the end of the tunnel.

* Hank did well with the bat, and behind the plate, although he got a face full of dirt on a play at home

* Gaspar didn't have a Gaspar hit all day

* JT did the right thing taking a walk when we needed runs, in addition to his hits, fresh back from fantasy camp does good things

* JT also made a very crucial catch in left

* We realized that a left handed second baseman is a great advantage in applying the tag when taking a throw from left

* A collision at first between John McG and myself could have been a lot worse, I tried to push off of him to avoid running him over.  Minimal injuries on something that could have been a lot worse.

* Tony showed up but didn't play, get well soon, and stay off of the goddamn skateboard.

S. Paige

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1/4/15 Moscone Field- The Alpha Game

When I die, I hope I end up in a place where the baseball season never ends....oh wait, that's the Mission Baseball Club season!  So, I'll just stay here.

Per usual, January provides some of the nicest baseball playing weather of the year here in SF.  Not sure why, but I have been writing this blog long enough to page back through the years and see that it's true.  Feel free to the do the same, I'll wait.....

Well, our first game of 2015 was no exception, beautiful sun, plenty of action, nice field, who could ask for more?

In a stunning turn, Satch got to play in consecutive games, which hasn't happened for quite some time.  The traffic was non-existent but it takes a while to get to the Marina.  Luckily, everyone else was int eh same boat, so the game hadn't started by the time I rolled in.  The pitchers had been set however, and Carter started for the visiting team, with Satch coming in around the 6th, while the homers went rotisserie style, throwing Sean, Greg, Sonny and someone else, for the homers.  The game was tight, crisp and full of razzle dazzle. 

In the first inning, looking over the formidable lineup of the homers, I remarked to Lattig that the key to winning this game would be to let Chris Powell be the only one who scored.  The thought was that trying to stop him was an exercise in futility, better to focus on the other 8 players...well, I didn't use that exact phrase, cuz I didn't want him to think I was a fancy pants, but the ethos was, let Powell score, and then no more.  And dang if that didn't end up being the way it played out.

Every time that the homers threatened to blow the game up, the visitors would find a way to shut it down.  As a result, the score was a back and forth ending up tied at 3 a piece going into the last three frames.  But in baseball, one wrong pitch can be the difference, and with a mighty crack, the visitors went up and stayed up, fending off one bases loaded jam after another to the tune of a 6-4 victory.


* Chris Powell scored 3 of the 4 runs for the homers, and was stranded on third base during a bases loaded fiasco. 

* As a battery, Ed and Satch were completely out of synch with what pitch to throw, but managed to still do a good job

* John McGrath gets the Ugliest Double award, the hit was a thing of beauty, but also a valuable lesson for his kids who were in tow, that one should always be aware of the other base runners, while running. 

* In addition to his scoring prowess, Powell also made several plays from deep SS

* Gaspar laid down a great bunt in an attempt to fend off against the shift, but was foiled by an even better play by Carter to get the lead runner at third.

* John Carey was out, resplendent in Bob's high school uniform, and played a great game, even if he did dive a few times in the outfield on plays that may not have required it

* Greg gave himself an error for throwing the pitch, and then immediately knowing it was the wrong choice, which Satch crushed to take the lead in the game

* The grass at Moscone makes the hardest hit grounder, a roller after two bounces

* The homers had about 7 hits to short center field, all singles, no way to defend

* Last week, John Nero left the game to go buy water, and so, in a crucial part of the game, Chris Powell came up to bat with two outs instead of Nero....this week, when Dennis left early, the home team was asked if they wanted to just let Powell hit again, since that seems to be the way it works....I am turning the whole thing over to Bob Carey, Chief Justice of the Kangaroo Court

* Since Bob was on my team, I may have tried to breeze John with a knuckleball.  Missed him by two feet.

* I had my first legitimate sacrifice fly in quite a while to get the visitors on the board.

* Hank had a number of hard hits in the game and played all over the diamond

* JT made some catches in right when we really needed them

* Don also made some catches in right (center) when we really needed them

Thanks for a great game, everyone who was out.  Happy 2015 (still waiting for jet packs, flying cars, one piece uniform jumpsuits, telepathy helmets, food in pill form, and the Cubs to win the World Series....)

S. Paige

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

12/28/14 St Mary's- The Omega Game

The last game of the year was held at St. Mary's which was the only field that we could guarantee was dry enough to play on. And it was, mostly, although there was movement to rename the field in the spirit of Camp Swampy as the St. Mary's Bayou. The day was surprisingly warm and muggy, probably due to the moisture in the ground and the trees around us.

We were equally as pleased by the appearance of Johnny Bartlett, who promised to come out more and is looking fantastic, as well as Will Rockwell, who looked like 10lbs of shit in a 5lb bag....

We had a healthy mixture of old and new, and someone got on the horn to Adam who lives spitting distance away and told him he was shaming himself by not showing up. He did and was resplendent in a very snazzy MBC color coordinated shorts and sleeves combo.

Satch, having been pent up and worked over by the holiday was raring to go and was throwing lights out ball for the homers, to the tune of 7-8 strikeouts, helped in part by the extremely low and hard packed mound. Carter and Mitch pitched well for the other team doing what they do best, holding us hostage to the pop up and the ground ball.

We see-sawed the game and by the time Satch bowed out in the 7th, it was 4-3 visitors. And that is where is stayed, through the end of the game, and to a top of the 10th, after which the game was called. So in my mind, we homers are owed an at bat. Not that it did us much good for the first 9 innings...


* The visitors were masters of the line drive

* JT recorded the first solid hit for our team in the 3rd inning

* Adam was a whiz with the glove and bat and refinery

* New guy Gaston came in to mop up and was pitching southpaw fire

* Ed took two pretty scorching foul tips off the mask, one that put him on his butt

* I was 0-4 with three pop flies and one ground out, not so impressive

* Dennis informed me that his is still on the testosterone replacement therapy and they gave him the three months dose all at once, hence his better than usual hitting prowess.

* A meeting of the AOY's was convened after the game, all in attendance.

* JT, our resident stats man, informed me that all four runs I gave up were unearned.

* Hardest thing about the refurbished St Mary's field is that you can't pee in the bushes anymore without fear of exposing yourself to a family out for a walk on the nice paths.

* The sun becomes a pitcher's ally by the middle innings. Elevate and you blind everyone who goes up for the ball

* The visitors just out played us on defense and offense.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

11/30/14 Cop Field

Well, it was a lot of rain. 

But then emails start bouncing around that the field just needs a little love and it would be fine to play in.  Secondary verification was done, and indeed it seemed that a rake and ten minutes and the game would be on. 

Then, after all that, our own AOY 2012 Brian Phelps reported this to me:

Ed and I played catch, hit some fly balls and talked ill of everyone who didn't show up. 


Some kid heckled Ed for dropping the ball. (It was a bad throw)


So what the hell happened?

I know I was on kid duty all day while Mrs. Paige caught up on work, so that is my excuse.  Lattig hurt his leg.  Everyone else had no such hindrances that I heard of (And no, I am not accepting Elvin's lame excuse of watching football).

In short, you all failed.

So, that's it.  Two assholes playing catch and talking shit about all you lazy, non-baseballin' folks.  All I can say is that I hope you are happy, you all missed out on hearing Ed get heckled.

We need the rain, so I can't say that I wish it would stop, but it looks like it will dry out before next Sunday.

Be there.

S. Paige

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Word from JT Tiemann on the 2014 Giants

Since he did such a great job summing up the first winning season, I thought it would be good to solicit a few thoughts from JT.  Little did I know he had already been hard at work creating his next literary masterpiece.  So, in lieu of trying to build up the tension, and hear myself talk some more, I I shall eschew my loquacious nature, and be brief.

Friday, November 21, 2014

You want shirts, we got shirts!

Resident MBC Esquire and dad of future Hall of Famers, John McGrath sent me this picture, of Semi Pro, Independent and Defunct League Shirts that are available at Haight St T shirts.  Looks like a lot of the selection that one can get at Ebbets Field Flannels, without the wait. 

Check it out if you are interested.  Thanks John!

1500 Haight St
San Francisco, CA 94117
b/t Clayton St & Ashbury St in The Haight

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11/16/14 Cop Field

The best weekend of the year, the birthday weekend, when Satch can gurantee that he will be out and no one, beast nor man can stop him.

Makes me feel like this:

But I digress.  We had 22 solid players show up and everyone made a contribution.  On paper, the visiting team looked like they would run away with it, but that is what is great about this game, nothing is for certain. Satch was on the mound for the visitors, and Sonny took the bump for one inning for the homers and then gave way to Sean, fresh from a European tour. 

I got the lead off out alright, which was Sean.  And then the homers exploded in a series of hits and errors that was eerily like the last time I pitched.  Then did it again the next inning.

By the third inning, after a long drawn out conversation, it was decided it was 6 and not 5-1. 

By the 4th it was 8-1.  No one argued that one.

Tony rightly noted that this was definitely one of those 'Is this really happening' games, the weather certainly had been odd, it was an offshore breeze, which blew pop ups in the complete opposite direction that we are used to them going.  The air was humid, hot and chilly all at once.

We finally started getting some breaks, and Coney Island James was on a tear all day, at least 2-3 big flies to deep left field, one that cleared the bases.  All of a sudden we were right back in it.  By the 6th it was 8-6.  Then 10-6.  

James asked to pitch, then gave me another inning to celebrate my birthday, and after a shutdown inning, we kept bringing the heat and scoring, eventually with the tying and the go ahead runs. 11-10.  So, when I bowed out at 7 innings, I still got to be the pitcher of record (for the record).  James then entered the game, threw 5 warm ups and promptly removed himself and inserted Greg instead.  Hopefully the elbow issue is not serious.

Sean gave way to Mitch, who seems is most vulnerable to the problem that he can't play defense for himself.  Certainly seemed to be the case, as a number of hits went to the outfield, which would have been routine flies for him, were extra base hits for us.

The see-saw battle continued, and the visitors finally tied it up and then went ahead for the first time in the game.  The homers roared back to within one, but were unable to close the gap.  We had played such a quick game that by the end of 9 it was only 3:15, so we played two extra, with Daniel coming in for the visitors and Sonny reentering for the homers.  The game slowed and the cold started to move in.  We called it after the 11th and everyone went home having enjoyed a great day of ball.

Final Score- Visitors 13-12.


* James was a masher all day

* Jimmy made an amazing defensive play

* John Mcgrath had at least 3-4 hits, including a long gapper

* Tony hurt himself running in after an inning, classic Rojas....

* Tim caught all 11 for the homers, impressive!

* Duane and Jimmy caught for the visitors, Duane and I worked well once he got used to the catchers view of Satch's pitches

* Dennis showed up out of the blue, talked his usual game, departed before the end.  He did give me an epic 12 pitch at bat and I did throw a knuckleball behind him.

* I had at least one inning where Don made all the outs in center.  A few innings later the homers hit a bunch out there, and he wasn't there anymore....dang!

* In one of the above mentioned hits, Elvin was playing about 12 feet behind second base in center.  Not ideally placed for a center fielder.  ELVIN!

* We razzed Daniel for not using two hands, praised Jimmy for using two hands, then watched Tony drop a pop up at third....he claimed it moved too much for him to use two hands....I believe him.

* JT has a theory that the last out of the World Series is part of a un-codified Giants play manual dating back fifty years.  It takes a while to explain it, so settle in.

*  Tyse was victim to the changeup all day

* Abe, Tyse's buddy played pretty well for a guy decked out in brown cordoroy

* First two at bats, I hit two come-backers up the middle, Sean snared the first one some how and Dennis collapsed on the second one and threw me out.

* The homers turned a beautiful double play, to stymie a rally

* Sean seemed to have not lost his stroke in Europe

* Example of Visitors Defensive Acumen- A hit to right went past the right fielder, bobbled by the center fielder, thrown offline past the cutoff, through the second basemen at the base and then was bobbled by the pitcher picking it up.

* Daniel was rocking the bandana neckerchief all game.  Bold fashion.

Same place, same time.

S. Paige.

Monday, November 3, 2014

11/2/14- Moscone

What a day for a ball game, and I am not just saying that because I actually got to play or because it was amazing out or that we had 20 guys show up or that...well, maybe it was all those things but it was more too.

The field was in great shape, the mound was exquisite.  Greg started for the homers and Satch went for the visitors.  The day opened with a couple of runs, and then a couple answered back and we thought we were into a real see-saw game.  It was a nice thought.

The early innings saw the score tied at 4's, and then we went ahead, and they went ahead and then, well the wheels came off.  The homers realized the true potential of their line up and started tearing us to shreds.  Then we started tearing ourselves to shreds, and that didn't help things.

There were a couple of 5-6 out innings, but mostly, the homers were just knocking the cover off the ball.  I think there were at least 7 hits to the left center gap along with several line drives up the middle.  I felt a little sore from lack of use, but I was making my pitches for the most part.; they were hitting strikes.

Some may have thought the homers had a loaded line up, you be the judge: Rojas, Powell, Adam, Greg, Coney Island James, Nero, Tim, Phelps, Mitch, and New Guy Ryan.  Not a lot of hopes for easy outs in any of those batters.

Greg bowed to Brian Phelps after 6, and then Mitch came into close the door for the 8th and 9th.  Satch stayed into absorb the complete game loss, with a final score of 12-7?


* The home team had at least 20 hits

* I announced with the first and second and Rojas up that it was the at bat of my life.  Tony promptly laid down a perfect bunt, which I promptly threw into right field.  The next time he was up, I re-announced that THIS was the at bat of my life.....

* James hit a home run that I tracked with the ol' Google maps, ~415 feet...see below.... impressive....we were all telling him to slow down as he trucked around the bases, and then he stopped and walked back to third, confused as to why he was being held up.  Once it was all cleared up, he trotted home as he should have.

* I think I had 5 or 6 strike outs, which were well needed

* Tim, Bob and Jimmy did the catching, thanks to all

* Everyone who didn't slide was treated to the chorus, "SLIDE ELVIN!"

* Apologies to Ryan for the broken bat

* One of the quickest games we have ever had, considering the score.  Started around 1:20 and we were done before 4:00.

* Nick made a nice unassisted double play when we really needed it.

* The visitors first three hits were to right field

* The entire home team pitching trio did a great job of not allowing any real well struck balls, I can say for myself that I popped out/grounded out four times

* Bob was hit in the spine, looked like it hurt

* I hit Ryan with an wild curve, in the ass, best place for it

* Sorry to hear that last week only 10 people showed up, come on MBC we can do better than that.

* Jersey Joe made a great running catch in center

* The East coast was well represented

* The shadow of the tree in right made throws to first base a challenge all day.  Kudos to Lattig and Adam for the plays they made

* I hit a triple the first at bat, and slid into third, because that. is. what. you. do....

See you all real soon.

S. Paige

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Player Profile #20- Richie Garcia

Richie constitutes the last of the regular old timers that has not yet been highlighted.  I think part of the delay was that Richie seems to stay on the fringe of the MBC these days, due to work, various skateboarding/soccer injuries and ???.  But when I started playing, he was a every Sunday kind of guy.  And to his credit, whenever he does show up these days it is apparent that his skills have not deteriorated one iota.

Richie is the prototypical leadoff hitter, and you can tell that he has always been so.  For starters he is very patient at the plate.  VERY PATIENT.  Some might say overly.  But that is just the pitcher in me talking. And his strike zone is about the smallest of anyone that plays in our league, I don't know how tall he is, but if he's more than 5'5", I would be very surprised.  Compact, I am sure is how he would describe it.  He's all lean and muscle though, and he can move down the line so he is always a bunt/steal threat.

I realized about 8 years ago that I was really stressing myself out too much trying to pitch Richie perfectly.  It's never a good thing to start out a game all frazzled 'cuz the lead off guy is not swinging at your nibbles.  So I decided then and there that I would let the odds and gods take care of it for me.  As we all know, the best hitters fail 70% of the time, so my approach now with Richie is to feed him strikes and hope he doesn't get into anything too fully.  He is decent enough to compliment the good pitches I get by him, as well.

So I can vouch for not always trying to get a guy out, seems to work, as long as you don't mind said guy hitting .500 off you....fine by me.  So Richie gets on base a lot.  He will steal a base whenever he wants to, he was taught to be aggressive on the paths.  His father and former coach came out once and watched us.  Well, he sat and read a book and occasionally paid attention to us.  I don't think he was completely impressed with our skills....

Richie was a catcher for a long while, but then had some sort of multiple concussion incident (skate or die) and hasn't caught since I don't think. 

He can play every position, and play it well.  I think I have even seen him pitch, but that may have been an anomaly.  But he has great hands, and baseball instincts.

Interesting side-note: The first time Richie went to SQ, he got more prison respect than the rest of us.  Being Latino, they gave him the O.G. nods during the handshaking.  Maybe they were just sad that a team hailing from the Mission district of SF was full of goofy white guys.  And maybe they were right.

Richie was also the unfortunate victim of the closest I have ever come in MBC to really hurting someone.  I threw a high and tight fastball (unintentionally) that went straight for Richie's face.  He leaned back enough that it only skimmed his forearm and hand, and then flat to the ground.  For a second I thought I had really hurt him, luckily he was alright, but the shock knocked him out of the game.  I felt pretty sick the rest of the day, thinking about how much worse it could have been.  I don't think he holds a grudge, but he would be right to if he did.

Richie is one of the more level headed, decent people I have ever met, a thing that I take for granted less and less as I grow older.  Pleasant, cheerful, wry, and knows the game in and out.  He is also a drummer, and a good one by all accounts.  I also found out that he went to UC Santa Cruz with a friend of mine, she is blonde and 6'3"...they must have been an awesome looking crew, especially if he was still rocking this that the lead singer from Mr. Big?

The only bad thing I have to say about Richie is he loves the wrong baseball team.  Between him, LAttig (that's an intentional typo by the way, think about it) and Nero, they form the triumvirate of Dodger Faithful within the MBC.   The good news is that he is also an Oakland A's I guess that balances out.

So Richie, I apologize you weren't highlighted sooner, but hopefully this will serve to remind you that baseball is better than soccer and whatever else you find yourself doing on Sundays instead of playing the best game ever invented.

We of the MBC salute you!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Player Profile #19- Brian Cagle

I realized there have been a number of veterans that I have not reviewed, for which I apologize.  Much like Doc's write up, this one is from the way back times of the MBC. 

In fact, Brian Cagle is one of the original 17 Reasons guys (you can see him in the picture I posted recently, although he appears to be about 8 inches taller than is is).  I don't know that he was in any bands, which would make him the oddity in the first squad, but maybe he was the manager or something....I know he is a math teacher, which makes him a genius in my book.

Cagle is a quiet, reserved kind of fellow, but he plays with a degree of intensity that one might be surprised to find in such a taciturn person.  I think part of it is his sense of humor which is rather sarcastic and barbed, but presented so calmly that it flies over a lot of heads.  Having heard stories over the years, it sounds like Brian is not one to be trifled with, but mostly he has struck me as always pleasant and all-weathered.  But, I have seen him when he gets a little aggravated and it is surprising how acidic he can be.   

Brian is what you want in a middle infielder, good hands, quick reflexes, and steady with the bat.  What Brian really has is one of the finest abilities to bunt that I have witnessed since I have been playing. He's like a surgeon out there, and you never know when but you always know it will be in the hardest possible place to reach.

It is a shame that we don't see him much anymore, there was a good run for a few years when he could be counted on each week.  My jealousy runs high in fashion as well, being on the smaller side, Cagle also had the added bonus of being able to fit in to all number of vintage woolen jersey's that us behemoths would kill for a chance at.

 So, a ballplayer who keeps his own counsel, executes when needed, plays solid defense and can be counted on to be fair minded.  Who wouldn't want that as part of their team?

 Thanks Brian, hope we see you again soon!

10/12/14 Cop Field

This just in from the opposite field hitting surgeon, Mike Gaspar.  I wish I could have been there, but hopefully weekends will be a little easier now that we are out of wedding season.

It wasn't nice, it wasn't decent.  It was downright hot at Balboa Park on Sunday.  

If nothing else, Fleet Week seems to bring some great weather with it.  Per Bob's advice we all arrived a little early.  But as it turned out there were only 13 of us regulars.  Luckily, there were a couple of guys practicing their bunting and playing pepper at the field and they were more than happy to join us.

Greg took the mound for the home team and was immediately greeted with a line drive single off the bat of John Mac.  A couple of hits later it was 2-0.  Then came the big hit,  a three run homer from the visitors pitcher Mitch.  And the hits just kept coming.  It was eight or nine to nothing before the homers even came to bat.  

Mitch, given the big lead, was aggressive with the fast ball and mixed in just enough curves to keep the homers off balance.  And with the combination of at ‘em balls and just plain good defense the homers were kept off the board until late in the game.  Mitch gave way to yours truly in the eighth (a sure sign the game is out of hand) and Hank pitched the ninth.   

Greg went the distance for the homers.  And to be fair, his defense let him down a bit.  Their center fielder, Rufino, was very reluctant to catch balls in the air.  Preferred to let them bounce once or twice.  

Final score was 15-2.


  • ·         Everyone on the visiting side had multiple hits, with Mitch's being the most memorable.
  • ·         Nick had some nice catches in right
  • ·         Milo had a home run.  And showed some nice flair when he threw off his sunglasses half way between third and home.  Love the Hello Kitty batting gloves by the way.
  • ·         Fun in the sun.  Well maybe not for the homers.  Sorry guys.