Monday, October 5, 2009

West Sunset 10/4/09

I arrived early, dressed in the parking lot, and waited for someone else to show up. It was little while before they did, and slowly the players trickled in to the field. We have had some major problems getting enough people out lately, the last three weeks have seen batting practice, a game against a league team (see above) and a half assed 10 man game. This Sunday started to shape up the same way, and we were stuck at 13. There were five random guys who had been occupying the field and taking grounders and eventually we asked if they were interested in joining us, they did and for a while we had a surplus of people. Oaks Mike showed up late and it was good to see him after a long absence. Doc came to umpire, and did a great job, especially after taking one off the shoulder.

Having not thrown in a month, Satch was hungry to get on the hill and Noah complied as the hurler for the visiting team. The teams were a little uneven as the random guys all wanted to be on the same team, and as a result we had a pretty deep lineup of regulars. First inning aside though, the visitors settled down and held the game at a 5-2 line for most of the middle innings. But that first inning was a rough one, we had five or six hits in a row, some errors from the Randoms.

Somewhere in the third one of the Randoms hit a ground ball to Adam, who Bucknered it pretty good. Satch was loafing over to cover first, and then suddenly Nick Smith had the ball after backing up Adam, and we had a chance to get the guy. Bad news, we didn’t get the out, worst news, the throw went past me and hit the Random guy in the mouth…not pretty, but he was a remarkably good sport about the whole thing, although he was done playing for the day. He stuck around for a while and then tried to leave but his starter was kaput and he was stranded in the parking lot, bad day all around for that guy. His buddies left with him to get him out of there, and our mighty teams were whittled down to the 14.

Satch threw five and after a month definitely felt the time off, the arm felt good, but everything else was thrashed. Bowing out to save for another day, Rojas came in for the long relief and did well. Noah kept hurling, but we got him into a bases loaded jam and then emptied the bags on him, and that put the game out of reach, Oaks came in to pitch the last, but the damage was done and the final was 9-2 or 3?


* The Randoms were all nice guys, even after we pummeled their buddy

* Tim (he of the 5th inning arrival) was on time, brought a friend, and hit the shit out of the ball all day, line drives, line drives…welcome back!

* Noah definitely settled down and kept us on a leash

* The Gaspar- Noah battle, which was at least 16 pitches, foul balls and ended with a hit.

* Bob was missing, but Mitch and Brian got plugged

* The wind was blowing out and Satch got one that carried to the short wall.

* Broke another damn metal bat, that $50 investment didn’t last long

* The visitors turned at least three double plays, including an ugly on with Rojas on 2nd (Tony claimed he couldn’t see the pop flyball, but the shortstop ten feet away apparently could see it…)

* I love that Doc compliments the pitch before he calls it (“That was a good one, strike one!” or “Jesus Christ, Strike.”)

Well the wind was blowing cold, fall might be upon us, the game next week is same place, an hour earlier, 2 pm. Come one come all, I will be in Orange county…again…for a wedding…again.


S. Paige

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