Thursday, June 30, 2011

6/24/11- San Quentin Giants vs. MBC

The 3rd game grudge match.

We were losing 3-0 most of the game it felt like.

We battled our way back to 3-3. Fucking A!

Then we lost it again, and the final was 6-3.

We had talked about playing the last 2 innings of the game we had a few weeks back. They were stoked that we remembered.

We did it. We lost another game, in less than proud style.

We shook hands and walked out.

Beers and burgers for most, and back into Saturday afternoon.


* Johnny Badass had an unscheduled visitor and couldn't play. And was apparently kinda pissed about having to the miss the game. We missed him.

* Red finally caught up with the change up and I thought had one gonzo, but it fell just short.

* They bunted for hits about 5 times.

* We were bummed to have Elvin and Tim turned away. Hopefully you guys can get in later this summer, I am happy to give you my spot for a game....Elvin, we passed your name, stats and contact information around the yard, so you can have some legal side work to keep you sharp....

* Another guy who I have owned in the past with the changeup, came up big at the plate in an RBI situation

* Kent's fucking number/sign thing is way old already

* It was great to come back and tie up a game.

* The wind blew a pop up about 15 feet off course

* Johnny Bartlett had a stellar game at SS, with at least 6 or 7 plays

* Loren continued the string of lefty sluggers we have, that can't hit the ball 260 feet once they are inside the Q.

* Phelps went from injured assistant coach to being involved in about every play, he had a great double (erp.....) and made a daring attempt to score. Some good plays in the outfield, which was appreciated. Hope the knee heals.

* Nate came in after probably not picking up a bat for a couple of years, he and the old man batted back to back. That's the Coors Light heartwarming moment of the game.

* The umpire was the old guy who rang us up on the field a bit too many times last game. But he warned us that his strike zone was 2 inches off in each direction. He called a lot of shoestring outside pitches. I think he had trouble with his left eye, 'cuz he didn't call that side of the plate the entire game, regardless of who was up. Didn't catch the foul off the leg either. Or didn't care.

* The A's seem to be the team that everyone wants to play on now.

In any case, it was a good time, some good baseball was played, some bad baseball was played, and we all came out in the same condition that we came in.

S. Paige

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I am still undefeated in the Q