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7/2/17 Fourth of July Doubleheader- GGP

One of my favorite traditions is the doubleheader, and not just because it is twice as much baseball on a Sunday.  It is a time when we see players that have not come out in a long while, the games are usually a little more competitive, and we have yet to not fill the ranks for teams for both games.  Given that the last few months have seen a real drought of players, that last point cannot be stressed enough.

Game 1:

Sean started for the visitors and Greg for the homers.  I was late, and came in the bottom of the first, and missed the squeeze play that scored the first run of the game for the visitors.  The teams were about 13-13 or so, which meant plenty of time to warm up.  For at least the second year, Sean was resplendent in his red uniform.  He threw 7 innings, and dug a huge hole in the mound, not cool.  James took over for Sean and had a 1-2-3 inning. Greg went 5 strong for the homers, and handed the ball over to Satch for the rest of the game.

Bottom of the ninth.  Game score was 7-6.  Lead-off single, tying run is on base.  Stolen base! Lead-off man / tying run is on second with nobody out! Mike Lattig, who later admitted he did not know the stakes, does not do what he would usually do (sac bunt) and instead swings away and pops up to the infield, one out.  Next batter: ground out to short, runner advances to third, sacrifice, 2 outs, Sean on 3rd base, Ken from the Ramblers up.  Three straight fastballs, and the game was over, the BBQ ready to begin.

Game 2:

Satch started the second game, having only thrown 4 in the last game and determined to get some use out of the old soup bone.  Nick W. started for the visitors, much to the surprise of most, who didn't know that Nick was a pitcher.  But he has a good fastball, and keeps in in the zone, very effective over the 5 innings he threw. Ed, with arm in sling, went behind the dish to call the balls and strikes.  While it was great to have him involved, Ed, by his own admission thinks he may not be umpire material, after letting slip that calling this game reminded him that he needs to get his optometrist prescription filled.  And he may have been intoxicated.  But he didn't do that bad....

Cavalcade of pitchers in second game: Tony followed Satch, then new Mike, then John Carey for the homers.  Lattig after Nick, then Ryan then Loren for the close opportunity.

While the pace of the game might have been a little slower due to the food and libations, it was not the dropsy-fest that sometimes is the case.

The 9th saw the visitors up by a run, 8-7, with Loren, in tow with girlfriend, looking for the save opportunity.  Unfortunately, Satch had something to say about that.  A single up the middle, to be exact.  Then Loren forgets that he should be pitching from the stretch, Satch takes 2nd uncontested.  Takes 3rd on a fielders choice, and then, with John Nero up, scores on a wild pitch to even the score.  Homers don't score again, and we decide that tied after 9 (for the second year in a row!) is a good place to end the day.  Happy Freedom Day!

Highlights (with suggestions from the team):

* Mitch had the defensive play of the game with a long run from SS and a Willie Mays-style over the shoulder catch

* Wesley, Charlie and Thomas all present as the new generation of MBC players, start dates 2020+

* Duane made some great plays at SS

* New guy batting with shinguards on

* John Carey manufacturing a run by stealing 2nd, 3rd and then coming home safely on a passed ball

* Game 1: Visitors scored 1 in the first and two in the second.  Ken had a long double in there somewhere.

* Satch hit a long one over James' head in the first game, with the Shoeless Joe bat, which has finally splintered away enough to be retired, so long old friend.

* Johnny Bartlett solid at 3rd base, like he had never left

* John Carey was effectively wild pitching the 2nd game, no one digs in on a hard throwing kid with control issues

* JT's recent batting average dipped below to .800, but continues to tear up the offense

* Ed was hit in the beans by a errant pitch from Lattig, luckily he was drunk enough that it didn't hurt too much

* Sean and Tony presented the best dressed award to Johnny.  The stipulation is that Sean never actually got the trophy from Tony, until this year's game, so there is up to a one year delay in transfer of award.

* No Best Improved or Horsheshit Cocksucker awards.

* In a bold and asshole-ish move, the AOY contingent voted to withhold the award this year, as no one truly broke the barrier of AOY-ist behavior.  This is a good sign in some ways.  I will divulge some of the contenders: Don, for being a Yankee's fan, a steady SQ player, and a roustabout.  Sean, for dependable SQ service and a nice lip caterpillar, McG for stealing with 9 run lead so he could leave the game early, Satch for sending emails every time he knows he can play in a vain attempt to plead for adequate attendance, Elvin, for refusing to entertain the notion of sliding, and Tony and Greg, cuz they think the whole thing is stupid, and it would be fun to see them tell us to stick the award where the sun don't shine.

Pics from John Nero and Video from Ryan:

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