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5/6/12 Big Rec

Again I wished I could have been there, especially since it was the hottest nicest day of all time.....thanks to everyone who did play, and to Phelps, Elvin and John McG for cataloging the what have you's for the write up.  Dammit, sounds like it was a epic game!!!!

Tons of regulars missing on one of the best days of the year. We started at 7 on 6 and recruited one of the players from the 1800's league, who promptly showed that he's not used to wearing a glove. Phelps did his Bob impression and hit some infield seeds. Then grabbed the bump for the homers as we only had known 3 arms available for both sides. With Ed behind the dish we were set to go. Lattig started the game off by saying he was going to ground out weakly. Which he did... all day. Perfect first frame and it was the visitors' turn. Will was gassed up and ready to go. He had a perfect three innings and mowed us down all day.
The home team got on the board early and often. Guess a burrito isn't a great game time meal, but it was f-ing good. During one stressful inning, Phelps was sweating more than normal, until the sounds of an organ started playing from the stands. The homers managed to score a couple of runs and the score was 8-2. With no bullpen in sight, Phelps went a career high 7 innings and under the hot sun was fully baked.
For the 8th inning, an unlikely hero stepped up to take over the pitching duties. Jimmy "Watch It" Killard made his rookie debut. He went 1-2-3 and shut down the homers. After that Chris Powell came in to close out the 9th for the visitors, for his sophomore appearance on the bump, and went 1-error-2-3. Carter came in for the visitors to make this blowout official.

* No Bob, Greg, Aaron, Johnny, Tony, Sean, Adam, Jonathan, Dustin, Noah, Jay or Dennis.
* Maybe that's why there were so many errors.
* There was more than one pickle!
* Did I mention we had a fan playing the organ?
* A red tail hawk landed on the backstop fence and stared down Mitch. Mitch must have robbed him a while ago.
* Will bunted twice, the first time successfully, for the first base runner and the first run of the game (Ed. note: Will had to contact me to correct the error that he bunted twice unsuccessfully.  Pay attention PHELPS!)
* The second bunt turned into a web gem by Phelps who dove and caught it near home plate. Will was surprised when he sprinted to 1st and there was no throw. None needed.
* Carter hit a homerun, which got by Oliver and rolled through the other infield.
* Carter hit a triple to deep center
* Nero smoked one. His glove betrayed him, but made a sweet scoop at first. Adam would be proud.
* Jimmy continued to kill it at the plate
* Mitch didn't Mitch anyone, but made every play.
* Lattig had 4 groundouts and a weak pop out. Claiming Phelps owns him. Phelps claims nothing.
* Richie made a bunch of good plays at SS
* Ed was 110% hustle all day
* Thanks to Ed for catching all 9. And to Mike and Mitch for getting the other 9.
* Gaspar pulled a ball for a hit
* Elvin keeps swinging at balls over his head. "I like them" he replied
* Nick once again was the JT Snow of 1st base.
* Gaspar nailed Phelps in the spine on a passed ball throw to third. To my defense, I slowed down b/c I didn't think he'd throw it. He threw it. Last week it was the ear hole.
* Bob didn't get hit and his replacement didn't either.
* Powell coming off a double header the day before, was not his usual self, but was still on base causing havoc.
* Oliver stole 2nd and 3rd.
* Doc was there and recruited a well needed body from the crowd.
* Phelps pitched the entire 7th inning without throwing a fastball... sliders and curves baby!
* John McG made a great catch on a foul ball while filling in at 3rd for the homers
* To anyone I missed, your memories were washed down with several needed beers post game.


* Carter had a two run HR, hard triple, and closed the game. The home run was hit into the infield of the neighboring field. 
* Will pitched a strong 8 innings.
* Jimmy had a hard hit RBI triple and a sliding catch to rob an outfield single.
* Brian Phelps showed some speed when he did a sliding catch to a pop up bunt from Will.
* Oliver had two nice opposite field hitting at the end of the game for singles.  Stealing third to put pressure on the visitors.

John McG

* Big day for the brothers:
Will pitched 8 strong innings, and when not being "Wild Will on the Hill" (which was only some of the time) pitched very, very well.  He badly fooled Chris Powell with a changeup, which either struck him out or helped end the AB with a pop up.  In this author's opinion, fooling Chris Powell like that is an ACHIEVEMENT.    
* Carter, played a great 3rd sack, got at least 4 hits, 3 of em toward a cycle, homer, triple and single, and closed out the game with some fierce fast balls in the 9th.
 * All catchers worked their asses off in the heat, Gaspar, Ed & Mitch.  Not sure if Ed relieved someone or if he was not relieved.
 * John Nero made some "Adam like" digs at first, and one case saved this author from an E-6 throwing error to get the very fleet of foot Richie.
 * Jimmy drilled at least 2 blast off liners to left and made sliding, "Sean like" catch in center.
 * Brian pitched about 7 innings for the visitors, mixing up speeds and spins, then Jimmy pitched a frame (3 up, 3 down) and Chris Powell closed it out.
* Phelps had at least 2 if not 3 extra base hits, all of which were liners, and hit one of the highest pop ups to short that I ever seen at an MBC game, seriously testing this author's ability to stay under it and not have his legs turn into cement as it was dropping, dropping, and dropping.
 * Elvin made a hell of a great play at 2nd on an up the middle ground ball.
 * Lattig made a great full-speed-ahead running forward catch in center.
 * Oliver didn't look so hot at the plate is first 3 ups, but in his 4th up, he got plunked on the forearm by hard throwing Will and then got an opposite field base hit to right side, which he repeated at his next AB.  He also very craftily stole 3rd.
* Doc was watching and enjoying the sun.
 * All in all a solid game, with good hitting, good D and good pitching.

And now, some footage...

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