Thursday, October 29, 2009

Player Profile #14- Adam Pfhaler

Adam is a can do kind of guy. Enthusiasm and positivity are just how the guy operates, his modus operandi if you will. And he is a damn good ball player, he can play first, catcher, anything but pitcher I think. And sure, I might have said that about a lot of guys on this blog, but few do it in such easy style. Adam is one of the better ass savers at first base, I don’t know how many times I have gotten a ground ball, had plenty of time to throw, and then spaghetti armed the thing into the dirt, only to have Adam pluck it like a grape from a ripe bunch.

At bat, Adam can be very deceiving, there are times when you can get him to swing at the most god-awful pitches, and think you are getting away with something, and then he rips a line drive back at your head. Adam prefers the wood bats, and he buys the fancy ones that are guaranteed not to break, which they do anyway. He also is responsible for our fancy real bases, which he thought we needed one day so he got them. That’s what I am talking about when I say can do kind of attitude!

Although he has cooled a bit as of late, Adam used to be one of the more hot tempered competitive players we had. I heard rumors that Adam once won the Worst Sportsman award for the MBC. I don’t know why we don’t do awards ceremonies more often…He and Richard used to break a lot of helmets, I remember that much.

And who can forget that he has the cutest family in the world, who love to come out and cheer him on, or even join in the game from time to time!

We missed Adam for a long time, due to shoulder injuries, which seem to be resolving themselves finally. It must have been all those years beating the skins in the most famous DIY punk band of all time, Electric Light Orchestra….no wait….Jawbreaker. Adam has continued to support those who fancy themselves as musicians, by allowing drunken hillbillies to play his video store from time to time, which we sure do appreciate.

Unfortunately Adam became the object lesson at a San Quentin game this past year, when a prison guard (who apparently is a real asshole) rejected Adam from entering because his driver’s license was expired. Word to the wise, don’t give the guards an opening or they will exploit it (feel free to make as many prison rape jokes as you want here). Major bummer to have him get that close and then be sent back to the parking lot, for him and us.

Anyway, Adam brings a full tool kit to the MBC game, his skills on the diamond aside, he is a genuinely good person, cheerful and competitive, and chock full of movie trivia, including being able to quote Bad News Bears from titles to credits (You don’t believe me, Ask Ogilvie!). And remember you can rent a huge selection of great titles, and hard to find videos at:

Lost Weekend Video, 1034 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110, (415) 643-3373.

My boys play clean, hard baseball,

S. Paige

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