Monday, December 1, 2008

A Winter Game to Remember

So we were sitting out in the sunshine yesterday, sweating under the hot sun, when we realized that Christmas was coming up....I have to say, that there are few places I know of where one could play baseball year round. I know, I know, the winter ball in the tropics and Mexico are historical but I can't say that always playing in hot, humid conditions is my idea of paradise. Our game might be a little chilly sometimes, but a long sleeved shirt is the furthest I have to go.

Yesterday's game was also surprising in that we had 24 players show up, which is about 10 more than we have had consistently for the last six months. I didn't know what to do with myself not having to play defense for the other team (which I am sure they were grateful for). It was another close game, see-sawing back and forth, your humble narrator versus Johnny Bartlett, a rematch from last week. Johnny pitched his heart out, and made an amazing basket catch in foul territory, but some of the defense was not where it should be. I had my own share of gaffes, but managed to get a few lucky breaks. Lattig took over in the 6th and rode out the rest of the game with ease, Nice to see the arm back in shape, Mike. Another Mike pitched for Johnny's stalwarts, and that is some nasty screwball, and the knuckle is nothing to sneeze at either.

Our two youngest players, John Carey and Amelia Tiemann did great, for playing with a bunch of crotchety old men. A special shout-out to the fathers of these two players, Bob Carey who small-balled a run when we needed it, and JT Tiemann, who made a great play at first, in spite of taking a ball to the face (wear that shiner with pride, JT.) I know I was 0-5, with a strike out and two errors, so the game ball ain't coming my way. At least Mrs. Paige showed up to see my furthest attempt of the game, a texas leaguer to right field.

At the end of it all, it was another glorious Sunday in the park. With winter approaching quickly, I know it is inevitable that the rain is gonna fall, but for now, yesterday, I was exactly where I wanted to be.


unmusical said...

It was nice to have 24 guys for a change so I could sit out a couple innings after catching for 6. Save my legs for the next game, which I fear may return to 7-on-7 again. Play of the game was Johnny's over the shoulder basket catch in foul territory.

S. Paige said...

Yeah, Will's catch in left was pretty amazing too. I was trying to spread it around.

Duane said...
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Duane said...

Lets hope next Sunday will have at least 18 again (we do have 2 new guys) and the weather is decent. I also agree, the play of the game goes to Johnny at 3rd with the over the shoulder basket catch!- Duane