Monday, March 5, 2018

2/25/18 Golden Gate Park

This is a delayed report, and so it might be short on facts. 

Not to mention that me and Lil' Satch got there in the 3rd inning, and played right field the whole time.  There were a lot of people out, so we sat out a lot too.  It was beautiful day, and Mitch pitched a complete game.  I remember that much.  He didn't get the win, but cap tip for the effort.  Tony, Jordan, (?) pitched for the other team.

My first at bat I crushed a ball to center but it was caught.  Never got anywhere close to that again.  I had one hit up the middle that I thought was clean, Chris stopped it, but it had enough English on it that I made it to first.

Another week without Greg which was a bummer.  No update on Elvin's injury either, hopefully not as bad as he thought.

The game went really quickly again, and we added another inning, on the down-low, again.  So that means that Mitch threw 10 inning complete game.

The one thing that was noted was that at one point JT, Bob, and Dennis comprised the right side of the defense, all of whom are 60+.  This may be the first time that happened, but as we stay on with this game, it won't be the last.

S. Paige

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