Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4/16/14 San Quentin A's vs. MBC

As usual traffic, was moderate to heavy in getting across the bay to the prison.  However, there were enough seasoned veterans that we had at least a fighting chance in the parking lot by 4:45.  Jimmy rolled in, as did Eliot the A's coach(finally) and we went through what was known and what was new. 
The old was no hostage policy, bat limits, no food, tobacco or passing of notes. 
The new part is that they do a full written inventory before and after now, and it's bad luck for Noah and  his three bags full of baseball crap.  Every team member gets to bring one glove (unless you are a catcher or a first basemen), one pair of shoes (no sandals, Nero!) and one set of catcher's gear (they allowed two in case Ed needed to catch, whose legs are apparently too short for the standard gear).  We can bring 4 bats and the coach can bring four bats, so in theory we can bring in 8 bats, since they borrow ours.  That's how I got the War Hammer in this time.
After a wait at the gate, the usual suspicious pawing of our gear and collection of our licenses, we headed for the entry point, to get our wanding and recheck of the gear.  You would think that with all the time wasted doing this, that the prisoners would be ready and chomping at the bit to play.  However, as always, they had finished the calisthenics and were just lounging around.  Eliot went to unlock their gear and somehow another 30 minutes passed where no one was in uniform yet.  We could get a lot more game in, if we weren't always waiting on this kind of stuff....
The game got off to good start, as we walked and walked and Brian Phelps hit a beautiful single to score two, and then we walked some more.  We scored three runs in the first, only to have them taken back plus one in the bottom of the first.  The first innings dropsies were in full effect, and the second hitter of the game hit an in the park home run on a high change up.  Then we had a pitch out victim dead to rights, and couldn't hold on to the ball, bloop, bobble, drop, shake, rattle, Phelps made the wise decision to go behind rather than in front of some guys wandering through left on a hit, our first out finally came due to the infield fly rule (never an auspicious opening).
After that, the baseball gods shined favorable on Satch, to the tune of 6 K's and no runs in the next three innings.  The gods apparently had it in for Kool Aid, the SQ As pitcher, as he walked at least 8 batters, he was sent to the showers (that's a lot more serious in prison, wakka wakka wakka).  Kool Aid gave way to some other thrower who was a little more accurate. 
The end result was a four inning game, the final being 11-4, where we only got 4 hits.  But damnit, it's a win and we were all smiles as we left the prison.
* After what seemed like a very long first inning, our defense was pretty spotless
* Mitch made a couple of much needed catches in center and stole two-three bases?
* Nero went hitless for the first time in SQ, although he should have had a hit on one up the middle that the SS made a great play on
* The new umpire was reputed to be "great" by the A's.  Meh.

* Greg had a play that he considered blocking the plate, then quickly thought better

* I hit a guy, just barely, and we all ignored it and he went on with his at bat.

* Report was, some convict called me Satchel.  Good to know my name rings out in the yard....
* Red is gone, Otter is gone, there was a wholesale clearing of a lot of the players for various infractions and transfers.
* No one was thrown out from right field
* I struck out the guy who hit the homer off me, with a wicked curve ball.  Greg said he was talking up his own game in the batters box.
* The change up was again the delight of the inmates

* Chris smashed a ground rule double into the Indian prayer garden, for our best hit of the day
* Nero walked from home to home on four consecutive bases on balls
* Vinay, our lone first timer, tomahawked a ball for a RBI
* Elvin brought his white shades and his mismatched socks in again, his player/mascot status becoming more prominent
* I got hit and Jimmy got hit.  For myself, I can say it didn't hurt much and still doesn't.  However, it looks like hell.  This is known as a San Quentin Heart.

Congrats Victorious MBC'ers!  Next time, we may actually play enough to get an official win.

PS- This is the 300th blog post for the MBC, fitting, I would say.  Thanks for reading all 27 of you loyal readers!

Friday, April 11, 2014

4/6/14 Crocker Amazon

Back in the game, a glorious thing!  

After a long separation from the Sunday classic, Satch returned to the field of glory.  There have been several games since the last time I wrote, but few that have been documented.  Always welcome a write up if any one feels the desire.  

We were at Crocker Amazon, which I hadn't played at in a few years, however it is sight of one of two legitimate home runs I have hit in the MBC.  Enough about me though.

The field was in its usual tall grass, gopher-holed splendor, and we started 20 minutes late since the game before us seemed to be without end.  Old guys squared off against new guys-ish.  Satch versus Carter, who has improved a lot in his time with the 'ahem' other team.  But he looked good, kept it around the dish, and we were stifled most of the game.  Satch had a pocket full of K's for the day but alas, the old guys defense was at the mercy of the field and our own issues.  At one point I think I counted that each member of the infield, including myself, had at least 2 fielding or throwing errors. 

The visitors weren't just hitting daisy cutters though, there was a lot of well squared knocks as well, and they added to their lead with each passing inning.  By the 4th inning the score was 7-1.  Well, you can't win them all, I guess.  And we didn't.  The game started to slow, but the the sun and the fresh air was unbeatable.  

The homers fell behind 9-2 by the 7th and Satch gave over the ball to Greg.  With the agreement of all involved we decided to move ahead to the 9th inning and get this thing over with.  We had 16 to start and we lost 2 more in the later innings, so it was a case of finishing the game before it was 4 on 4.  We were also joined by an extremely intoxicated guy who had umpired the last game, and had hazy connections to the Roberto Clemente league that the MBC played in back in the early 90's.  So we let him umpire, but his strike zone may have been affected by the 20 beers he had consumed in the stands.

In any case, the homers mounted a comeback of sorts, Carter giving way to Elvin and Mitch, but we came up short in the end, and a final of 9-6 in favor of the new guys-ish, we all headed home.  

Ahh, baseball.


* I got 2 strikes on about every hitter, but couldn't close the deal on the challenge pitch for most of them

* The visitors had four infield "hits" in a row at one point.

* Elvin was picked off at third in a play was an abject lesson is why sliding makes a difference.

* Mike Lattig was "safe" at third in a play that should have been a abject lesson in why sliding makes a difference.

* Couple of new guys were out who seemed to know what they were doing

* The outfield fence in view and my change up were a good mixture for the day

* Adam had bad balls thrown at him all day and he scooped out most of them

* I came up with 2 outs every time I batted

* We had a fill in player from the game before, Fausto, and I felt so bad for the guy.  There were a couple of close plays that he flubbed but made a second effort on, and figured his team would back him up on and say the runner was out.  But both times he wasn't and we didn't.  I am sure he probably wondered why his own team was hating on him so much.  

* The new net above the stadium probably cost us 5 defensive outs

* Loren has managed to slim down and beef up at the same time.

* Gaspar managed to evade the shift each time, with lovely Laura in the stands

* The infield grass appears to be about 5-7 inches above the dirt of the playing field

* Adam took a walk, which hasn't happened in a while

* No one broke an ankle, always a plus at Crocker Amazon

Next week, Big Rec.

San Quentin 2014 season coming up.

S. Paige.

Monday, March 3, 2014

2/16/14 Big Rec

Satch has been out of commission welcoming a new ball player to the family team, and so has Lefty Phelps.  So congrats to him and his and thanks for your understanding.  JT Tiemann writes up February 16 game in Golden Gate Park.  I am chomping a the bit to get back, but for now, this blog is as close as I am coming to MBC....

We had a pretty good game at Big Rec yesterday:

After a couple of weeks of rainouts, we were feeling the pent-up demand for baseball on what turned out to be a beautiful afternoon at Big Rec. The outfield grass was tall. The gophers had been busy. The new clay on the mound was too slick. The parking problems were epic. But the weather made up for it, and by the time Loren arrived in the 5th inning, we were 10 on 10.

Sean started the game on the mound for the home side, with Greg doing the honors for the visitors. Sean set the visitors down quickly in the first, sort of an unconventional 1-2-3 inning, but the home team couldn't put up a tally in the bottom of the frame either, leaving two on base.

Sean mowed them down again in the second, and this time we plated three in the bottom of the frame, with the help of some, - ahem - timely fielding from the visitors. Lattig started with a base hit, and I forced him at second on a fly ball to shallow center - Mike was stuck in no-mans land when the ball dropped. I moved to second on a wild pitch (remember, Big Rec has a full 60' backstop), and moved to third on a base hit. Ed Sidawi hit a sharp grounder to Will at third, and for some reason I broke for the plate. Will made a good throw home, and I was just making up my mind whether to slide or try to get into a rundown when the throw clanked off the catcher's (we'll leave him nameless) mitt, and I was able to score.

The score stayed 3-0 into the fifth, and then we rallied again. Sean drove home two, and a couple of hitters later I knocked him in. We picked up a couple more single runs, and the visitors finally reached Sean in the sixth when Loren reached on a strikeout/dropped third, and came around to score.

Mitch finished the game for the visitors, pitching well again, while Lattig closed it out for the home team. In the end, it was Blue Moon Odom and Rollie Fingers - Sean for the win, and Lattig for the three-inning save. We played an extra inning or so just because, but the final score was 8-1.

- Sean, Greg, Mike, and Mitch (and Tony in the extra frame) all pitched well; the big difference was more about fielding than hitting

- Greg and Mitch both forgot to hit Bob

- Will reached on a grounder in the top of the first when the throw pulled me just off the bag. Sean then promptly picked him off.

- Greg got me looking on a nifty pitch on the inside corner, and Mitch got me swinging on a fastball at the letters. Sean had his share of strikeouts, too

- Thanks to Ed, John Nero, Bob, Duane, and Greg (am I missing anybody?) for catching

- The home side's fielding was unusually good. John McGrath made a couple of nice plays at short, and Elvin made a couple at second and caught a couple of fly balls in center.

- Mitch hit a triple, but it was with two outs, and he ended up stranded at third

- We missed our new dads, but we understand. We'll see you when we see you

Note: Right fielders will please warn bystanders when our left-handed power hitters are at the plate. We're all pretty sure that ball missed that little girl, but we aren't sure how.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

1/12/14 West Sunset

What a glorious day. We were all a little afraid of a low attendance, what with that other sport having its thing happening on the same day, but lo and behold, we not only had enough, we pushed the ranks beyond the usual. One small thing was the lacrosse tournament on the upper field and all the Cadillac Escalades taking up our parking spaces.

 Additionally, thanks to bigmouth Ed Sidawi, we feared that his ominous "the grass is really tall and wet" comment was going to inhibit people's attendance, and sure he was right, but all in all, the day could not have been better. The grass was very slow in the infield, but the sun was shining and the air was dry. We tried to keep the ball off the grass as much as possible, and swapped out a lot to allow for drying, but hey, baseball in January, who cares what you have to do?

 The game pitted Sean against Satch, and the visitors drew first blood and were in the midst of starting something big, when their rally just dissipated. It would be the first in a series of disappointments for them in the day. We homers scored an answering run to knot the game at 1-1. Then we tacked on another. Then the visitors laid into us for three and took back the lead.

 It had all the makings of a see-saw battle until about the fifth inning, when, after Sean got two outs on two pitches, the homers put together a big two out rally and scored a bunch of runs, and then a bunch more the next inning. And the next. And the next. What had been nail biting turned into a laugher/crier.

 Satch went the distance, as each start may be his last for a while, and Sean went seven and Will (AOY extraordinaire) went one. I wouldn't say the game was particularly ugly defensively, in fact the visitors had some real nice plays, but the homers were a hungry, hitting bunch, and Satch's change up was doing the duty on the bats of the visitors. By the ninth, the sun was pretty blinding to the defense, and the wind had picked up a bit, the visitors managed a couple of runs and refused to go down easily, but down they did go eventually, and we all enjoyed another great game.

 Final Score- 16-6?


 * 20 people on a 49er playoff day was a good sign

 * Adam, back from cataract surgery, nursing a sore shoulder, doped on painkillers, laced the first pitch he saw to left for a solid hit. Last time i pity the guy. 

* The visitors exchanged Liam for Rich....totally fair, right?

 * That being said, Liam played a hell of a game, and fouled off some good pitches from 60 feet 6 inches.

 * Don had a good day at the plate, and a blind day in center, his casual shrug of "Who knows where the hell the ball is" was pretty funny to watch, when it wasn't headed towards his face.

 * New guy Tim did it with the glove and bat

 * Mike Gaspar drove a line drive straight up the middle, that Sean snared, then did it again

 * Bob caught the hardest hit ball of my day, in right field, then heckled me.

 * Rich hit three balls to deep right, 2 were caught, one was a double. That is a successful day if you ask me.
* Chris Powell was also a victim of the caught line drive. Twice.

 * Adam made some pretty plays at first as well as catching at least four foul outs.

 * Brian Phelps showed up late, but he brought pork jerky, so all was well

 * Ed has been hitting with a magic bat, and in the last two games is something like 12 for 14!

 * Mitch hit all day and played third base the whole game!

 * Sean hit Phelps right in the elbeebone (as Cleetus would say) and we requested ice from McGrath's wife. Then he hit a triple his next at bat.... He got some stitchmarks too!

 * JT held up on a change up, but almost fell over the plate while on his tippee toes to do it.

 * Will was a K victim twice, I believe. Maybe it's the guilt?

 * Loren showed up later than usual

 * We had an interesting play, with runners on first and second, the right fielder threw to third to get the lead runner rather than the short throw to second. In theory that is the right play, but rarely do we have people who can both throw and catch on that play to make it work.

 Everyone pray for rain Sunday night through Thursday night....and then windy and sunny the rest of the time.
S. Paige

Monday, December 23, 2013

12/22/13 Moscone Field

Baseball in December, you betcha!

 65 degrees and muggy?  Nailed it!

Plenty of Parking???  My God!

Quality game, well, depends on who you ask...

It was great to be out again, this time as my early Christmas present from Mrs. Paige.  Luckily it worked out real well.  We came in a couple hours early, lil' Satch exhausted himself riding his trike around the marina, we got an awesome parking spot, and the sun was shining.  Attendance was a little lacking at first but we eventually ended up with 17 which is very respectable considering it was three days before the holiday.

Chris Powell started for the homers, with his lovely fiance Lea in the stands, and he is looking better each time he throws.  We managed to score two runs off him in three innings, and that was it.  Mitch took over after him and it's true these two have become a force to be reckoned with.  Then they brought in AOY 2012 Phelps to close it out.  They all did well, and kept us visitors from ever really stringing anything together.

Satch went the distance for the visitors, and felt really good, 6 weeks of not throwing does wonders for the arm.  I think I had at least 7 Ks for the day, and threw a couple of fastballs that I didn't think I had in me anymore.  The breaking ball was wicked and the change up was equally nasty.  As Greg remarked around the 5th inning, "I don't know how you are losing this game."  But losing it I was.  The homers lit me up for a few, and my defense had a serious case of the bobbles for a while, and next thing you know, it's 6-2 in the 8th inning.

We had a mini comeback, and at least made it interesting for a second, but all of our run opportunities seemed to happen with 2 outs, and much like the rest of the game, we died with men on, and a final of 6-4.


* Sonny came out with his kid Oliver, who played defense with his dad in center and promptly caught my fly ball for the first out of the game.  Give it another six months and he is our new starting right fielder.

* I hit Bob with a fastball for the first time in a while, real scary.  Luckily, it apparently was a skimmer rather than a plunker.  Middle of the back.  I also hit Powell, who tried to duck.  Those were my only "walks" though.

* Jon Carey had at least two hits through the left side, it's like he took the Gasparian hit to the next level.

* JT gave me a real battle of an at bat

* Gaspar made an amazing sliding catch in foul territory.

* Dani was at bat five times, and counting interferences, was out 8 times.  But always great to see her.

* It was another 4 AOY day.  Shine up that Deserter trophy for Will, fyi.

* I had at least two hits that I was proud of.  I was on base four times, and never got past 2nd base.

* Phelps put one down the line at third that sealed my doom.

* The third base fill in for our team left a little to be desired at times.

* Will made two nice plays running from SS to the foul line

* Dani made an amazing catch in right when we REALLY needed it!

* JT hit a ground ball to second that I think was bobbled five times in one play, that time he was meant to get on base.

* There were 4 bums lounging in the sun during the game, but no one really heckled us.  I miss the old bum.

* New guy Joe had a real nice double and a great throw to stop Phelps from trying to score.

* After I hit Bob, I threw a nice and easy pitch and he tattooed it and then said thank you.  When AOY meets AOY, they cancel each other out and become gentleman.

Happy Holidays, Pancha Ganapati, Festivus, Christmas Eve, Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (Day of the birth of the Unconquered Sun), Christmas, Yule, Anastasia of Sirmium Feast Day, Malkh, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, Saint Stephen's Day, Saint John the Evangelist's Day, Holy Innocents' Day.

S. Paige

Thursday, December 19, 2013

12/8/13 Big Rec

The chill was in the air and 14 of us squared off.

All were impressed Phelps arrived with Hawks in town. Powell grabbed the mound for the Homers and Greg for the Visitors. Chris was as sharp as the breeze going 5 strong with 2 or 3 Ks and no runs. Greg was equally sharp giving up just one run. The Homers scored a second run with a sac fly and the game was over in under 2 1/2 hours. Mitch closed it out for the homers. Seems like Mitch and Chris are the new 1-2 punch. Defense and good pitching kept this one low. Not one ball was hit over an outfielders head.

• Good to see Tony as all played with heavy hearts for Dee Dee.
• I made the best play I've ever made in the infield. Grounder up the middle, to back-hand flip to Mitch covering second.
• 9 innings at second base by a lefty - 0 errors - phew
• 3 AOYs all played on one team, seems like a theme
• Nero played a great 3B while filling in for the other team
• Lattig wore pants!
• Since this is so delayed, I forget the rest

Saturday, December 7, 2013

RIP- Dee Dee Rojas

She was tough, she was scrappy, she was punk, she was our team.

Hope you are enjoying the good life, Dee Dee, Tony misses you, and we all do too.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

11/17/13 Big Rec

Thanks to Mike Gaspar we have a blog entry, sounds like it was a gas, a real zinger, stone gone, and fulla piss and peppa! Also, Congrats to Mitch and Chris for a shut out, and thanks to everyone who played for making it a good time. 

 It was another awesome fall day at big rec. we started the game 8-8 with an additional player coming around the fourth inning. mitch started for the homers. the week off must have done his arm good because he was in top form. greg took the bump for the visitors. and due to a chris powell double and a couple of passed balls/wild pitches.

The homers took a quick lead. then both teams settled in. the middle innings were a pitchers duel. with the defenses making all the routine plays with some spectacular plays mixed in. in the fifth inning the visitors made some crucial errors and the homers were able to put another three on the board.

Meanwhile mitch held their offence in check save for a booming double by jimmy. but he advanced no ther. and mitch handed the ball to chris shutout intact. the late innings saw the homers score a couple more. chris pitched well for the visitors including one inning where he threw no more than ten pitches. when the third out of top of the ninth was recorded the score was 6-0 homers time of game: 2:25. that's some old school ball for ya.


 bob making great, over the shoulder catch at second base 

james making leaping catch in foul ground in left

 lattig with several nice scoops at first

 nick with a great running catch in left. sacrificing his body in the process 

greg went all nine on the mound.

duane and ed the same behind the plate. not easy at big rec.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11/10/13 Big Rec

This weeks game was so great that on my drive home I decided that I would tell Mrs. Paige that it could count as my birthday present.  It was a beautiful day, we ended up with 20, and there were four AOY's in attendance.  Will, in true current AOY style, was late., he blamed it on us playing too quick of a game.  Lefty Phelps, Bobby Badass, and Yours Satchfully were more graceful, spending our time throwing strikes, hitting bombs, pulling muscles, repairing wood bats with a steel pole and shaking the one and only Johnny Bartlett's hand.

Yes indeedy, he is back.  Maybe not in game form yet, but come one, give the guy about four breaks.  He drove in the Catalina, threw with Greg, shook hands, ...and the best part of the whole story is that he came out to warm up AND drop off the t-shirts that have now made back their expense, so any extra now goes to  the general fund for fields, Red Man and another bucket of tar.  What a class act!  We missed him a lot, and can't wait to see him again, more and often. Three cheers for our favorite gadabout, Johnny Bartlett!

The game starts, it was me versus Phelps.  This time though, he didn't have the stuff.  Whatever it is that Phelps has had, he didn't have it.  We jumped on him for a couple of big innings, and had a cushion for most of the game.  Felt good to have a few hits along with the rest of the team.  Now Brian can go back to ruling it over us.

Hard to say too much about the game, it was more of a had to be there kind of thing, but the homers made a great comeback in the later innings.  I had bowed out after 6 with the score well in our favor, and no hits yet on the tally for the visitors. Tony Rojas came in to throw a few innings and took a second to settle in ( I had the same problem on a well groomed mound).  Chris Powell to throw his starting to be usual 2 and then Elvin came in, which we all thought was great.  He has been asking politely for a few weeks and we respect that. A gentleman always wins in the MBC.   And he threw strikes.  If he can work on a breaking ball, he's got a bright future.

In the end they took the game back and won it in a regulation 9.  We played an extra one took the extra. Or maybe it was vice versa.  In any case, everyone won.


* An Amazing game.

* Mr. Bartlett

* Duane did another good job at the dish, with new equipment and some gentle reminders from Mitch on the fine arts of getting hit in the body with a thrown object

* Some damn fine hitting took place

* Another game of close, bang bang plays at first

* Doc came out and umpired one last time before he sets off for his tropical paradise in Venezuela to wait out the winter.

* I was throwing some bad ass knuckleballs in warm ups, too bad I can't pitch 80' from the plate.

* JT was once again the victim of a outfield force assist, this time at second base.  He was rightfully upset, we swear we aren't singling him out, it just happens that way.

* I think I counted three hawks in the area

Thanks to everyone for a great game, sorry if I missed some of the exploits, its hard to remember in the midst of all the fun!

S. Paige

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

11/3/13 Big Rec

It was a fantastic day for a baseball game, it was sunny without being overly so, no wind, no fog, a little haze, and best of all, no Niners game to wreak havoc.  Yet, for some reason, there was still traffic.  I just don't get it.  

We celebrated the glorious return of Sean Paul Presley  who has been out on tour with some musicians, playing this thing called rock and/or roll.  In any case, his hair was short, his mustache was trimmed and his arm was ready.  And the full nine he went, he had probably been dreaming of pitching for quite some time, in fact, I am sure of it.  For not having a blazing fastball, he did great, and he had a weird fork ball thing that he was throwing a lot.  When it worked it was nasty.    

Greg started for the visitors, and was his usual shut down self.  I got there in the top of the 2nd, so I missed the derring-do of the first inning, when my team apparently scored a run.  I was razzed as being late and not being Mitch, which was who they hoped would show up.  So I hit myself a infield single, took second on a fielders choice and scored on a hit to center, testing Elvin's arm early.  After that the team left me alone (for a little while....).

We see sawed a bit, the visitors were leading for most of the middle innings and then the homers took an opportunity and tied up the game.  It didn't last long, as we shut down the scoring and went on a scoring spree of our own to fix the score at 6-3.  We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

Satch came in the 7th and was throwing pretty good, after figuring out how to pitch around the 9 inch hole in the mound.  And by pitch around I mean, just accept the hole and land in it and try not to sprain your ankle.  

We closed in on the bottom of the ninth, 6-4, and with Sean up with two on, he hit a pop up to the infield.  I called for it, as I moved closer and closer to the foul line.  And then, a'la Snodgrass, well, I dropped the darn thing.  The question was had I been in fair territory when I muffed it?  My team was insistent that I hadn't been, the homers were equally insistent that I had.  I threw the ball to Lattig in case there was a chance, but everyone seemed to think that I had been in foul ground.

Hey, we still had a lead, what's one more chance, I thought?

Well, Sean singled home two runs, and tied the game.  We eventually got the second out, but there was still a man on third and Bob strode up and hit a ground ball to the right side.  Nick was there to pick it up, oops, never mind.  And the game was over.

We played an extra inning to have a little fun, although about half of our team left, so the homers were good sports about defense.  Chris Powell came in and pitched for the homers, and we managed to score two runs in our half, so you could say that it was a day that everyone won.

7-6 Homers in Regulation 9.

8-7 Visitors in Fun time 10th.


* Sean pitched a great game

* JT hit the hardest ball in a long time, however, Lattig and I had conspired on making the SQ right field play, and we got him.  Bummer.

* I struck out Will with the heater.  Felt good to have that available

* Two new guys showed up and one of them hit a triple off Greg to tie the game.  Greg claimed he was going easy on him for being a new guy.  Never again.

* Will strapped on the tools of ignorance for the first time, and did a great job of blocking the plate

* I caught a line drive from Chris that about took my glove off

* Nick tried to get the new guy to slide in shorts.  It may have been a hazing incident.

* Lattig hit a nice single up the middle, but felt his back tweak before he got out of the box.  Hope it wasn't serious.

* Elvin had a frustrating day at the plate, and was throwing his helmet all over the place.  He lacked his usual exuberance, hopefully we aren't getting on his nerves.

* Some guy on the other field was hitting bombs all day

* Dee Dee didn't get hit by anything, and seems to be healing finally!

* Rally Hawk!

* I finally hit a ball I could be proud of my last at bat.

* A great day of baseball.  

Monday, October 21, 2013

10/13/13 Big Rec

Sorry this entry is a wee bit late, not enough time in the day to keep up with the old dispatches.  Needless to say the game we had on Sunday last was a real beauty.  The day was amazingly beautiful, clear, no wind, sun and warmth all while taking in Golden Gate Park, and all with plenty of parking.  Sure the federal government had been shut down, Bart was planning on another strike and there is no end to the depravity, misery and pain in the world, but for a few hours at least, we all forgot about those things.

Brian Phelps started for the homers and continued his dominance that has been his calling card for the last few months.  maybe its the impending fatherhood that is putting the extra fire in his belly, but whatever it is, HE HAS GOT IT.  He pretty much coasted his way through six innings, helped by the pinpoint accuracy of his pitches and the convenient placing of his defense to exactly the spot that we all hit the ball to.  One inning in particular, all three outs were recorded by the center fielder, and I don't think he had to move more than three feet to catch any of them.  Amazing.

Greg started for the visitors, and pitched his usual game, but when the offense doesn't score any runs, it makes the pitcher look like he isn't doing his job.  Throwing errors, legit hits, bloops and bad breaks, they all cost something, and heading into the middle innings, the score was something like 6-1.  Satch came in to relieve Greg and was throwing with some fire, the fastball was there, and it was being used.  We tried to stymie the run scoring and give our team a chance, but Phelps' ability or our lack thereof kept us from too much of a rally.

Mitch came in to close things out and we fared little better, our own deficit being raised when Satch gave up a big hit to Powell to widen the score to 7-4, which is where it ended.


* Phelps had our number all day

* My team and myself included, once again committed the grievous error of the line out double play, multiple times.

* Several close plays at first, which lead to some horsetrading on later plays and calls.

* It was strange to have a pop fly actually stay within the trajectory it was supposed to and the person catch it without looking like they were on roller skates.  If I was a teenager (or an asshole) I would probably add #wherewasthewind?

* Duane did a real nice job behind the dish, a spot he is getting accustomed to

* Phelps somehow stroked a single to center on one of the nastiest knuckleballs I have thrown as of late.  Seriously, had to be an eyes closed swing.

* Coney Island James came out again and did some fancy work with the leather

* The mound was in real bad shape, the landing zone was a crater about a foot wide and 9 inches deep

* Ed did a good job of blocking the ball

* Milo served as bat boy with aplomb and got to hit a few times, before Tony put the kibosh on it with his "I hate all children and the fun they have" attitude.  I get it, Tony, and Milo might be a little young to be scurrying around the bases, but a middle ground is probably attainable.

* Good to see Lattig et al. out again, although he didn't go his customary 5-6.

Yesterday's game at Cop Field, outcome not yet known.

S. Paige

Thursday, October 3, 2013

9/22/13 Big Rec

Sorry this is a bit behind the times, but things have a way of getting away from Satch sometimes.  It was a great game, well, if you were on the home team anyway.  Satch had been saving up mojo since the San Quentin game that never was, and that plus another three weeks of not playing baseball put me in a good position.

For the first five innings, I had a no hitter going.  Adam was calling a hell of a game and I had some pep usually not present in my shoulder that helped make the fastball look strong enough that everyone swung at the change ups I was throwing.  Either way, I got throw the full 9,  which was an honor.

It was nice to have some really solid defense, I think Sonny at SS, Mitch in center and new guy from Coney Island, James, accounted for about 90% of the put outs.   All I had to do was keep throwing strikes and they did the rest.

Greg started for the visitors, and he did fine, as he always does.  But holes in the defense were found, and we scored some runs and then some more.  The game was never really lose, and Tony came in to mop up after Greg, and seemed unusually wild, I think he hit Ed two-three times in one at bat.  Or maybe he jsut doesn't like Ed....

It was such a beautiful day that when the regular nine innings ended, we thought hey, why not keep playing, give the visitors a chance to hit, stretch out the day.  Well, sometimes you play a little too much, the bottom of the ninth for the homers ran on and on and by the time the third out was in the books, half the visiting team had gone home, and the other half didn't give a shit about batting again.

So in theory, the game might still be open, they deserved their final at bats.

Score: 13-2?


* Not too much I can remember, other than it felt good to have command of my pitches

* Elvin showed up in a Red Sox uniform, and was threatened by each and every A's fan out there

* The day was amazingly beautiful.  The parking was amazingly awful

* At bat, I twice hit balls that resulted in inning ending double offs.

* Bob swung at a knuckleball

* I had one nice deep drive that felt very good

* Adam and Ed were great for me behind the dish.

* I can't say enough about my defense that day

* James did a lot with the glove and the bat

* Gaspar had a perfect Gaspar hit

* The A's clinched and we played a ball game, end of story.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

8/25/13 West Sunset

It was a long time getting across the bridge, the 49er's opening game, the Giants, the whatever the hell happens on Sunday's around that time.  But eventually, we all made it out to West Sunset and had enough to start a game.  We were without a number of the stalwarts of the MBC, which was odd, but it didn't stop us from having a good game. 

Mitch started for the homers and looked good.  The danger, as we quickly assessed was that when Mitch is on the mound it means he isn't able to contribute in his usual way defensively.  There were more than a few dropped pop ups, and mixed with the hits, add one ugly inning and the visiting team had a commanding lead going into the middle frames, something in the neighborhood of 9-2?  After five innings, Mitch was done watching his team try and get the outs, and started playing defense and hitting bases-loaded triples.  The ball went to Chris Powell who pitched in relief the rest of the game (maybe his longest stint so far?).

Satch started for the visitors and worked with Noah the whole game.  It was a good combination, once we got our rhythm going.  Change of speed was the name of the game, and helped by a generous strike zone at times (you are supposed to swing, people....) we were holding it together just fine.

Round about the 7th, Satch was cruising, got the first two batters with two pitches.  Then all of a sudden, the homers came alive with an amazing two out rally and the next thing you know they had closed the gap and then taken the lead!  13-12.

We battled back to a tie game, and the homers took a one run lead again in the bottom of the eighth.  It looked like curtains for the visitors, but a hit, and bobble, and drop and we the tie runner on third. 

A ground ball to Jimmy looked sure to be the end of the game, but then, for reasons we are not clear on, Jimmy went home with the throw rather than first.  The play went awry and we were tied up.  A play later, we had the lead.  Satch came in for the final frame and saved his own affair.  Which was satisfying.  But I kinda wished the homers had won, given the amount of heart they put into the comeback.  Oh well, that's the game we have chosen to love.  

Final score- 15-14.

"Lurking behind every baseball game, is the knowledge that a play will occur in which the game is decided and someone will fail.  We know this because statistics are kept, records are examined.  It's the spooky undercurrent that runs through baseball."- Daniel Okrent


* A great game, warts and all.

* JT's younger daughter Sarah came out, went 2-5 (same as JT), made a great play in left, as well as a couple of amazing throws and looked like she belonged out there from the second she took the field.  Come out again anytime!

* Daniel's new guy had two home runs that were both brought into question ( first one he might have missed third, second one the ball got lodged under the fence)

*  The homers were popping up the change up all day

* John McG had a hard hit ball to the gap and explained "FUCK YES!" as he ran down the line.

* I struck out Bob for the first time in while with a slider I found in my back pocket.  I also found some Vaseline, sandpaper and a razor blade back there, but those were unrelated.

*  We had two news guys that showed up to hit batting practice with their friends who all flaked on them  We recruited them in, and hopefully they came out again this week.  They both appeared to know what they were doing.

* Elvin was thrown out twice at the plate, because he refuses to slide.  A long Garcia-Nero-centric argument ensued about the second time, as Elvin went waaaaaaaaaay out of the baseline to avoid the tag and Noah called him out without tagging him.  MLB rule book says:

7.08 Any runner is out when—

(a) (1) He runs more than three feet away from his base path to avoid being tagged
unless his action is to avoid interference with a fielder fielding a batted ball. A
runner’s base path is established when the tag attempt occurs and is a straight
line from the runner to the base he is attempting to reach safely

Sorry Elvin, just slide next time.

* For a not very sunny day, it was muggy as hell out there

Here's to all those who played!

S. Paige

Thursday, August 8, 2013

7/28/13 Cop Field

A little late, but lots going on outside baseball these days.  The game was great, classic old school Mission baseball, complete with replacements, late team changes, complete games and people on injured appendages making plays.

The teams seemed a little lopsided, and indeed they may have been, given that we had five pitchers and four catcher on one side, out of 16 people.  After the first inning, we swapped out an AOY for a player to balance the sides and that seemed to kind of be ok.  As you can see, the exact memories are a litte murky for me right now, but gimme a break, I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday.

The best part of the day was that Jen and Dani came out and both played, and I believe both had hits and RBI's!  Dani was sporting her fancy Terminator-like knee brace that apparently is to protect and support her knee reconstruction.  So of course the logical thing to do in that situation is play 9 innings of hardball.  Glad that I was warned after I threw a pitch that bounced close to the leg.  She also had a bunt that would have been perfect if she had actually bunted it rather than chopping it, it was fielded by D. Skiles who is coming off his own knee rehab assignment, the glory of Mission baseball, hobbled warrior against hobbled warrior.

I think it was Phelps pitching for the homers, with Sean as his relief, starting how the lefties seem to stick together, some sort of cabal I think.  Whoever it was, we had a real tidy game going into the first few innings, your classic score and scratch a run. Satch was pitching for the visitors, and Satch closed the game too, after more than a few weeks off, it was a pleasure.

Round about the 5th inning, we had "the inning."  Suddenly, we couldn't get an out to save our lives.  More dribbled and bobbled balls than we knew what to do with.  But as all bad innings must, this too came to an end eventually, and we made back the difference an inning later when the homer had their own piece of bad luck.  The score and the inning was a little hard to track at times, but I think we did alright.

The final- 14-7?


* The defense was stellar for most of the game on both sides

* Sean called his damn shot and then put it right where he said he would.  I guess as long as you do that, you can't be punished. Or can you?

* I had a nifty slow motion catch of a pop up in no man's land behind the mound.  Glad I didn't step on a spare ball

* First game in a while that Greg didn't catch at all

* My last inning was 95% knuckleballs

* Jen had a knack for stepping way out of the box on her first swing, and then the second swing stepping right at me and slapping the ball.  The whole game, I kept being on the verge of saying something, and then she kept stopping me by doing the right thing without any advice.  Great job, hope this means you will keep coming out.

* We had a situation ripe for a squeeze and no way to communicate beyond yelling down to the runner, "Hey, SQUEEZE play!" We need one sign, just for that.

* Mike Lattig was unstoppable at the plate

* Tony has to work the next few Sundays.  Major bummer.

* Hardest hit ball of the game was right to somebody. 

* AOY attendance was high, and discussion of next year's inductee is already underway.

* Elvin was blamed for a few things.  Too bad he wasn't there to defend himself.

* We are hopeful with each passing Sunday that we are closer to the reappearance of Johnny Bartlett, who is doing great by all accounts!  Hooray!

S. Paige

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More pics from Double Header 2013

7/14/13 Big Rec

A game was held, that is all I know at this point.

S. Paige

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7/7/13 Doubleheader- Big Rec

One of our best traditions here at the MBC is the doubleheader.  In recent years, we have added awards, speeches, kids activities and plates and silverware, and non-meat grill options.  Its really something now.  I added a few new tunes to the playlist and the first song was a rare surfing song for Johnny, who we all hoped would make an appearance.

This year was no different, we started bright and early at 11 am in the east diamond of GGP.  Thanks again to Bob and Greg for securing our permits, and to every one who came out and supported the games, brought food, enjoyed themselves.  We had a PA address system, per Mr. Sidawi's request, and we took turns making the calls, some of us with the quiet dignity befitting the national past time, others like it was Wet T-Shirt night at the Monster Truck Rally.  The hardest part was trying to remember everyone's last name.

The first game was a grudge match turned laugher which pitted Phelps against Satch, the ingredients for a real barn burner.  And it was a classic pitchers duel for the first three innings, we were dealing.  Then, someone hit a ball to the outfield and that was it.  Hit after hit, error after error, we couldn't buy an out for a while.  Meanwhile Brian was pitching like he had dedicated the game to some kid with cancer, we couldn't touch him.  The homers kept piling up the runs and we kept hitting weak balls right at people.  We both bowed out after the 7th, to keep it fair, and by then the damage was way past being done.  Final score 17-4 ( very soft 17-4, I might add.)

We started the grills in the 7th and began to cook up the good eats that people had brought, Brian had his infamous pulled pork, Bob brought steaks, Nero purchased a new mini-weber and deemed all meat products as personas non gratas (my latin is terrible and ill used).  There were salads, and sides and beer and more beer.  And Johnny!  And Lynn!  And his boudin sausages!  And a little red wagon!  What more could one as for???  He looked great, he played catch, he cooked sausages, he looked ready to throw 12 innings if needed (Lynn made sure to caveat that he was there as a spectator only! Understandable.).  Definitely our MVP of the Day!

The awards ceremony began, and I was unable to catch all of it, as Mrs. Paige and Lil Satch were showing up and needed to be out of the car, so I volunteered to park for her.  Here are the 2013 awards winners:

Most Improved- JT Tiemann
Best Dressed- Daniel Dotterer
Toughman Snyder Award- Greg Snyder
The Deserter- Carter Rockwell
HSCS- Horseshit Cocksucker Award- John Nero
AOY 2013- Will Rockwell (accepted by by his brother, who can share the honors, as WillorCarter)

For those who might be confused, many of our awards are tongue in cheek, or goofy ways to celebrate our rag tag group.  Please don't take offense, obviously we can't give Asshole of the Year to the person who we actually think is an asshole, so we give it to someone who can take a joke.

The take home message here is learn how to take a fucking joke.

Game 2- The teams were mixed up, and Dustin Skiles, fresh off 6 months of knee rehab started, and looked like he was making a great recovery.  He and Noah were a battery, which of course means that every call was in thier favor and there was no questioning.  Luckily, Doc showed up and kept the game in check.  Dustin did the smart thing and stopped after a few innings, so as not to aggravate.  Noah came into pitch, as did Greg, Mitch, Tony, Chris Powell.  Sorry the memory fades a little on the second game.  I know that it was a much closer affair, and that the homers won.  Happy to add anything that people remember.

All in all a great day, the first game was hot and sultry, the second was a bit chilly, but such is a standard day in San Francisco.

Happy 4th of July Doubleheader to all!


* Food and drink were excellent

* Robin came out and had both a hit and an RBI!

* Dani and Jen also made an appearance, though in a fan capacity only, it was great to see them

* John Carey was 4-5 against me, including two doubles (one that may have been foul, but his old man was calling the game, and I would have done the same thing.)  Either way, great to see him, he has learned well and superseded his teachers in the MBC in all levels, except maybe in alcohol consumption...but that is a good thing.

* Jay came out and shot pictures, before his hot date, and Phelps also caught some great snaps

* Brian and I both struck out looking in the first game, against one another.  Fair.

* Dennis appears to still be juicing, and we suspect there may be a portrait in his attic growing old as we speak

* Richie caught for the first time in quite a while

* I made two pretty nice defensive plays at SS, one barehanded that was completely egregious, but looked oh so pretty.

* Elvin once again was in the midst of it all, he is shooting for AOY 2014, me thinks.

* Thanks to all who caught, catching during a double header is rough sometimes

* Mitch made a number of plays where he didn't really have to move.  He knows exactly where you are going to hit it.

* In the midst of a very long inning I caught a foul ball that was between me, Duane and Bob.  Luckily the collision was mild.

* more to come....?

S. Paige