Monday, March 16, 2009

The game that was, then wasn’t, then was again.

Sunday’s game was not the best we have ever had, although it turned out to be a pretty solid contest. Havana 6 is always a little confusing; since the turn-around from batting to defense happens so many times that you forget who you are playing for. Not to mention that in a bases loaded situation, there is no one on your team to cheer you on from the bench, they are all on base or in the field. But, hey it was a game.

The rainy mist came and went through the day, and by 2 pm, Nick and I were prepared to call No Joy for the day, based on the steady wetness in the Richmond. But a message from Ezra (visiting from NY) turned it around, who stated that the neighborhood where the field was hadn’t seen any rain. All of a sudden my shitty day locked inside, doing house chores was washed away, and I raced out the door.

I was still expecting to see three people, but I was amazed we had a starting 9 by the time I got there. A few more showed up and all of a sudden we had a game, well, we had Havana 6. Coincidentally, we would have had 14, if Tony and Greg hadn’t been at the Japan- Cuba game in San Diego….too bad Cuba, maybe you should start playing Havana 6 instead.

Long lost Zerbes showed up for his annual 6 month assignment, and shut us down as usual, with sidearm, screwy action. Satch threw five, and never felt right, although Pfhaler would probably disagree (hope that forearm got some ice). We had a beautiful four innings, where the sun poked through, and day was looking good. Then, it was windy cold and a steady sideways mist reminded us that it was still early spring. We called it a game after 6 ½, and headed for cover. It beat the hell out of vacuuming….


* Having enough brave souls to play something

* Johnny’s fortitude in making it out from the East Bay, complete with back tracking and 180’s.

* For being gone so long, Zerbes is still a maniac with the bat, and artist with the ball

* New guy Brian, for attacking the ball, motoring on the base paths, and laying all the way out to try for a fly ball

* Pfhaler….tough outing, don’t get discouraged, we all strike out sometimes

* Gaspar up the middle! In a clutch situation!

* Ezra for the field report, and the furthest commute….

Thanks for making it out, all who did, thanks for lugging the gear Nick, thanks Bob for the permit (although, is it possible to tell them we got rained out and re-use?)

At least the uniform got washed in the rain,

S. Paige

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unmusical said...

Even Pedro Martinez thinks Zerbes takes too much time off between starts.