Tuesday, July 31, 2018

7/29/18 Cop Field

We were there, where were you?

Seriously, I know it's the height of summer and people have other plans, but seriously, 11?  Tt was foggy, and cold, and windy, and miserable, but hey, that's summer in SF. 

Well, no thanks to all you no-showers, we made the most of it playing a bastardized version of Havana 6's.  Greg took one for the team and caught the whole game, with no rest.  Hopefully he got that extra ibuprofen after the game.

I started and threw back to back innings, while we swapped out teams of three.  It felt good, and my leg might be on the verge of mending.  I also seemed to have a preternatural inclination for the inside pitch, no matter where I tried standing on the rubber, it was all going inside.   But I didn't do too bad.  Sean pitched next, then Lattig, then Elvin, and then me and Sean again. Everyone pitched well, given the circumstances.

The real story here was Nick W. who decided to turn in an single-game record of hitting, I think he had 3-4 doubles, and at least 2 triples.  Now it could be argued that two outfielders is going to impact that line, but still the guy was just bashing all day.

We also had the unfortunate honor of at least 4 dropped foul balls.  On a day when we could have used that little bit of defense, it completely escaped us.

It was good to see Nick Smith again, I don't know if it's just cuz I don't come out as much, but it seems like it has been awhile.  I was playing right when he batted and having to shift to the Smith defense every 3rd at bat was hard to explain to the kids.

Urano had one of the the defensive plays of the game, taking a gamble to get the lead runner at third, rather than the easy out at first.  And this game was all about getting the easy outs.  The other defensive play was a double play that we managed to turn to stymie a big hitting rally.  Through out the game, the cry, " Do we even have an out yet?" was heard more than once.

Elvin took the mound, having convinced himself that this time it would be different, and it was!  He threw strikes, mostly, and did just fine.  I hit a triple off him, that was just fine as well.

I had the two boys with me as well, which actually was the one nice thing about an abbreviated game, there was less whining from them on how much more time they had to stay at the game.  In fact, they both got some good at bats, and ran the bases.  I had them at 3rd during Bob's at bat, and when he singled, they raced home, to the cheers of the partying Mexican leaguers in the stands.

Tim, Sean's brother playing left, physically embodied what we are all feeling at one point when yet another fly ball was hit where there was no outfielder.  He stood there and watched it, didn't move a muscle.  As Greg said, Tim decided that was somebody else's fly ball from the start. 

I beat the left-handed third baseman at his own Topsy-turvey game by grounding the ball just inside the foul line.

Hopefully, all you reading this are appropriately ashamed for not showing up, and this kind of thing won't happen again.  But if it does, make sure it happens at Balboa Park, because they have a really nice playground that my kids love playing on.

Gamers List, everyone on this list gets extra credit:
  1. Greg
  2. Bob
  3. Urano
  4. Nick S.
  5. Nick W.
  6. Gabriel
  7. Sean
  8. Tim
  9. Elvin
  10. Lattig
  11. Satch

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