Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5/22/11- Camp Swampy late inning write-up

Ed asked that this be included, so as to be saved in posterity. Thanks Ed!- SP

I wanted to drop a line about the 5/22/11 Camp swampy game before its gets
lost to the ages. Mostly I want to give a shout out to Mike Gaspar and Duane for
being super great guys that day.

Its been longer than I can reasonably be expected to remember, but with a very
thin crew we got 9 innings in.

It became apparent early that there was only two people there that regularly
pitch, Greg and Tony. We spent a great deal of time deciding how to play, when
Mike Gaspar and Duane volunteered. I think Mitch did too, but was not needed.

Mike Gaspar went 5 innings I think (plus or minus) and kept the opposition
guessing. he threw tons of strikes and got a few swings and misses. As I
recall there was one bad inning but the rest were great.

He gave way to duane who went for a couple of innings, mostly uneventful which
is good for a pitcher. Just as with Mike, he threw hard and threw strikes.

Johnny came after leaving the bay bridge game when the A's blew the lead. He
finished the game.


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