Monday, January 30, 2012

1/29/12 West Sunset

Compromise and begging, that's what keeps a marriage fresh....

In any case, Satch made it out to the field by the 5th inning to watch a little, play a little, and leave early.  Not my finest moment, but it was great to be out again, and an amazing day, weather-wise to boot.  From what I could gather the game had been a fairly close affair until we got there, and then as Mrs. Paige, Lil' Satch and I sat and ate our burgers from Bills place (they make a good burger) we watched the home team tally at least 6 runs.  It was line drive city.  The only good thing was that it gave me enough time to change in to my uniform so I was ready to head out for the top of the 6th.

Noah, was hurling for the visitors, and was taking it on the chin, as he does.  Brian Phelps went 6 strong for the homers and was in the groove, helped by a strong defense and corner nibbling.  As I entered, the pitchers changed, and Sean came in for the visitors and slammed the big door.  I saw at least 6 strike outs in 3 must be the hockey hair.

Tony came in for the homers and was looking strong, but we managed to score a few runs off him, and make the game at least in striking distance.  It was 9-1 when I came in, and maybe 9-5 when I left, someone else will need to fill in the blanks.  Great to see everyone!


* Sean was on fire, caught at least three people looking at strike 3!

* Mitch started with a new bat, K'd twice, went back to Krakatoa and got a double.  Sweet.

* The pink mothers day bat was a hit with the team, we are all comfortable with our masculinity

* Nick Smith almost killed Sean on a come backer, reigniting the BBCOR debate

* A great relay from right field got DJ Greg at the plate, with a sweeping tag by Bob.  Unfortunately it got DJ in the nose, but he was alright after a minute or two.

* Rich got the long foul ball award....again

* A near collision and dropped ball helped our rally, more than once.....

* Noah called for and caught a ball in right.  He was camped out under it and no one was within 100 feet of him.  But he called it....

* A lot of line drives, which is always nice to see

* Bob sez, "Baseball and sunshine are good for babies." Thanks Bob, now can you call my wife and tell her that every week?

* I didn't strike out, a plus after being gone for three weeks, I didn't get a hit either.

* We are all thankful to see Milo Sedawi back in healthy form, and falling down again.

* Mitch had a great unassisted double play at second.  Which I am was grateful for, as there was no way I was going to get to second before the runner did.  Here's a picture so you can see I had no chance.....

* The usual near calamities of overthrown balls at first during warm ups.  Maybe we should switch dugouts, or create a DMZ where you can't stand?

* I got an RBI on a pickoff play at first where no one was paying attention

* The oblique feels better, but I am going to stay away from the mound for a while still, just to make sure.

AOY Brian Phelps had these gems to report:

Play of the game- Duane made a crazy Jeter-eque play on a ball in the hole and got the runner (was it Tim?) by a step when everyone thought the play was not going to be made. Dwayne has never played SS before this season and has quickly picked it up. 

* The sun at West Sunset has become an part of the game. Lots of players with eye-black on this week.

* After the whole BBCOR talk, I did notice a bunch more wood being used. 

* JT continues to battle at the plate and get base hits.

* Snyder encouraged me to use my side arm fastball in pre-game. Used it a lot and was happy with the results. We even talked about a side arm slider, but it was ugly in warm-ups. Didn't use it all game until a 2 strike count vs Mitch and it worked perfectly!  Mitch switched bats next AB and smoked one. 

* And yes we need a DMZ. Not that I would know from experience, but have 5 guys standing behind the first baseman might cause for a distraction on who to throw to. But as a lefty, my opinion on the infield shouldn't count.

Please send me additional information on what I missed!

Here's some pictures from Jimmy (he seems to have a thing for pictures of Sean....)

S. Paige


Duane Harris said...

1) Brian doesn't know how to spell my name.

2)What does DMZ stand for? I assume, designated _____ zone?

Anonymous said...

De Militarized zone.

Like is WWKorea.

I will note that part of the problem with the play at the plate where DJ greg got hit was, when I caught the ball and tried to double whomever off first, I threw it directly at Duane who I thought was the firstbaseperson. Turns out, Sean was playing first and in cut off position for a play at the plate. Duane had to dodge getting hit by my throw, when it took a fortunate bounce right to sean who relayed it to bob.

Lesson is, either 1) People should stay away from that area, or 2) I should know who is on my damn team.

I can't decide.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Duane... my bad