Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6/26/11 West Sunset

Another beautiful day, another great game, another great turnout.

Satch and Noah faced off in a classic match, however, having thrown five in SQ the day before, I was not looking for a marathon. Noah, on the other hand, having to live up to the profile, again went the distance for the homers, and he caught seven in SQ the day before by the way....

Mr. Brian Phelps umpired the game, and did a great job, took a few off the body, thanks to Noah for the clicker. Phelps was fresh off a rehabbed knee that he reinjured in SQ when he took the extra base twice (2nd and Home!) and got tagged both times.....You are a true competitor, Phelpsie. Then he stayed after and threw batting practice to Liam ( who is about a year and change away from taking John Carey's mantle of Youngest MBC player) and Aiden (a great little ballplayer) and off course hit Aiden, who's just a lil' guy...what a jerk...(Editors Note: ha ha). It was worth it when we got Aiden to stop crying by telling him to rub dirt on it, he was all about that!

Anyway, a tip of the cap to you sir.

We had 20, good mixture, Rich and Mitch mirrored each other on defense for each team, and the rest of us just tried not to hit to either of them. The homers were out for blood, having a lot of new guys on their squad. The visitors had a strong old guy presence, and in true fashion we lost with honor. Greg took over for us, and pitched great, I re-entered the game to throw an inning to work on something, and turned a 10-9 game into a joke. Noah, really hammering me as of late, got a bases loaded jack that cleared them all. Well, I at least worked out the arm thing I was trying to do.

We played 11, giving the home team their last ups, even though the score was 14-10 ( or worse) in their favor. Too bad for you guys that didn't make it. But that's your thing (Not you Tony, we are all hoping the knee is healing, and you can make it out soon, you are missed.)


* Noah, doing it all. Cap tip.

* Bob, who was also injured, played, re-injured, kept playing. Love ya Bob.

* The new guy who Bob brought out hit a home run, sorry for blanking on the name, but it was a hell of a hit.

* Rich, in addition to the screaming line drives and impeccable defense at SS, hit the furthest ball yet, it was foul, but still.

* Duane hit another triple!!!!

* Richie made it back, and had a good one

* Jay had two or three hits to the right of SS, and the entire time was cursing his terrible luck as he ran up the base paths

* Paul made a nice running catch and came up big when needed

* Ed once again proved to be an RBI machine, and as Greg said, really didn't try if there wasn't anyone on...

* Johnny was missing, and presumed hungover. Great show Johnny and Rick Ogre!

* Jon McG had a tough game on defense, but had some very well struck balls and the inside track call-wise with Liam umpiring first base.

* Thanks to Ed, Greg, Adam, Gaspar for catching

* Gaspar broke the shift up with a line drive up the middle

* Let's all remember, When hitting, the proper method for getting out of the way of a ball is to turn your body away from the ball. Don't try to catch it.

* We got out of a couple of dark looking innings in classy fashion.

* Editors note: Last week my father-in-law (who is a Yorkshireman) asked if it was baseball tradition for the old fellows to be in the outfield? Ha ha. If you play for the MBC, it is.

This week. Double header and BBQ. You know where.

S. Paige

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