Monday, April 13, 2009

A weekend of Baseball

In the past weekend, the MBC played two games, that had a total run count of 41….impressive, even if one of them we didn’t score any runs.

Yes, I am ashamed to say that our inaugural game against the SQ Giants was a shutout. And a blowout. The bitch of it is that going in we were all loose, good feelings, not a whole lot of tension, had some strong aspects to the team. And the first couple innings we were right in there. Had a doubling off play to snuff a rally, yours truly hit a leadoff double. Had some good plays in the outfield. Then, in true MBC style, the wheels came off the whole thing, the vehicle crashed into the ravine and caught on fire. 11 runs in one inning. And I take credit for some of those, the SQ hitters were a very hungry bunch, and they have some new additions that play real well. But there were probably about 8 errors in the inning too..…Heartbreaking ones that looked like double plays or flyball outs that then turned into scoring opportunities.

Stretch threw the whole game, and he has lost some of his fastball capability, but the guy is 46, and probably weighs 160 pounds, so kudos to him. His curve is still working, and he has a great defense behind him. The main problem for us is that we were hitting like a bunch of handicapped grandmothers. I started for the MBC, lasted 4 innings, did a pretty pisspoor job, and then Johnny came in and shut the Giants down. It was amazing. Brian came in for the final inning and did a great job. Brian also was 3-3 and got some congrats from Stretch himself. Definitely MVP. Too bad it’s MVP of our shitfest.

Yet, I think I can say that we all had a good time. The Giants, and all the guys on the yard were their usual congenial selves. Guys kept telling us how to beat the Giants, we discussed the paradox about being the Mission baseball team without actually playing in the Mission. One guy, Kee, sat with us for the latter part of the game. He played last year, but he is involved in getting his AA degree and volunteering so he couldn’t play this year. Positive! He even knew my professor who volunteers at SQ for a community education program. It was hard to believe that he has a life sentence. He told me the worst part about SQ is that you don’t have to just do your time, you have to babysit your roommate, because any infraction, they blame you for being there. As if prison didn’t suck already. I think Kee is featured in the Bad Boys of Summer, which I haven’t seen yet, but would like to. NICK KINSEY YOU ARE ON NOTICE FOR NOT RETURNING THE DVD. OTHERS ARE WAITING.

One poor inmate actually believed in us enough to bet a case of Top ramen that we could score at least one run. Poor bastard, we got to find out who he was, and get some money into his commissary account. It’s not his fault we hit like the Blind Boys of Alabama baseball team.

So, after the shellacking, we got to talk to the guys, catch up, we have some more possible dates to go in, who knows we might become the preferred visitor team? The Generals to their Globetrotters….

Easter Sunday. If ever there was a day to do something other than celebrate a holiday. Fitting I guess, since most of consider the game our church service. We got 17 out which was nice, including a Ryan and his lil’ guy, a friend of Lattig’s and two new guys who showed up to bail us out. We were light in pitchers, so I threw again, but real light. Greg wanted to throw, so it was another classic show down. Surprisingly, the heavy ball was working, and we amounted a healthy lead through the first few. Then a few more. Early indications of a blowout began to show, by the time it was 12-5. But the beauty of the MBC game, is that anything is possible, and no lead is safe. I gave up the pearl in the 6th to Dennis, who favors bare legs as a pitching distraction and throws every 6 weeks or so. Whatever the case, the home squad came alive, and before you knew it, runs were mounting up. Our defense had a few problems, but I think at one point Greg’s team had 5 extra base hits in a row. Pretty damn impressive. Lattig started to shut the door on our team offensively, and then Ryan came in to break our will. It worked, and in the bottom of the 9th, still behind by 4 runs, the home team girded up their loins and bats and won the game, 17-16. Phew….


* The late surge and team spirit of the home squad.

* Left handed shortstop turning a double play.

* John Carey, having one of the higher fielding percentages for the game, as well as some solid hits (we gotta work on your home stealing, though)

* Almost nailed a soccer player with one of my hits

* Vinay’s snares in left field, impressive, most impressive.

* Bob, hitting the shit out of the ball all day (and passing out steaks)

* The two knuckleballs I threw to Tony, sick and sicker.

* Lattig’s buddy, who started off rough at the plate, and hit a towering double by the end of the day

* John, Bob, Ryan and Greg for catching a long game.

Too bad we don't get paid for this, it would be the sweet life.
S. Paige

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unmusical said...

I feel like if everyone had played as well as lefty Brian we would have been right in the game.