Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Player Profile #16- Rick Kvoriak

This should have come sooner, as Rick has been out here long before I have, and I tried to get the veterans out of the way before moving on to you young whipper snappers. The thing is that right around the time that I started playing, Rick had these twin boys, who are really cute, and apparently demand some/and or a lot of his time. So Rick's MBC playtime went from lots to little. But that shouldn't be any excuse for neglecting him on the blog. And for that I am sorry.

Rick is the most dangerous pull hitter I have encountered yet. And I say that in all honesty and with all games in every league I have ever played in. Its riddy-mc-goddamn-diculous. I remember one of the first times I pitched I thought I had him all set up for a breaking ball, and he actually cocked his bat back before he swung, and sent it to the moon. I am always a little frustrated that we don't play at fields with fences, because I think Rick could be hitting a homer a game at least. And its not limited to fly balls, Rick can make the steadiest third sacker cry with the line shots and ground balls he sends to the left side.

In the defense department, Rick can do it all. As a fellow larger fellow, I respect that he can move gracefully and play those infield positions that coaches never let us near since only small quick guys were supposed to be there. I think we have even see him pitch once or twice. But SS, 2nd, third, outfield, it makes no difference, he can do it all. Then he will take a break for an inning and have a cigarette. And fuck you if you don't like it.

Rick is from Ohio originally, as are many of the MBC'ers ( a nice place to leave one of them told me once) and he will be happy to tell you that Ohio is the only state in the union that has a baseball pennant for a state flag. Which is awesome and makes sense since the Cincinnati Reds were the first professional baseball team. You can look it up. (I also have a Seagrams 7 bar sign that has the starting lineup with pictures of that team. And no, you can't have it.)

Rick is a product of the old school of baseball, and he has some fire in his play, which is great. But he also knows we are all out here for fun, and never lets his frustrations affect anyone else's good time. He is also the one of the few people I know who compliments you after a good pitch, even if its one he held off on. Its nice to be appreciated sometimes.

If it wasn't enough, Rick also plays guitar with Johnny Bartlett, in various bands, and is so adept at playing, that he sometimes is noted for watching the TV while the band is playing, since he is so confident in his own abilities to keep up. That's something. I sometimes forget the chords to my own songs. And by sometimes, I mean a lot.

There is another Kvoriak on the email list, but have never met him. Maybe one Kvoriak is all any team is allowed. In any case, I am glad we have the one we have, and can't wait til his kids are old enough to suit up, and play....and then he can sit down and have a smoke.

Sorry for all the change ups Rick, but you're on to everything else.

S. Paige


johnny said...

Great write up, Satch. Truer words were never spoken (or blogged). And it was Rick that got me in the game, and for that I'll eternally grateful.

johnny said...

Oops, should have been "I'm" instead of "I'll." But you get the idea.