Friday, January 27, 2017

Girgus cuts the SpaceMan's Hair

Brian Girgus made a name for himself as a pinwheeling, scarecrow of a player in his time on the MBC.  I always liked to describe him as 90% mouth and 10% talent.  Not really fair, since Brian had all the tools, they just weren't sharpened real well.  He could catch, he could hit, he could bunt, he could throw, he tried pitching for a while, but eventually took himself off the mound after losing control of his pitches.

Eventually, he drifted south, and landed in Echo Park, with a degree from barber's college and a dream.  He opened the New California Barber shop, and has hosted some good events, and cut some celebrities hair (Neil Hamburger!!!).  That all pales in comparison, however, to his latest get, when he took none other than the great Bill Lee to the ocean for a chat and a cut.  For those of you that want to know more about Bill, pick up one of his books, Have Glove, Will Travel or  The Wrong Stuff will clue you into this true American original, and all-around amazing athlete.

What some people probably don't know is that this would not have been possible without an event, years earlier, at the Lost Weekend video store (RIP), where they hosted a viewing of the Bill Lee documentary, SPACEMAN, and Bill showed up to live-narrate the movie, and then answer questions.  True to character, Bill spent the hours before the movie getting "lit up like a Christmas tree" in the back of the store, on the patio, sitting at my old vinyl booth and table which I had given to Adam when I moved out of my apartment. But I digress, Brian made contact with Bill that night, and lo and behold, years later, he's cutting the guy's hair and playing catch with him! 

There was talk for a while of trying to get Bill to come in with us to SQ some time, I don't know if that is still on the table, he pitched for the San Rafael Pacifics not too long ago, so he might be in the area.

In any case, great job Brian!  Come out and play some time, when you find yourself north of the smog.  No one lies as good as you, when it comes to arguing close plays....

S. Paige

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