Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday, October 18th- West Sunset

Satch was in Orange county last week, October 11th, missing yet another game, and today tried to get a recap. All I got was that we had enough to play, and Dustin got lit up. So there is that.

Today, I got out there early, or at least tried to, the traffic from the marathon made for slow going through the park, and when I got there at 1:30 and no one was there yet, I started to get nervous. We have had some poor attendance lately, and its not just football dropouts. Tony is laid up with a JFK injury (thanks Johnny), Bob is coaching fall ball, various people have kids, I seem to never be around on Sunday anymore, and Nero I think works now. So we need new blood. And we got it this week, along with some old, grizzled blood. Bill Zerbes, you old so and so, it is great to see Bill out again, a five tool man, worn and scratched tools, but he still got it. Two of the guys, including the mouth injury guy, were there again, and Dustin and Noah brought out there third coach from Urban. Add a really late Tim, and we had 17 for the day, which is damn near a surplus.

Sean started for the visitors, which could also be labed as the new guard of the MBC or nMBC. Us veterans formed a home squad, and fittingly, after the top half of the first inning it was 8-0. Sean, back from tour, was raring to go, and held us in check for most of the game, we finally broke the shutout in the third, and the score was 12-1. Johnny started for the homers, and we tried our best, but there were too many hitters on that team to make it much of a challenge. Also, he angered the baseball gods in the 1st by going out to pitch in his tshirt rather than his jersey. We all should know better.

Satch came in for long relief, and we started to settle down, the knuckleball was working well, and I got the big bats to swing at shitty pitches.

The score kept mounting, peaking at 14-2, before we mounted some kind of comeback. The final was in the neighborhood of 14-6, although that was a kind and blurry 14. Bill came in for the ninth and did well, we entered the 9th with comeback on our lips, but all of a sudden there was a double play and the game was over. Well, a shot behind the ear is sometimes the most humane way to go....


* Nice to see the new guys, and that the ball in the mouth didn't take it personally.

* Noah and Dustin had some sort of Saturday night, Noah was sweating brown liquor

* The power lefties of the visiting team were tagging the wall all day.

* Brian Phillips, if you like your teammates, don't steal with a 9 run lead, batters get hit that way.

* Zerbes doing the grizzly Adams thing.

* Gaspar's no lo contendre style of outfielding, hands out, shake the head, "don't know where the fuck it is."

* Chris' play deep in the hole, didn't get the out, but a nice play

* Banana Hands. I guess that's me.

* Although he had a rough day at the plate, it was good to see Vitali too.

* Sean's pitching performance after being gone in Europe, glad you didn't come back in an ascot talking about soccer.

* Our first run that broke up the shutout, its good to feel pride in one's team. Its funny when we actually try to hustle when we need to score that first one.

Thanks to everyone who made it out, we were fearing batting practice, as we do every week these days. If you can, come out, or get the hell off the list! Or you know, what ever, tell your non-asshole friends to come out in your place...

Heal quick, and come back everybody else!

S. Paige




Anonymous said...

can you believe a girl is reading about sports. lol :) i can't help it i love it!

mandie reed

unmusical said...

I do work on Sundays now and then but mostly lately it's been watching Dodger baseball. Yes I skipped MBC to watch all 9 inning of the Dodgers taking an 11-0 beating.

S. Paige said...

Hey Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. Come out and play if you are inclined.