Friday, June 25, 2010

6/20/10- Cop Field

What a great fathers day it was, we had fathers who have been gone, fathers with their progeny, Mike Gaspar's birthday (42 years young) and all on a beautiful sunny day. 19 came out to play and although some might offer that the lineups were a little unbalanced, it wasn't a a complete blowout. Johnny took the bump for the homers and Satch was feeding for the fresh visiting squad.

And an epic battle it was, being such a great day we had decided that we needed to play at least a few extra innings and 12 ups and downs later, Johnny and I were still battling on the hill, that's right we both threw the long haul. And surprisingly, neither of us was really tired or sore after wards, it is the benefit of having a good defense.

True, Johnny did have to face a murderers row of sorts, but the game was a close shave for a the first three or four innings, and it didn't ever get completely out of hand. I think this might have also been a testament to what happens when our captain, Greg, is not out there. Greg is good at keeping the teams from getting a little heavy on bats, and calling us on the bullshit that some of us may try to get away with.

We visitors scored first blood, the homers came right back and tied it up, and it played that way, with one more run added for the first few. Then the flood gates started to open for the visitors, thanks in part to the hard pan of the outfield that allowed singles that bounced to turn into triples. Satch was helped by some timely 6 and 7 pitch innings and a great defense that kept the ball in front of them. Johnny attempted some hurly-burly play while backing up third, base coaching Rick while he was rounding third. Rick stopped, then realized Johnny was on the other team, and his own team was yelling to keep going. Of course, we were too lazy to actually post a basecoach, but whatever. I admired the shrewdness of it.

A few grumblings aside, everyone seemed to be alright with playing 12 innings (there was talk of mixing the teams and playing a full second game), and as the sun set, and the wind brought the fog a little closer, we remarked that any father would be happy to have this be their Fathers Day event.


* Lots of homeruns and extra basehits, with the grass being short and fast. Rick and Mitch might have had the longest rolls, Satch might have had the line-drivest

* Amelia came out with her old man, and got a clean hit over the second baseman, looking great!

* Bob was HBP, and everyone cheered!

* Thanks to Ben, Bob, Mike, Noah for catching

* Dustin Skiles back and while maybe not in old form, certainly a contender again, replete with Jameson

* Again, Johnny, great game, you are a great competitor and a gentleman's gentleman

* We didn't get a double play, then got a doubled off the next batter. The universe at work.

* It was nice that everyone was chill with the close calls, there were a few that I didn't want to be the one to decide.

* Tony had a great spear of a line drive to kill a rally

* Amelia also stole a base and slid into third, that is what I am talking about!

Well, lets do it again this Sunday, same field, same time.

S. Paige

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