Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam II

The profiles were a hit with some of you and our Enabler correspondent and resident poet, Pete Simonelli, wrote in with some additional players. I also heard from Dave Johnson, who says the NY game is alive and well, which is great to hear. On we go!

1. Kyle- Both Dave and Pete commented on why I hadn't mentioned Kyle. Here's why. I am still hopeful that some Sunday he is going to appear out of the mist like Shoeless Joe and rejoin our ragtag bunch of misfits. Kyle was the only one of us, who I think actually played baseball in some sort of professional realm, and his skills certainly showed that. He was a natural fielder, and a ferocious hitter. And unlike most people who make it to that level of playing, he wasn't an asshole, he was quiet, reserved, funny and open. He played for a good year, probably, and then moved back to the Midwest for work. Here is how he left it with us:


My move back to Chicago is happening a little sooner than planned (this weekend). Thanks for letting me play with you guys...I had a great time.

Also, I've officially submitted my application to play for Dave and Richard's traveling team, so as soon as Dave gets to know at least 6 of his neighbors, we'll be ready to take you guys on.


We all still miss him, he gave our game a lot of class. Best- Again, the guy could do it all, and made it look easy, while being a great guy. We miss you Kyle. Write soon!!!!!!

Here are Pete's additions:

2. "Pro"--- another "pitcher"; used to demand his jacket the one or two times I ever saw the guy actually on base (Park next to Anchor Steam). He also claimed that he was being actively recruited by "several top ten colleges" as a defensive back. Not a bad guy at all, but a very sad and delusional type. He caught me wincing when I overheard him talking about the college football fluff and mistook it for a compliment. He said, " I eat receivers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, man. I'm as bad as Art Tatum!"
"You mean the jazz pianist?"
"No! Art. Ta-tum, man! Raiders!!"
(Tom Madden routinely verbally abused this guy with sarcasm, as I'm sure you can imagine.)

3. "Baby Huey"--- Big as you, loved to take out people half his size at first base. Once laid me out and I had headaches for about three days afterward. He never thought he was doing anything wrong, and would look at you with a completely baffled, innocent expression when asked, "What the fuck?" (This guy came out to Presidio)

4. "Bob"--- (the other one)--- Had the little dog that skulked around the backstop and bit people if they got too close. Tiresome little fucker. Bob worked for a beer company; used to bring out about two cases in a cooler and drink most of it himself. A lefty, I used to call him Reggie--- swung just like him. (Presidio)

Well, write in if people remember more, and I'll post em.

S. Paige

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