Sunday, February 20, 2011

2/20/11- St Mary's

Well, 8 strong brave souls faced the beautiful weather and warming sun to play baseball on Sunday. Quite interesting that we had 26 last week, and this week you people couldn't muster up enough gravy to make it out for a beautiful day.

We took a long infield and outfield, I threw 3 outs to each batter for some situational hitting, and then took batting practice, 10 hits, run on the last one.

It was great, too bad you missed it. Here's Bob with a postscipt.

Hope what ever you doing was better than baseball, oh wait, what could that have possibly been? Don't know where we are next week. Maybe you can take the time to see if you really care about playing or not....

Here's your hero lineup:

Bob, Elvin, Tony, Adam, John, Satch, Ed, Nick Smith.

S. Paige

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