Friday, June 17, 2011

6/12/11 West Sunset

Sorry for the late posting, I was back home this week, cleaning out the storage shed and enjoying the 95 degree weather.

A classic match up on Sunday, with Satch and Sean Paul Presley back in form and dealing. But unlike the usual Sean pitching time, we didn't have 14 K's and no runs. It was a lively game, sparked by the occasional big hit, but for the most part, it was infield hits and timely errors that made the difference.

We also had a glut of new faces, almost to the point that we needed to say something about not advertising this game to every person you know who knows what a baseball is (Brisken, we are looking in your direction.) But Tim, the other new Dennis guy looked like he knew what he was doing, and he and Sean combined for a double and home run in the first inning, which was interesting. Tim then took over pitching duties in the 8th and shut down the home team for the rest of the game (we played 12).

Satch bowed out the same time that Sean did, given the 12-13 man rosters, so that we could take our turn at the bench, and Greg came into mop up. Amazingly, at the time, the score was tied 6-6, and some might say it had been a pitchers duel, if you can have high scoring pitchers duels?

In any case, it didn't stay tied forever, and the visitors started to move slow and steadily away and into the winners column. By the end, it might have been 12-7? But maybe it just felt that way after a good long sunny day of hard ball.


* A lot of new faces, and all the new guys were very polite, to the point that we had to start asking them to play defense, since they didn't want to take a position that someone else had designs on...

* Please, if you are going to play a position, know that you have enough basic skills to do so, we have had a lot of SS and 1st basemen recently who are missing easy plays, a good test, if you are only catching 50% of the balls at 1st base, don't play there. Its a dangerous position for you and the runner, because if you don't know what you are doing, and you step in the way of the runner, its your fault and there is going to be an ugly collision. Which doesn't help anyone.

* Sean hit another home run off me, a no doubter, and then followed with a double off the wall. One of these days...

* Richie made it back out, and then had the unfortunate task of being in right field for a entire line up's worth of hits in the sun, and all over the place drops.

* Rob came out again finally, and had 3 infield hits, which is his specialty. Also played a good center field, including a last second leap to catch a long line drive

* Outfielders lets all remember that your first steps on a ball are back not forward

* I was Mitched again, he caught a ball right before the wall at the 356 mark. Mitch!

* JT won a great battle in a RBI situation, with a nice crack up the middle. Nice Work JT!

* It was a pretty good defensive game, again

* Bob got hit twice in the same at bat, although the first one was a real sissy slap of a HBP.

* Duane hit another triple! Someone call Guinness!

* Doc showed up, limping from a recent motorcycle accident. We all recommended that he give up the iron horse, as we all did years ago. Get well soon Doc!

* Thanks to Bob, Greg, Gaspar, Adam and Ed for catching.

* Gaspar threaded the needle again though the Gaspar shift for a hit, it's like watching the ballet

* Jacob is indeed Dennis' clone, as he states, mostly because they both have the curious talent for not enough sock and not enough pants to join up, leaving that strip of skin around the lower knee.

* Special thanks to Johnny for starting the day in Chicago, and making it to the game. That is what we refer to as "heart."

Same place, same time.

S. Paige

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