Tuesday, January 17, 2017

1/15/2017 Moscone

No game last week, as the rain fell.  The field was in adequate condition by the time that Lil' Satch and I got there, but I imagine that there was a lot of pre-game work done.  Thanks to those of you who put it to rights.  The mound was a gloopy mixture of mud and clay, and even with cleats, pretty slippery.  But other than that, the field was OK.

We ended up having 15, which was better than we were imagining, Greg started for the homers and Sonny for the visitors.  I can say that it was nice t play in a game that wasn't a blowout, we see-sawed a bit through the game, and while we never had the lead, we were tied for a good bit....

The game was a speedy affair, which was nice, and neither team was egregious in their errors, with the possible exception of base-running.  I was the worst offender, lackadaisically running to second, on a infield pop up, only to realize that there was only one out. Doubled off.  Oh, there was a runner on third, and it was a tied ball game too, so basically I killed a unicorn with that one. 

Abe, also from my team, felt bad about his base-running, he was tagged out for trying to turn a single into a double, but I don't know that I would put that in the same category.  But, he was out by several feet.

Greg turned the ball over to Chris Powell, and I took on in the fourth for Sonny, who wasn't feeling it.  I could tell why once I started throwing on the mound, the first change up I threw, my heel slid 10 inches forward in the mud, and the ball turned into a big old grapefruit that the batter slammed into left field.  So, the next three innings I pitched with almost exclusively upper body movements, and trying to land as softly and gently as possible.  As a result, the curve ball was good, the change up and knuckle ball sucked, and the fastball was good, as long as I didn't throw it too often.

After my base running gaffe, I told my team I would make it up, and struck out the side (with a single in between).  I handed the ball off to Coney Island James, who thew the last three frames and did a good job, though he ultimately absorbed the loss.  We went into the 9th inning, knotted at 6 runs a piece, and Chris Powell bunted his way on for a single, stole second, and came home on a hit.  Just like that.  James made a great play fielding Chris' bunt, and at first he was called out, but the overwhelming thought was that he had beaten the throw (I agreed, from the view in right field).


* A fun game, and everyone survived.

* There were a lot of loud hits to the left and left center gaps

* Bob tried to help us out from Left field, and threw away a ball that had come straight to him,  the runners were sent back due to the suspicious nature of the error.  He then made a great catch.  We told him alter that he's cheating on the wrong plays.

* Greg's team seemed to think that bunting with him at 1st was a good idea.

* Still 0-fer with new Carter bat, though I did have 2 RBIs.

* Lil' Satch heckled me, egged on by the team, after the base running mistake.

* There were a lot of HBP, 5 at least, I took a fast ball between the shoulder blades that is still a little sore.

* We had a player come out who has been on the email list but not shown up for at least five years, so I guess it does pay off to keep some of those names on there.

* 5 or 6 Ks in three innings isn't bad

* James tried to throw out Greg at first from center field, and almost had him.  Greg threatened to rage if it ever happens.

* Tony promised he would come out and then didn't. Lil' Satch was devastated.

* I was playing Nick Smith in the hole on the right side, and as such had no chance to get to second for a force out.  That's my official stance on it, no matter what Abe says.

* Thanks to Bob, Ed, Greg, New guy for catching in the mud

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