Monday, May 23, 2011

5/15/11 Cop Field

Here's a note from one of our legal representatives, Ed Sidawi, on the Sunday game last week. Sorry I had to miss it, but Satch's wife don't like it when baseball takes up the whole weekend. I am not sure why.

A light showing on a beautiful day following a SQ game. A little after 3pm, Mitch
showed up to make 14. After the rejoicing, Johnny took the mound for the Home
team. Sean, after raking the mound pre-game, demanded the ball for the visitors.

The game see-sawed back and forth, with each team leading for a time, and tied
for a time. 3 runs for the visitors in the, in the, well lets call it the 7th
was the last scoring. 11-8 was the final. I think.

We played 8 to 10 innings there was much debate, but as with all seven on seven
games, there is a lot of moving around.


*Johnny pitched his usually complete game, Roy Halladay is the active Career
leader with 62. Johnny should pass him by November.

*Tony pitched 2 innings and I think he didn’t give up a baserunner.

*McJohn’s Cousins or nephew or some kind of relations Josh and Dan came out.
Josh hit the ball very hard, but the advance scouts had the defense played
perfectly. We will miss him this summer as he is playing on a traveling team.

*Sean gutted out 7 or 8 innings.

*I am pretty sure no one got hit (Editors note: Was Bob not there, or just lucky?)

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