Monday, July 25, 2016

7/24/16- Big Rec GGP

By last count, there are 101 people on our email list for the games.  We had 13 show up on Sunday, 15 with the two new guys that were playing catch in the park that we recruited.  Given that ~15% of the people on the list are no longer in the area, that that is a 15.1% attendance rate.  That sucks.  Now I know that summer time, people have travel plans, or whatever, but still, everyone get your priorities straight.  If I had the power to, I would be out there every Sunday.  Some of you still have that power.

Of those that did show up, we were treated to a foggy, humid day in the park.  Didn't get cold until the end, but the temperature never got above 65 I would say.  It was 99 in the East Bay, when I left home.

Carter (President and CEO Fuck Face) started for the homers, and went the distance, matched by Satch for the visitors.  We both threw excellent games, I would say, and had our share of quick, 6-8 pitch innings.  When you have to keep switching out defense, and 2-3 more at bats, it can make a difference.  Chris and I were responsible for the first two runs for our team, it was a good system, he got on, stole some bases, I knocked him in.

The homers were not a bunch of shrinking violets by any means, and had some loud hits, but our defense proved to be better, definitely the difference when you are trying to conserve energy.  I will also say that the homers sub in for us at 2nd made at least 4 put outs on line drives.  That helps too.

The game got to 8-4 and there it stayed for the latter innings.  In the 9th, after shutting us down, the homers made a play for the win, but fell woefully short, with two runners on, and the score 8-6, Greg strode to the plate,  talking a big game, sneering at Satch, and then hit a two-hoppity comebacker to me, for the final out.

Final- Visitors- 8-6.


* Special thanks to Nassir and Bukkari, for playing the whole game with us.

* Carter threw an excellent game, cap tip!

* Thanks to Ed, Bob, Don, and Gaspar for doing the catching

* Gaspar did what he does best, took 5 pitches, fouled off 4 more, then amazingly, drilled a ball up the middle

* Elvin had a frustrating day at the plate, with one exception of a clean hit to left

* Bob got hit in the hindquarters early on, Official!

* Had Lattig's number with the off speed

* Bukkari had a triple after a couple of strikes outs.  He switched to the left side, and drilled a single, but blew a hammy on the swing

* Powell hit with authority all day

* I had a triple myself, after striking out, as promised

* Bukkari had a couple of throws that were so far off line due to his frustration that one had to wonder what he was throwing at

* Powell had more bad hops at his face than I can remember, both at SS and 1st.  He also hit a ball that took a wicked third hop, going over Randy's head

* Carter had a big wallop on a grooved fastball

* I managed to not cover 3rd properly all game.  In my defense, it was unoccupied a lot....We had someone nailed at 3rd on a throw from left, and by the time I caught the ball, my forward momentum was too much, and when I tried to turn to apply the tag, it was too late.  Someday I will remember....

* More than one play where the ball fell out and the baseman had to scramble to pick it up with his bare hand while keeping his foot on the bag for the out

* Not one passed ball for Bob (or Don), he wanted that pointed out

* Thanks again to everyone that made it out, hopefully we will have a swell in attendance as summer winds down.

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