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10/21/12 West Sunset

10/21/12 West Sunset

                Seventeen showed up and waited for a league game to end. A crisis was averted as the league umpire called the game a tie after an agonizing 4 or 5 run 9th inning where the batting team got only one hit, a leadoff single.

                Sean took the ball for the homers, he didn’t give up a hit for three innings.. Staked to a 4 run lead after one, he kept the visitors down, but did not hold them scoreless. He ended up giving up only two aided by 2 runners thrown out at home.
                Carter threw for the visitors and was bled for 4 runs in the first. Mostly dinks and dunks, but it did look like it was going to be a long afternoon for the younger Rockwell. He did recover to shut down the lefty heavy line up (M. Lattig, M. Gaspar, Sean, Rich and Tony). Carter gave up no more runs in a total of 6 innings. Red Sox Will pitched the 7th and Mitch the 8th, with no damage.

                Tony Relieved Sean, in the 6th or 7th and gave up a single run in his last inning. Rockwell the elder, came in for the last inning. After 2 outs, Mitch reached by beating out a grounder, stole second and third before I grounded out to end a very good game. 4-3 Homers.


*The weather was not miserable as I had anticipated

*I don’t think any of us mentioned to Tony what the score of the Giant’s game was, even though a few of us knew.

*I was thrown out on the bases via a pickle. No, no, I wasn’t picked off, but was on 2nd when an apparent double play ball was hit, but Rich decided to throw behind the runner at third after the force at second. He may be better at baseball than we thought.

*Carter was HBP. His new-Bob status is secure.

*Lattig was hit by a carom off the backstop. No new count was awarded.

*Gaspar threw Red Sox Will (can we get him a new name) out at the plate from right.

*I hit the ball OFF THE WALL. Ok, it rolled there after bad routes taken by the center and right fielders. Suffice to say, I HIT THE BALL OFF THE WALL (disclaimer: it may not have made it all the way to the wall)

*There were a lot of strike-outs on both sides.

*Not many errors, maybe 2 unearned runs out to the 7 total.

*There may have been, but I don’t remember any outfield put outs.

* Apparently Sean, as a firstbaseperson, only needs to pay attention to the final 1.75 seconds of any ground out.

*Hat tip to Greg for reminding me to take pitches as Mitch stole his way around the bases in the 9th. “I shold have stole home,” lamented Mitch after the game

* Rockwell got the loss and Rockwell got the save. 

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