Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2/14/10- West Sunset- Valentine's Day

Being Valentines day and all, I accepted that there was no way I was going to play ball on Sunday. I got the dangerous "Since I love you, you should play baseball on Sunday," offer from Mrs Paige but I have learned to see through that ploy and understand that it's a one way ticket to sleeping on the couch....The game was held and well attended, and it sounds like I missed a good one, but don't take my work for it, here's Mr. Sean Paul Presley:

It was a pretty good game for awhile. johnny took the mound for the home team, frustrating people as always with that slurve of his that makes his fastball seem oh so fast. about 20-21 people showed up and the field, with the exception of the sliding area in front of second and near home plate, was in pretty damn good shape. the weather was incredible and the big surf, same big surf that provided a mavericks contest, could be heard as if it was crashing right there on 41st.

Greg pitched an outstanding first 5 innings, allowing no runs to be scored. the defense backed him though, great catches by girgus and bob in the outfield, some real nifty flashing of the leather by infielders vic, ben, jt and bob, tim called a fantastic entire game behind the plate, but it was greg who shut em down for 5 whole innings while the visitors slowly pulled away from johnny's homers. the home team infield was a bit inexperienced as the lefty brian stood in at shortstop but made some great efforts over there, even though the pre-inning covering the catcher's throw and successive "throwing it around" was poor and is probably what took johnny out of his rhythm! nonetheless, a great first base was played by nick and i think rick played third. whoever it was did a pretty fine job. i know gaspar caught during the game, and thanks for that, but when he took up the hot corner for the home team, nothing got by him and his throws to first were always on the money. John played as well and caught a good couple innings

i think johnny left the game around the 6thish but it was still a ball game, maybe only 4 or 5 nothing in favor of the visitors. the visiting team had timely hitting by bob who hit the hell out of the first pitch he saw from johnny. i had a couple doubles and a single, the first time i ever left the field successful against johnny. also some fine hitting by zach, some bullets hit by JT, his wife in attendance sorry i forgot her name but she was snapping away with her camera, and vic after greg left i came in and i was really feelin it, tim called an awesome game behind the plate but i was hitting my spots and the curve and change-up were in the mix. 3 quick innings, had a little trouble in one of em, the home team loaded the bases but i got a come-backer, went right to the plate to dustin who threw to JT but JT just couldn't squeeze the wide inside throw of what would have been an inning-ending DP. i think there was an actual DP that was turned unassisted by Mr. Johnny Bartlett himself( it may have been JT running to first, tho, but an amazing play!!!). Lefty Brian came in to finish pitching for the homers and the visiting team strung some hits together and took advantage of some errors to make the final score i think 9-0.

beautiful day for ball, let's hope to see some more of those!! also great game of outfielding and hitting by Doc and son, great to see them out!!!

And this just in, another summary from the lefty Ozzie Smith, Brian Phelps:

Johnny vs Greg.

Greg shut us down for 6 innings. And got relieved by Sean who did the same thing. I think we got 6 or 7 hits. Johnny pitched good but the defense let a few runs in.

I played shortstop for the first time (no lefties in the infield?). Greg hit the 1st ball by me on a rope. No chance. I got him back by hitting a come backer that went right through his glove. One other ball got by me. But made some good plays.

I came in to relieve Johnny. Couldn't find the strike zone at first, but settled in and gave up one, I think.

Edwin made a great catch to end the first inning with runners in scoring position. But he got hurt on the play. He shook it off and made it back on the field.

I remember Zack having a good day at the plate. Hit a bunch of hard balls.

Thanks Brian and Sean! Wellup, There she is. Moscone at 2 pm this Sunday. Be there or be an L7.

S. Paige

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