Friday, May 28, 2010

5/23/10- Cop Field

I was freezing my ass off in the mountains, but here is what happened according to two of the players, Johnny Bartlett and Bob Carey:

Only a couple things need to be said:

J. Bartlett – complete game + striking out Bob Carey and hitting him
Bob Carey — 4 for 5 off J. Bartlett (including triple

Last Sunday saw the perfect 18 show up to play a nail biter. Great mixture of new faces and grizzled veterans.

Henway, like the subject sez, Sunday's game is at Balboa Park, the Cop field. 3:00 pm, natch.

Well that is pretty much all she wrote, the sun is here for a little while so you better enjoy it and get out to the park. The winning SQ game will be printed in the Mountain Democrat soon, will re-post once it is in.

S. Paige

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