Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6/13/10- Camp Swampy

Well, instead of having 12 on 13 this week, we just had 13. We tried our best, and we were bailed out when Johnny came late after attending the SWEEP of the A's at China Basin. But in general, it was a real loose game with not much to brag about. We kept the game honest and the teams seemed to be pretty balanced, but since we were playing defense against our own team for most of the fucking game, its hard to say what was what.

Sean and Satch squared off again, and the first couple of innings, the game see-sawed, but Sean's arm was sore from too much pitching and he thankfully stopped before it started hurting.

We homers were ahead, and then we were tied, and then Noah got back a run that we had given up, with a great clout to the deep center. Satch was fresh from not being able to play for the past month and a half, so I just took her easy and threw all but the last frame. James, Tony's new guy, and then the Circus came in to deal for the visitors after Sean, and the game began to get away from everybody. Zach, back after a long absence threw a great 9th for the homers. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing out and we got a few into the wind that just kept on carrying out. I think we skipped an inning some where in the mix, but what ever, the final was something like 12-8, so not a terrible blowout, but at the end of the day, not our best game either.

Richie Garcia was back again, which we all hope is permanent, as long as he doesn't fall off his skateboard again. Even Greg and Nick Smith were absent, we must be in the summer vacation doldrums, and it doesn't look too good for this weekend either, so if you got a friend bring him and ten other guys with you.


*Tony hit a towering homerun

* Adam had a tough day at first, more than one squibber with a weird spin came his way as did the balls in the dirt.

* Ben and Noah did a fine job of catching the majority of the game, with Richie coming in for the leg saver inning

* Circus and Lattig made a fearsome duo when they were playing defense for the homers, and yes, a few of them were tough plays, A FEW.....

* Glad no one got plunked in the head on the fly balls, the sun was right in our eyes

* Richie stole 2nd, 3rd, home on a pass ball.

* Tony did his patented delayed steal of home, which we all know is what he does when he gets tired of being on the basepaths and wants to sit down

* Sean had about 4 doubles

* James hit my knuckleball, which I made the mistake of throwing more than one. I can't stop throwing the knuckle to the new guys, since they are the only ones who swing at it. But its slow enough that they usually make contact and gork it somewhere....a real Sophie's Choice.

* I threw one at Circus to send a message, he got it.

Don't know where the game is this week, but I do know that Greg, Nick, Sean , Circus, Anthony are out already, so bring a friend.

S. Paige

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