Sunday, February 13, 2011

2/13/11- West Sunset

The game was live and loud, and shuttered between sunlight and cold clouds, with 26 or so men out for the affair. We were light a few of the regulars, such as Sean and Greg, but we made do with a nice mixture veterans and first and second timers.

Satch started out on the bump, after a nice long rest, (yes I know I was gone last weekend, and no it wasn't a Superbowl thing, it was a housewarming thing.) The arm felt good and loose, helped by the long sleeves I wore the whole day. The change-up was working well, dropping feet at a time, and I got quite a few batters on big 2 strike counts with the fat floater.

Noah started for the visitors, and did what he does best, which is grind out innings, and take charge. Our defenses changed with a brisk interval, some being better than others. The first inning took us a little while to get our heads in the game and the visitors scored 3 quick runs on us. We started our own little rally, and made it back 2-3. From there, we had ourselves a real game. We tied it up the next inning and then the wheels started to come off.

It began with a few singles, and then there was a through the wickets ground ball here and a dropped fly ball there and then it was 6-3. Then it was more. And then a few more after that. By the time we had 10 runs, it was clear that the game was in danger of growing stagnant. We had been talking about the fact that we had never seen a ball go out of West Sunset. I figured it wasn't going to hurt anyone, and leading off the inning was Loren, who I know has home run power. So I threw 2 big batting practice marshmallows, he fouled off the first, and did just what I hoped with the second. It was up, and gone in to the trees, and the score was 10-4. The rally didn't get any further.

I threw 6 and handed the ball over to Johnny who shut down the visitors with his usual brand of lights out slurvy stuff. Dustin took over from Noah, and seemed to missing his usual aura of untouchableness. The hit parade continued. Rich took back his own piece of the day, and put another one over the fence and into the trees for a round tripper.

The first 9 innings seemed to go very quickly, and we kept playing just to enjoy the day and the game. We lost at least 7 guys, but it still seemed like we were 9-9, so nothing really changed except that the weather got a little cooler. The visitors made a great comeback, and by the end of the game it was 15-14 and getting dicey. However, it seemed that it was not in the cards for the visitors and the game ended as the sun buried finally in the cold fog.


* Two home runs in one day, after none for years.

* We had at least 4 or 5 long running fly balls, and all of them were dropped in some fashion. They looked great and they were all valiant efforts. The one that counted came with the bases loaded and 2 outs, and the visitors desperately in need of the end of a inning

* Thanks to Bob, Gaspar, Loren, Tim and Tony for catching

* Gaspar put on a classic showing of the Gaspar bloop, and then was caught later in the game with the same hit. That's the problem with having a reputation.

* Remember that we should try to run out our hits, regardless of whether it seems worth it or not, but also remember that we don't need to steal bases when there is something like a 6 runs lead in the works.

* Tony threw out a runner in the last ining with a great toss from behind the dish.
* Doc showed up after being gone for a few, and put a base hit over second base, hasn't lost a step!

* A lot of runs were scored, and some nice situational hitting and deep drives over the course of the game

* Bob hit the piss out of the ball a few times, and played with a bit more fire than usual

* Nick has taken over equipment managing while Greg was gone, had a couple of good hits, and gave a little pepper to his team, thanks for all of it

* Tony did a great double pump, windup and throw from shortstop to get a third out

* I went up to the plate and was going to try and hit lefty, since we were ahead by a great margin at that point. Bob and Noah decided I was being high-handed and gave me plunking. I'll take a plunking whenever needed, but this one hit me in the elbow, instead of the back where I was planning. Keep those elbows tucked in and away from the pitch is the tip on that one. You can see some nice seam marks in the picture below.

* Nero pulled up with an injury in the early stages of the game. Hope you get better quick. We got the bad news as well that we lost Dennis to a broken ankle at Fantasy Camp, hope it heals quick and clean!

* The strike zone was a little awry, not sure what the deal was, but it seemed to be happening for both sides

* Adam and Tim seemed like they got on base every at bat today, Tim even called his shot! Base hit, right side, boom.

We had a lot of guys out there today, and I recognized a few worried looks that our little game might be growing at a exponentially unsafe rate. I think we will be alright, maybe let's slow down on asking any more people to come out, and we can see what happens.

Also, A note to all league guys as well, remember that if you have already played a game for the current weekend, the rest of us haven't. Be aware and respectful of that, please.

S. Paige

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