Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Player Profile #15- Jonathan Tiemann

Jonathan, or JT, as we have dubbed him, has been coming out for years. He is an old associate of Bob's, but we don't hold that against him....He plays first primarily, being a tall, left handed drink of water, covers the sack well and has improved with each year that I have known him. But he also has been known to play outfield, and while it may not be his preferred position, he always does it with some class. He's also one of the few that has actually been to Giants Fantasy Camp, which I am very envious of, and he wears his official Giants gear with pride.

JT is one of those frustrating hitters that you think you have figured out, and the next thing you know he is lining opposite field shots off of you. He is also one of those hitters that is unfazed by my knuckle ball. And Yes, I know, some of you may be saying, who is unfazed by that thing anymore, but hey, some one might be, you never know....

One of the best parts about having JT come out is that sometimes he brings his daughter Amelia out with him. I remember the first game she played was a fourth of July BBQ, and since then she has always been there when we needed players. Through the years we have seen her skills develop into a real strong player, and a dynamic left handed power hitter.

JT has contributed multiple times to this blog, and is always helpful in his insight and accurate memory. He wrote a very poignant piece after the Worlds Series this year, which you can find at the end of the 2010 entries.

What few people probably realize, is that Jonathan is also a world class investment guy, with a Ph.D from Yale. Anyone who has been out with the MBC knows that JT is a wizard with numbers. He can compute runs, men left on, and outs, while the rest of us are still trying to figure out who was the last out.

If it wasn't enough, he's just a good guy, honest and hard working, always in a cheerful mood and loves the game. He believes in the tenets of the game, and might be the longest commuter to the games, a testament to his passion for the MBC.

JT, we salute you!

S. Paige

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