Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7/22/12 Big Rec

Nice to get out to the ball yard again, even if it took a long time to actually get out there.  Seriously, why are the metering lights on if there is no traffic, it just creates traffic?

But I digress.  It is officially the summer doldrums, we could only muster 13 MBC guys out there, and before I and a few others showed up late, it was more like 9.  So the team took it upon themselves to do some serious recruiting, and lo and behold, we found ourselves with 6 Korean dudes, some of which it was painfully apparent, had not studied the game.  But we needed warm bodies and that's what they were.

Johnny and Greg started on the bump, and the game was a woeful back and forth of who's defense was going to crack the most. At one point we had an entire outfield comprised of players who could not catch a call to save their lives.  They also took the wrong route to the ball each time, ensuring that it would roll past them  But hey, I didn't see any of you out there, so what the hell.

It is too much to describe, but the game did actually see saw back and forth pretty well, each team having a few innings of "Dear God what is this hot mess?"  Satch took over for Johnny in the 6th and Mitch pitched the last two for Greg.  It ended up being a save opportunity for Mitch, strangely, as we closed the gap to 2 runs.  Final Score: A very soft 18-16.


* John Nero had a nice hit and caught the first 2/3 of the game, with a nice foul ball catch

* Some new guy named Joe ripped a grand slam off me, first pitch knuckleball, you live by it, you die by it, he was due

* Elvin put on a clinic of outfielding, including a long running catch for the final out, as well as a clinic of what not to do at SS, one inning.

* Some great bunts!

* Satch had a inning where all three batters fouled out to the infield and tallied five or six foul outs for the game, that has to be some kind of record

* Adam had some great digs at first, including a falling play where he kept his toe on the corner

* Loren and Tim showed up late, and drunk, worst day at the plate that Loren has ever had, 2-3K's?

* Daniel had a new wood bat, and it made some noise

* Adam had a triple, Joe Grand Slam, and several others with extra base hits, three doubles in a row at one point

* Scott showed up out of the blue and played a good game

* Carter was hit by Greg for the 19th time

* One of the new guys hit the ball and then watched the play unfold while he walked, stopped, started towards first base

* Tim also had 2 nice foul ball plays

* Mitch caught the first part of the game, one might wonder what the score would have been if he had played outfield instead?

Of all the games that have been played, this one was by far the most recent.

S. Paige

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