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12/11/11- Moscone

Well, I didn't play, but I did make it out to the beginning of the game, with Lil' Satch in tow.  We took a tour of the grounds, I gave him his first spin around the bases and explained what one flap down means.

It was a light showing, some thought because of the impending rain, football, holiday parties, or the glut is finally over.  In any case, it was 8-7, I felt bad not being able to even it up, but I would have felt worse if I had been suited up and playing when Mrs. Paige got there, hoping to spend time with her boys....even though I place complete (err..almost) trust in the MBC to successfully tag team babysit the kid.

DJ started for the homers, and was off to a rough start, which may be good in the long run if he wants to continue pitching with the club. His experiences with pitching thus far have been pretty easy gigs, compared with what us veterans would describe as the typical MBC outing.  This game proved to be much more of a MBC classic, 3 runs scored in the first, more than a few errors, tough outs all around.  Johnny Bartlett on the other hand, recognized the defense he had behind him and promptly threw two innings of perfect ball, before finally yielding an infield hit.  That proved to be short-lived success as the defense then turned a tailor made double play to erase the threat.  Ouch.

The visitors tacked on a few more, and Johnny continued to throw shut out ball, helped by a tricky slow curve that was maddening for the home squad.  DJ settled down and the homers hit parade dried up, helped by a couple of really nice plays from Will and Rich.

I had to leave in the 5th inning, with the score 5-0, so here is Johnny Bartlett with a biased review:

I went 7, allowing no runs (and precious few hits, if I may say so) taking full advantage of what appears to be a 36"-high mound that really helped Uncle Charlie. Defense was spectacular (as is needed in a shutout), with the Mitch and Chris flashing quite a bit of leather, but everyone really turned in a solid defensive effort. Nice plays in the outfield kept Rich off the sacks for most of the game.

Brian took it home for a 2 inning save. He also allowed no runs, pitching very effectively. I think his deuce also liked the high mound.

DJ settled down nicely after a shaky start and questionable defense. I think he went 6 innings. Dennis came in and pitch 2 innings, both one, two, three innings (incredible!). So he really had us flummoxed. Will came in in the ninth and put us down one, two, three (I believe) with his heater causing all the trouble.

I think the final was 6-0, visitors. 

Highlights (that I saw):

* Will and Mitch both had a couple of smokers at 3rd

* Visitors pulled a 6-4-3 classic, and a 4-6-3!

* Dj pitched well, handled the frustrations, and had a real loud line drive

* Johnny was all confidence on the tall mound

* Gaspar up the middle, after only one foul ball!

* Chris was not stranded on base, mostly because he wasn't at 3rd.

* Jeff (Number 84) played Rich perfectly to snare a down the line deep fly ball

* Liam had good contact all day

* Chris also had some nice plays at SS

* Johnny showed the true danger of the defense holding on to the ball, even when its the 2nd baseman, he successfully juked Elvin out and scored a run, while Elvin fake pumped over and over again.  Get the ball in, fellows!

* Nick Smith showed off his speed once more

* Dennis pitched 2 perfect innings, with great defense behind him

Brian Phelps had this to say about the game and the practice afterwards:

I relieved Johnny and got out of a jam after Rich scorched one down the line past McGrath and then Jay had a swinging bunt to Chris. Jay stole 2nd with Rich on 3rd and then stole 3rd with Rich on 3rd! PICKLE! But Greg wanted to keep the shutout in place, so graciously let Jay return to 2nd while keeping Rich at 3rd.  I then struck out Will on a called 3rd strike. Back door slider and Greg framed it perfectly!

The next inning 2 come-backers and a routine grounder to 3rd ended the game. Shutout intact.



* Dennis came in for an inning. Jeff lined one right back to Dennis who snagged it. Great play.

* I came up and CRUSHED the first pitch, but we had Mitch filling in right field and he made a HELLUVA catch half way into the infield of the other field. I thought it was over his head, but its Mitch. I tried to tackle him ala Barry Bonds to Torri Hunter in the All-Star game. But Mitch put the shake and bake on me.

* PS, Aiden and Liam saw me flip off Mitch after his catch. Tried to play it off like it was a thumbs up. (AOY... whoops)

* Also, after the game we did sliding drills. This was for John McGrath who seems to always have an awkward slide. So he and his kiddos, along with Greg (new), Elvin and myself did sliding drills for about 10 min.

* Then, to continue practicing since we only played 9 innings. Bob hit fly balls to McGrath and me, while Rich worked further on sliding drills for the kids. Bob's back only allowed for so much and then Rich came in. Holy Fuck Balls he hits a mean fly ball, from the Right Side!

* That all lasted for over 30 minutes. Until on a sliding attempt my calf crapped up from all the running. Thanks Bob and Rich for the extra work. I feel it today.

Here with more on Mitch's defensive amazements, is John McGrath, Esq.
I can accurately state that Johnny Bartlett pitched at least 6 (if not 7) innings of shut-out ball.

Also, of note, Mitch put on two catch-the-uncatchable-ball shows for the ages, in one case robbing Phelps of the hardest/farthest hit ball of his life and in the other case, a ridiculous Mays-style over the shoulder basket catch of a pop up out of play behind 3rd.

Special Note: Since Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, probably a good bet that there will be no game.  The following Sunday will be New Years Day, and we look forward to some real hung over baseball!  Maybe even a rematch of the Hippys vs. Squares?  Thoughts?

S. Paige

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