Thursday, February 9, 2017

2/5/17 GGP

I wasn't able to make it out, celebrating Lil' Josh Gibson's 3rd birthday.  With all the rain, I was surprised that it happened.  There was a pleading email sent out by AOY Rockwell, in town on some nefarious plot, and he REALLY wanted to play ball.  Glad that enough showed up to accommodate him.  

Here with the surly recap is Bob "Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on" Carey.

It was great to have Will out.  Carter was there, and at some point their mom stopped by with Carter’s son.  Way too many Rockwells!  Carter brought implements and he and Will were half done with the work by the time I got there.

We had a good turnout — peaked at 19.

Lousy game, the homers trounced us.  Sonny started for the home team and was mysteriously effective.  Carter started for the visitors with me catching.  He seemed to have decent stuff, but they kept barreling him up, especially with oppo shots.  Randy was on fire, lots of line drives.

I got hit.  Someone else did too.  Baseball god justice reared its head and Carter hit Sonny dead on the ankle bone, and Sonny acknowledged that Karma was a bitch.

I managed to get inside Ed’s head on one at bat.  Told him that Carter was going to knock him on his ass and he could not get the idea out of his head even though Carter did not come near him.

Lots of AOYs:  Phelps, Lattig, Sidawi, Carey, Pfahler, Rockwell.  Abe and Sean seem to be working on their campaigns.

At one point we had an all-geriatric outfield for the visitors:  JT in right, me in center, and Nick in left.  Results as might be expected.

That’s all I remember, we got it in before the rain came down, although there was a shower in about the bottom of the sixth.

Played all nine.


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