Monday, January 17, 2011

1/16/11- Moscone Field

Play Fucking Ball.

We got to the field just in time to see the morning fog burn off, and the sun came out in glorious splendor. 20-21 players showed up, a few from the game that concluded before we take the field, others who enjoyed the great game we had last week. Johnny and I squared off again, and both of us went the distance. It felt great to throw a full game, and amazingly, I feel like I could throw a few more today. Well, maybe.

From the looks of the visitors, there was trouble brewing from the beginning, as they had a stacked lineup with Rich, he of the scary swing last week, Rick Kvoriak, Duane, Bob, all of them capable of hitting the ball a long way. And pretty much all of them did. Satch got lit up like a Christmas tree for the first few innings, probably more focused on feeling the good warm on my shoulders than thinking through my pitches. Also, I was throwing the curve ball too hard, and not letting it break.

In any case, not only was I throwing steaks to the wolves, us homers couldn't get a run to save our lives. We could get hits, or at least errors, but Johnny and his defense stymied us at every turn to keep us from the home plate. Meanwhile, the visitors were tacking on runs at a nice little clip.

Finally we got into the runs business, and started our slow ascent. We also managed to slow the visitors down and play some solid defense. We also were helped by some timely errors and well placed swinging bunts. When the dust had settled, we headed into the 9th inning, with the score standing at 7-6, visitors. Satch reached down for the reserves that had built up with 3 previous innings throwing changeups and slow curves, and threw an inning of closer ball. Now all we had to do was score a run or two. But it was Johnny's day, and although we made it interesting, he closed the book on us for good.

What's this? Exhibition game, why not! It's only 2:45....

Game II

Greg and Bob took the mound for a little 3 inning game, and we all enjoyed the extra time that we had, out in the sun. We had lost a few players, and by the end, the visitors still had 9, but we were down to 7. Bob, fresh from lost of BP practice for the little leaguers, kept it around the plate for every one but John Nero, and did a very respectable job. Greg was aching to get to the bump, and was dishing out his best stuff, including a couple of nasty curveballs that he got squeezed out of....

We scored first and then another. The visitors got one on the board, but never could capitalize beyond that. The fatigue started to show on the faces, and we ended the 3rd inning and packed up our gear. Thanks for everyone who stayed, and played.


* Tim played a total of 20 innings yesterday, as did the other league guy, thanks for sticking around, guys!

* Bob was HBP, on the second pitch of the game, it was a knuckleball, right in the ass. Everyone relaxed, 2011 was going to be aaaaaaallllllllll right....

* Johnny threw a great game, and I am honored to have been a part of the challenge, he deserved a win.

* Pretty much the only guy that didn't kill the ball off of me was Kvoriak, probably because he is the one I am always worried about. I had plenty of other people to worry about

* Elvin had a number of good plays at 2nd and then a few more put outs in left. All of which we really needed, nice work!

* Nero took one off the dome in the first inning, glad he was alright. He also kept playing, rock solid.

* Chris made an amazing play at SS, and just barely missed two others, all of them diving plays. We decided that fielding at .333 is a Golden Glove in the MBC.

* Ed played another solid game behind the dish, and had a nice double down the line.

* Rick pounded one in the second game, real gonzo style.

* I got a hit with the bat that I hit with in high school, it came into my possession because I kept playing after my buddy stopped. Its a 33 1/2 x 28 1/2 Easton. They don't make em like that anymore. Its in the team bag, check it out.

* Congratulations, I think just about everyone on the visiting team got a hit off of me.

* We had a photographer and audio engineer at work during the game. Which is great, as long as we get copies of everything. I think they were out there to document Duane, also known as "Bigtime."

* I also received my Bad Sportsmanship trophy finally. I would like to thank everyone and invite them all to kiss my ass. Just remember, it could be yours next year, you just have to walk that narrow line between pissed and grumpy.

Next week, West Sunset, 1 pm. Hope you all can make it.

S. Paige


duane said...

Aaron, The guy filming was my buddy John. He actually played with us during the double header a month or 2 ago. As far as why he was filming or taking photos or whatever, I have no idea but I need to ask him. He always has awesome media projects he's working on so whatever he's doing it's sure to be cool. I'll keep you updated after I talk to him and find out.

Anonymous said...

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