Wednesday, January 16, 2013

12/30/12- Camp Swampy

Here with the last game of the 2012 season is Mike "All 9" Gaspar

Well the rain finally let up enough to get a game in.  I was a little concerned though as we were playing at good old 'camp swampy'. But much to my surprise, the field was in good shape (the outfield was a bit mushy).  We started out eight on eight and by the second inning we were eight on nine.

Brian Phelps started for the homers.  He got tagged for an early run but was able to hold the line until Johnny B. came in somewhere in the middle innings and went the rest of the way.  The visitors countered with the Rockwell bros., joining the Perry's, the Martinez's, the Niekro’s and others in the brother pitching combo.  The homer's answered back with a run of their own in the early innings then tacked on a few more along the way It was 4-1 homers going into the ninth when the visitors made a valiant comeback.  In fact the tying run was on second with two down and Adam at the plate. Adam it a hard shot to short which Daniel played cleanly made the throw and the game was over. 

All agreed that it was a great game and a good way to wrap up the 2012 MBC campaign.


-John Carey made an appearance.  Enjoying his holiday break from prep school
As with most teenagers he was not fully awake at 1:00pm which may have
accounted for some defensive lapses.

-We had a member of the Brooklyn crew playing with us.  Kirin, a friend of
Dave J's played well.  It was his first game since hurricane sandy wreaked
havoc on Gotham.

-Brian Phelps hit a monster shot to right for a triple which plated a run.

-Bob argued a called strike from doc.  Then said no, no that's the call
we have to honor it.  Then on the next pitch, same location, ripped one
into left center for a double.

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