Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2/27/11- West Sunset

Satch couldn't be there. But at least there was a game. And 19 people showed up apprarently!

Here with a recap is Ed:

It was sunny, there were 19 guys.

Johnny went 8 or 9 for the homers, Greg went 7 or 8 so for the visitors. Rich took over for Johnny, Tony closed it out for Greg.

Homers got 3 quick runs and three more before Greg got out of a bases loaded jam. He didn't allow a run after that (maybe the third or 4th inning).

Johnny was unhittable early on, finally giving up his first hit and run about the 4th. The visitors kept tacking on runs.

In the top of the 8th or 9th the visitors made a big comeback. With two outs the a few well placed balls and some generous defense lead to the the visitors scoring 3 runs and taking the lead.

Tony got the last outs for the win.


-While catching, Tony called a pitchout with the bases loaded.

-Rich made a great diving catch in center

-A nice guy named Jamie came out even though his friend who told him about the game didn't

-I think there was a great play on the infield for the visitors, but I can't recall who made it.

Keep up the spirit. I'll be out scouting the desert talent.

S. Paige

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