Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12/9/12 Big Rec

It was an amazing day, and not just cuz things in Satch's life started to ease up and he could actually get out to the game.  Beautiful and sunny, warm, lots of fans in the stands, including a homeless trio that harkened us back to the days of the Marina bum. 

The one problem was the horrible traffic getting across the bridge, due to some stupid violent other sport occurring on the same day.  Our AOY 2011can give you all the details that you want, since he was there.

Luckily, everyone was running late, so by the time I got there it was still top of the first.  I got to be on Sean's team for the first time in a while, since he was nursing a bum shoulder and didn't have much in his pitching sack.  True to his word, he pitched two and handed it over to me.  I figured that I hadn't thrown much in the last month, so I could blaze fastballs for two innings or play the smart money and use the slow ball.  Other than a big bad inning, my plan worked well, I had a few K's on guys I wouldn't usually get. 

Slow, slower and slowest.  That was the mantra.

Will pitched deep for the homers, and managed to strike us out all over the place, I was in danger of a sombrero, until I finally laced a double.

And speaking of things doubling, the home team managed not one, but two double plays to kill our rallies.  A third double play was a half a step off.  Chris Powell was of course integral to that, as well as pitching the last inning of the game.

Not a terrible game, there were some big hits, there were some dropped balls, a mission rally here and there.

And Doc!  Called a great game, and only got overruled a few times.

Beautiful day for a ball game.

Final- 12-7? Homers.


* The homers defense was impregnable.  Until it wasn't.

* My change up might have been classified as an eephus

* Some big hits for the homers, long balls

* Greg was out with an eye injury, get well soon!

* Jay got all the sun that he could catch, much to the chagrin of everyone.  He is unapologetic, so that is something....

* I had a pretty good day off the bump, defensively, helped by the slow grass making time

* My remark "That is an infield fly rule, if it stays in the infield" should have been taken as simple commentary rather than umpiring, sorry Nick Smith.

* Nice that we at least made a try for a comeback this time.

* AOY Phelps is required to wear a football jersey next time he comes out, to mark his shameful secret.

Rain, stay away.

S. Paige