Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/13/12- West Sunset

I dream in fastballs with movement, inside out sliders and tumbling with the recap so far, is John McG, Esq. and Jay "Shutterbug" Cellini.


Since I did not arrive until the 4th, I can give only a few:

  • 7 on 7, McG made it 7 on 8.
  • Adam, Vic and Loren handled the catching.
  • Johnny, Will, Carter and Tony pitched.
  • Loren got at least 2 very nice opposite field basehits, both liners to the OF.
  • I heard that Lattig got some nice hits too. Lattig complimented Loren on a very nice oppo hit, and Loren said "You were the one putting the clinic."
  • Johnny made a dandy play at SS to get a fast runner.
  • Mitch's centerfield play continued to remind everyone how hard it is to get a hit out of a ball hit to the OF (other than a liner) when he is out there.
  • Duane was in the house.
  • Both Johnny and Tony caught loud and dangerous liners hit right back at them.
  • Carter hit a home run early on and when Will later pitched to him he only threw him breaking stuff and got him out on a weak grounder.  Smart.
  • The ever gentlemanly JT passed out a few Giants tickets to a lucky few to see the Cards game on Weds.  Very nice seats from a very nice guy.


Well the consensus was that everyone was surprised that the day turned out as beautifully as it did.  The sun came out, the air warmed up and it was a beautiful day although there was a hell of a wind blowing up top.  It must have been something in the air but it was a strange day at the baseball diamond.  There were at least four wicked comebackers and I believe three were caught with one knocked down -- credit self-preservation.  What made it stranger still was that night on the news a kid in Petaluma got hit square in the forehead by a comebacker with serious results.  

Batting highlights:  

Duane and Carter hit home runs, Duane going to center and Carter going to left with the ball rolling onto the softball diamond.  JT got his weekly workout chasing that one.  

Hit batsman:

If memory serves correctly there must have been about five hit batsmen, with Jay getting hit squarely on the elbow bone (which hurts like hell), and what made it "funny" was the stitches on the ball tattooed his elbow with seven little spots which are still there on Tuesday.  Grrrr.  From now on, Jay recommends wearing an elbow protector.  


Johnny's team, lost something like 10 to  1.  Tony pitched a good game.  That sidearm pitch takes a little getting used to especially when he throws inside.  Johnny had a hard day on the mound, not his fault, and in spite of his classic 1970 vintage Catfish Hunter uniform, he went seven innings and must have thrown over a hundred pitches.  His patience amazed me.  Will came in for late relief and in spite of some control problems finished off the game.  Kudos to Will, he's definitely working on his pitching and his arm stamina showed it.  Everyone had a good time.

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