Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7/10/11- Camp Swampy

What a terrible game. It was windy, not enough people, and a sloppy, sloppy game.

The final score was 14-7 or 19-6 depending on who you asked.


* Mitch pitched for the first time in a while, and looked good, too bad he didn't get any help

* Greg pitched the whole game for the other team, and did a great job

* Daniel had a couple of good cracks, had some trouble in center field and entertained everyone with his Canadian quirkiness

* Liam had another good day at the plate and it the knuckleball

* Adam showed up after an appendectomy and took lots of footage, get well soon!

* Jake had a homerun, missed a pop up he was camped out under, then moved to SS for some reason and then left early without telling anyone, hmmmm.

* Nick changed teams to balance us out, thanks Nick!

* Jimmy came back and brought a friend who had some trouble at the plate (as we all did at first) but looked like he knew what he was doing

* Paul did a lot of running in left field for an inning

* Mitch was hung over, fiery, and hating the game by the end.

* Bob HBP +1, he also swung so hard that he fell over

* I think we shorted ourselves by an inning, and no one cared.

Into SQ tomorrow for another square-off with the Giants.

S. Paige

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