Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/3/1- Camp Swampy



By the bottom of the 2nd, I had my uniform on and stepped up and hit a opposite field double. Then I scored. That's what I do for my team. Tony, who was pitching when I hit said double, hit a bunch of our guys, including me. I guess that's what he does for his team.

In any case, it was a real barn burner, Sean threw one pitch, called it a day and brought in Johnny. Johnny did the deed, pitched a hell of a game, and was hindered as we were the whole day with strange defense and deep grass. Tony lasted five or so, gave it over to Loren, who threw 3, and turned it over to Greg for another 4. Satch took over for Johnny in the 8th, and pitched the rest of the frames. The knuckle ball was really working for at least one inning, and the change up had big swing throughs the whole game. Which was nice.

We had 26 at final count, yet there was a lot of tentativeness, about playing. It's important to make sure everyone plays, but there should never be a question about fielding 9 players quickly, when we have 13 to choose from.

The score was forgotten and recalled several times in the course of the game, and if I had gotten there on time, I could have kept score. Or so Tony says.

By the end of regulation play, the homers, also known as Tony's team, eked out a 13-12 game. Kudos to you all. Then we kept playing and finished the game at a very neutral and pleasant 14-14 game. The chill in Camp Swampy was a bit more than everywhere else in the city, which was still blistering at 70 degrees or whatever.


* While the defense paled at times, there were a few plays that got done right by the end of the game. And that's progress!

* We also had some really good plays at first, close plays, runner beating out the throw, that kind of thing. Love a close play.

* Adam, and countless others, had some deep drives to left and right.

* Mike Lattig accounted for all the action in center field, wading through the buckwheat and the dandelions to make some great snatches

* Ugliest baserunning- When deciding to steal a base that you shouldn't be stealing in the first place, don't slow down or stop in the middle of your run, you have made your commitment, stand by it.

Best Heads up play- Loren was on third, after some monster shot, and started talking to the basecoach, and Johnny game me a little head nod from the mound, and then fired it over. He could have rolled it to me as it turns out as Loren was the last person to even know there was a play going on. Atta' kid Johnny, you're keen as mustard! Tough as desert rawhide!

* Bob had a great "fuck you" line drive, complete with witty remark after he hit it

* It was a real twofer kind of day for Bob, +2 HBP. It's like a blue moon.

* Loren played a good game for a guy with a mild concussion....thanks for the spirit!

* Nick Smith had a great snare at first, backhanded, high skip

* Owen came out for the first time in a while, great to see him back in a uni

* Total Hit Batsmen: Had to be at least 7.

* Bob made sure to collect money which is good, and if you didn't give him any, make sure you do next time. This club is cheap but it ain't free.

* Helpful Hint- Make sure you make a good second effort on balls. Just because you don't catch it doesn't mean that you give up, and put your hands on your hips and start thinking about what happened. Pick up the fucking thing and get it in. Many a good putout starts its life as a double.

* The chalk lines on the first base side were wrong, and it really made for confusing running when rounding first.

* Special thanks to Ed, who caught a full inning against his own team in the last part of the final inning, just to speed things up.

* Chris sent a email saying that he was looking for his Black and Silver glove at St. Mary's two weeks ago. If you have it, let him know or bring it to the game.

Thanks to everyone who came out, it was good to have a nice big showing. Great weather, good times, lots of stalwarts who stayed to the end.

S. Paige

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