Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MBC Stats

So far, this is what I have been able to compile:

These are the years, and how many games we played that I recorded in the blog, and what percentage of the Sundays that we played, per 52 week year.  There are probably a few that are lost to the ages, and a few batting practices that I counted as games; probably a + or- 2 games margin of error.

2008- 3 Games- Incomplete Record
2009- 36 games- 69%
2010- 45 games- 87%
2011- 42 games (with 6 Sundays left to go)- 81% with possible higher
2008-2011- 11 games played at San Quentin, that were cataloged, again there are a few that we missed writing up.

Not too shabby, especially 2010, where we missed less than 10 games for the whole year!  I also took a look at the years past, and we have had a bump in attendance around this time each year, so maybe our over-population fears are still a little premature....but that doesn't mean to start bringing 5 of your buddies.

In my limited review, I can say that some of the consistent factors over the last four years are:
  • Sean is still striking lots of people out
  • Bob is still getting HBP, and hitting big drives
  • Satch is still throwing a knuckleball
  • Mitch is still THE deciding defensive factor
  • Johnny still throws a lot of complete games
  • Noah eats a lot of innings
  • Nick Smith still hits the other way, and grunts a lot while doing it
  • Cagle still bunts and has good defensive skills and gets caught stealing
  • The MBC East (Brooklyn Ramblers) are still going strong, Saturday mornings
  • JT can tell you the runs scored, the runners left on, and the total score before most of us comprehend what we are talking about
  • Tony still makes every play look pretty and pitches well in the late innings
  • Greg catches a lot, and seems to be involved in a lot of clutch moments
  • Gaspar is still hitting lots of foul balls and balls the other way, then as soon as you think you got the goods, he hits up the middle
  • Lattig's B.A. is about .890
  • Noah and Dustin still enjoy the Jamison
  • Girgus is still 90% attitude, when he shows up, which is never
  • Phelps has excelled in making himself a power at each position he has taken
  • Ed is an RBI machine
  • Richie is still a frustrating batter to throw to
  • Nero is still agile and nimble at 3rd
  • Stoner makes it out once every five weeks, and still likes sliding for fly balls
  • Chris hits the hell out of the ball and has great range at SS
  • Duane's triple record may never be broken
  • Adam is still a master of the scoop at 1st
  • Nero, Bob, Adam, Greg, Ed, Noah, Rojas, Gaspar, Tim are all still ready and willing to strap on the tools of ignorance
  • Kvoriak still impresses all with the deep drives
  • Infield and short outfield pop ups still plague us as the hardest plays to make
Let me know, if you notice any glaring omissions, it is funny to read some of the names of people who came out for a little while, and then vanished.

In any case, thanks for a great Sunday tradition.

S. Paige

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