Monday, February 8, 2010

February 7, 2010- Treasure Island

There were only 11 of us, but dammit we had a good time, and we all disparaged the Super bowl as much as possible the whole day. Thanks to Stoner, Ben, Sadie (Mrs. Paige), Dennis, Johnny, JT, Greg, Nick Smith, Brian Phelps and Big Stick Rojas for making the trip out, you are all true ballers. A new game was created, Curacao 11 (or 5 1/2 if you prefer). Some of us caught on quicker than others as to the intricacies. Basically the same as Caracas 5, with an extra pair of legs to catch or field when needed. The right side of diamond was foul territory, fielders threw to the mound for the out at first, and it was a real mish-mash as to who covered what base when the rest of the time. Phelps in particular really stuck it to us on taking the extra base, just because there weren't enough people to cover all the bases at times, but hey, he's a student of the game.

Johnny and Satch squared off, and for a game with undefined rules and lots of at bats, it was a pretty tight affair. The majority of the game was a one run affair, and only in the latter innings did the visitors pull ahead and seal the deal at 4-2. The weather was amazing, you wouldn't have know that it had rained at all, the infield was quick and packed, the mound nice and firm. See saw battle, each of us pitching our way out of some serious jams (johnny gets the medal for a bases loaded, one out bail out performance, including a called strike three, You know who you are...). Dennis and Greg came in for the last few, on a day when all we wanted was some fun, and we had it. Sitting on some couch, watching stupid ads every 45 seconds doesn't seem so cool now, does it Mr. Pigskin? Well, you had your chance....


* Already posted, but Brian hit a homerun to right, very impressive, and he added the distance for each and where they would have been in different ball yards. Too bad it was a foul ball.

* Mrs. Paige for playing the whole game, making contact, humoring her husband's baseball fanaticism, and doing it all while hungover from a bachelorette party (You see Vic, in the big leagues we play with hangovers...)

* Boooooooo to Adam and Vic for being the only guys who responded they were coming and didn't ( Adam was in a Robitussin haze apparently...)

* Struck out the side.

* Greg for catching the first 3 innings for both teams

* All those who volunteered to catch to give Greg a break, JT, Johnny, Brian (righty!) Hope the hammys are alright

* Glad I didn't kill Greg with two comebackers (its what happens when I try to pull the ball)

* I fielded a comebacker with my bare hand, I don't recommend it, damn fingers hurt today

* Anyone who made a catch in the sun, damn it was bright

* The three error triple, sac fly run was impressive

* Everyone pitched in after to rake and rebuild the field, the club car ran out of gas, so we had to push it back in the storage

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who made it out.

I won't go through too much of the game except to say that it was a pleasure that those of us who came out will remember the day, and that a good time was had by all.

I think next week is Moscone, but wait for the official word.

S Paige

See Brian's hitting diagrams below.


Treasure Island

San Quentin

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