Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5/16/10- Golden Gate Park

I really wish I had been able to be there, if not just to add one more guy. Now I know I am preaching to the choir here, but come on people, either you are a baseball player, or you are a guy who used to play baseball and now does chores around the house and goes to brunches with the wife's family and talks about gardening tips and church functions and then to family barbeques with nutty relatives in Manteca....oh wait, well, hey...I don't have to explain myself... I come out as often as I can, but you know how it is? All you people without significant others should be out there every Sunday, that's for sure. I remember Sundays being the three hours of the week that I didn't think about scoring and just concentrated on...well...scoring.

In any case, some of us still love this game enough to go to GGP on Bay to Breakers Sunday, and forge a dynamite game! And to them I salute! The rest of you better get your fucking priorities straight. As Pete Rose once said, "Baseball is a hard game, love it hard and it will love you back hard. Try to play it easy and the first thing you know you are on the outisde looking in." Now here is the hero of the game, Johnny Bartlett:

It was a crisp Spring day at Big Rec. A figure appeared on the horizon. The shape was familiar, like Cool Papa Bell splitting the corn rows -- RICHIE GARCIA. Back in action and playing like he was never injured. However, Richie made for a grand total of 11 guys. Contrary to Nero's fear-inducing email, traffic was not bad, and parking was never easier at Big Rec (thanks John). That said, we quickly tried to remember the rules to Curacao 5ive. Adam volunteered to start out as permanent catcher. Johnny B took the bump for the home team, facing fellow San Mateo rival Sean Paul for the visitors.

Somewhat to concentrate on the game at hand because of the mini-skirted women (and men) from Bay To Breakers prancing about. Alas, the game began and the visitor struck first with a 2 spot in the first. The homes answered with one, and so the scored remained for quite a while at 2-1. Then 2-2. Then 4-2, then 4-4. A tight little game, considering the Curacao 5ive conditions. Lo and behold, two strangers joined. One was kinda hippy (we'll call him New Guy 1 and he played for the home team) and the other was kinda cranked up or something (we'll call him David). Anyway, both new guys were way more capable than expected. Ă…nyway, those guys made 13 men and made the game a little more legit.

Top of the 8th: Sean hits a home run that's still in orbit. RIGHT HANDED! 5-4 visitor. Mike Gaspar relieves Sean in the bottom of the 8th and retires the side with about 6 pitches. No kidding.

Visitors add an insurance run in the top of the 9th. But the home team wasn't done yet. Richie ties the game with a great situational single. Johnny B hits a double to bring home Richie and send everyone home to wallow in Budweiser.

Highlights abound:

Adam makes one of the most amazing catches behind the plate. I forget who was at bat, but the pop up goes pretty much straight up, it appeared that Adam didn't have a clue, but took the screams from his teammates to heart, lifted his mask, turned around and nabbed the ball right in front of him in what can only be described as being like a frog flicking his tongue to catch a fly.

There were a couple double plays, if I'm not mistaken.

Brian Girgus, playing first base, runs back and makes a fantastic over the shoulder catch. Amazing.

3 innings later, Greg Snyder makes an almost identical play to Brian's. The leather was on display!

New Guy 1 made a fairly amazing running catch in left field. And then promptly split from the game.

Adam, Mike G, and Greg all caught and sacrificed their ABs for the betterment of the game. Hats off to you fellas.

And it's great to have Richie back, and in fine form, I might add.

All in all, it was a great modified Curacao 5ive game.

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richie said...

Curacao 5ive? That's a new one on me.
That game was surprisingly fun. The few guys that did show up really hustled to keep the game moving.
Thanks for the write-up, Johnny. Glad to be back.