Monday, April 6, 2009

Redux at the Marina, only Sunnier, Warmer.

It is almost not possible to sum up the game we had yesterday, as I am wary of using the word perfect. But screw it, it was pretty damn perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, the lightest of breezes wafting the spring honeysuckle in the air, the field once again in immaculate condition. The fear as we warmed up was not that we would be short, but that we would have 28 people show up. Luckily we topped out at 20, which was enough to let us all relax for a inning here and there.

Sean, the crafty southpaw, started for the visitors and quickly got everyone’s attention by striking out four or five in the first two innings. I got a hit on blind luck alone, plus a bonus ricochet off the pitching rubber. Yours truly started again for the home squad, with Greg behind the dish, hoping to nail down our repertoire in preparation for the San Quentin game this weekend. For the first time in a long while, Satch went with the full wind up, and it is surprising how it affects the pitches, both in velocity and control.

The first half of the game was a nail biter, 1-1 through the first five. The defense really helped out for both teams, and Sean had a few more K’s to add, as did I. We finally scored one more run, to take the lead in the 7th and Rojas took over to finish out the game. And what a finish, Tony was masterful, the sidearm changeup was moving, the fast ball was zipping. With our new found confidence, we racked up a few more runs. Johnny Bartlett came in for long relief for the visitors and kept the game lively. We got to the 9th, Tony got the groundballs we needed and the game was over…or not. We ended up playing two extras, since we had another hour and a half of daylight, and the flesh was willing. We brought in our own lefty, Brian to finish it up, and he did so, with a little excitement. The visitors threatened comeback, and suddenly it was 5-4, with Danger all around.

Like a solid team should be, we never broke a sweat, backed each other up, and the game was ours. However, on a day like yesterday, I think we all felt like winners.


* Sean, Tony, Johnny and Satch, Brian, who all looked excellent on the mound

* The return of Stoner, who finagled his way out to a game, despite being in the throes of proud new papahood (Congrats Matt!)

* Twice, Lattig?

* The Rojas relief and triple, right handed, after bitching about not ever getting a chance to hit that side.

* Baseball is a balance, so: Is the squeeze on, Rojas? Rojas, why are you thinking about stealing home with no outs? And in this association, Tony, we drop our bats at the plate; we don’t throw them into the ball’s pathway on the trip down to first….

* Bob, stroking one to left, and talking shit up the line, my kind of hit….

* I am reinstating my request for a fence. Or not letting people play at 399. Best feeling hit of the year and it’s an easy out.

* The visiting team for squashing at least three scoring chances with great plays at the plate (two involving the infamous Tony Rojas).

* The 4-6-3 error put out near the end of the game. That’s how you back up a team mate! Thanks for the scoop Nick.

* Kinsey, Will, Brian, B. Cagle, Bob, Bhatia’s for all having solid line drive days at the plate.

San Quentin here we come, so don’t forget, no phones, civilian clothes, or tobacco ( it’s a felony now).

S. Paige

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unmusical said...

I know I came up with the bases loaded & one out and mustered a mighty pop up to first. Next guy made out too. Inning over. Nice pitching Satch.