Friday, July 22, 2011

7/17/11- West Sunset?

Satch was out of town, up in the mountains trying to catch fish and avoid hangovers. I failed at both. Here with his first blog entry for the Mission Baseball Club, is John McGrath, Esq.

Only about a dozen MBC guys showed, but another group of skater/surfer/punk type were finishing up their informal game. greg commented that they were the MBC 10 years ago. they joined in and we 9 v. 9. greg pitched the whole game for the visitors and johnny pitched the first 6 or 7 for the homers, then sean relieved him.

The initial feeling was that the visitors would crush the homers since we had rich and mitch and more MBC regs than the other side, so mitch was traded. however, the game was really, really close and the homers lead most of the way, until about the 7th or 8th when the visitors broke it open. final score 11 to 7 or so.


rich played a great center field (catching balls in right once they were lost in the sun by the rightfielder). he also made some great plays at SS and, as SS took a cutoff from the left fielder to nail a guy going to third.

ker played solidly on the right side of the infield both at SS and 3rd.

jacob hit well and caught an inning or two (w/o a cup!)

johnny pitched well

rich hit a homer with the bases loaded and liam, age 8, was a pinch runner at 3rd, so probably the youngest person to officially score in an MBC game

mitch made some awesome catches in center, a sliding grab on a short one and running stab on a gapper, in addition to catching everything else that came his way

if, i don't say so myself, JohnMcG hit the ball hard and well, 3 for 5, w/ 3 being hard liners to the outfield, 2bls and single

ker and jacob both hit a bomb

the other dudes hit a lot of solid singles and were not easy outs

ed caught for the visitors

the other team dudes were awesome to play with, totally displaying the same type of spirit and attitude treasured by the MBC

sean hit well too (at least one long gapper), and hit one to left w/ the shift on

greg beared down in the later innings the hitting by the other side turned into a trickle, he also was hurt by "generous" D in the early going

i am sure there are some more good things to mention, but my memory, w/ 3 kids ain't what it was

Same game, same place, same time

S. Paige

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swampy Footage

Here was how the game ended in the sloppiest game ever, fittingly.

7/14/11- MBC vs. San Quentin Giants

Once more through the gates of doom, to the field of battle.

Well, maybe that its being a bit melodramatic, but what the hell, you only go to SQ so many times, right?  We gathered again in the parking lot on Thursday night to see what we could do against the Giants.  Our wait was short, the guard was different, and they had a whole new procedure for ID's, again....

In any case, we got in and warmed up, the right field was extra sloppy, and the grounds crew was just starting to rake nad prepare the field.  We knew we weren't getting 9.  Greg pitched in to help chalk the lines, we spoke with Junkyard who was once again behind the dish, got the low down and then it was game time.

They had the same big righty pitching and he had the same stuff.  Decent fastball, enough of a curve to screw us up, and a really hard and heavy knuckleball.  He was also helped by the wide and low stroke zone of the Junkyard.

In a bit of sad news, we were disappointed that both Red and Johnny Badass quit the team earlier that week, after a drubbing by some junior college team.  It sounded like there was a lot more to the story, but in any case, they will be missed, as they were the guys that we had gotten to know the most.  I am glad that Red got to hit my changeup well before he left the squad.

Sean went 4 innings for us, and did well, despite an awful 1st inning that saw 6 runs come across on about 3 hits.  I think everyone contributed to making it the most error filled inning in quite a while.  Sean composed himself as a gamer, and pitched through it.  We all settled down and the errors dried up to the usual assortment.  Satch came in for one inning of relief, and never quite settled down.

We had one hit after three innings, which was pretty embarrassing, but we finally got into the mood, and Brian Phelps once again provided the scoring, complete with his usual SQ base running ugliness.  Luckily this time, he did score, it just took a while for it to happen.  Jimmy and Stoner and Gaspar are officially retired as 3rd base coaches, and the rest of us are on notice.

Once we had one run on the board, we all relaxed and enjoyed the game.  They pulled their starter and brought in a some guy who had a real spaghetti arm delivery.  We took advantage of that, as well the errors that the Giants started to make, and suddenly we had the makings of a good rally in the 6th.  With two outs, Chris popped up to the infield, but it dropped out of the pitcher's glove, who was stumbling backwards, and Satch came up with 2 men on.  I barely got a foul ball out of play, to stay alive, and then hit a long foul ball that would have been a homerun, if it had stayed fair.  I figured I wasn't going to get that pitch again, so I hit the next one up the middle and over the glove of Mario at SS.  Somehow, it picked up speed and went into the gap.  I was rounding second around and they still had not reached the ball, so I figured I would try for third.  Immediately afterwards, I thought to myself, What the fuck am I doing.  But I was committed, so I slid as wide and big as could to block the incoming ball, and had myself a triple.  Phew.

I ended up stranded at 3rd, and we lost the game 9-4.  Handshakes and hugs all around.  Off to the Marin Brewing Company for burgers and lots of pitchers.


* Sean deserved a better game and also was being squeezed by Junk all day

* Gaspar hit a double down the third base line, too bad for them that they don't know about the shift.

* Chris had a play at home that featured five people around home plate, Sean, Greg, Junk, the first runner and the second runner.  He fired it into the crowd and Greg took it off the wrist.

* For some reason we were delayed for several minutes cuz Junk scratched his arm

* Nick had a great dig at first to save a run

* Cagle saved my ass at second, when I got a hot grounder then fired the ball into the dirt

* Greg had a guy nailed on a pitchout to second.  The umpire didn't think so.  We did.

* The field umpire was really walking the vague line, he would point, but then make no gesture of safe or out.

* I think Jimmy got hit on a 3-1 count.  That's the SQ way....

* Ed continued his SQ streak of RBI's

* For every line drive we hit, there was a man positioned in just the right spot.  For every weak pop they had, we were no where to be seen.  Sean thinks they got a book on us.

* I overheard from  the SQ Giants dugout that they "love playing us, we are all great guys and good fun."  It helps that we allow them to pummel us everytime.

* Whoever took the pictures, please forward to me, so I can post.

Next game is August, unless we can squeeze one in.

S. Paige

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7/10/11- Camp Swampy

What a terrible game. It was windy, not enough people, and a sloppy, sloppy game.

The final score was 14-7 or 19-6 depending on who you asked.


* Mitch pitched for the first time in a while, and looked good, too bad he didn't get any help

* Greg pitched the whole game for the other team, and did a great job

* Daniel had a couple of good cracks, had some trouble in center field and entertained everyone with his Canadian quirkiness

* Liam had another good day at the plate and it the knuckleball

* Adam showed up after an appendectomy and took lots of footage, get well soon!

* Jake had a homerun, missed a pop up he was camped out under, then moved to SS for some reason and then left early without telling anyone, hmmmm.

* Nick changed teams to balance us out, thanks Nick!

* Jimmy came back and brought a friend who had some trouble at the plate (as we all did at first) but looked like he knew what he was doing

* Paul did a lot of running in left field for an inning

* Mitch was hung over, fiery, and hating the game by the end.

* Bob HBP +1, he also swung so hard that he fell over

* I think we shorted ourselves by an inning, and no one cared.

Into SQ tomorrow for another square-off with the Giants.

S. Paige

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7/3/11- West Sunset- 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July!

Our BBQ and double header went off without a hitch, we had countless people playing, I think the player count high was 15-15 in the first game. Bob and John were out raking and watering the field when I got there, and we dropped some extra clay in the mound. By the time we started the game, the trickle of players had become a flood. It is a funny thing to hear every inning that the only people who didn't sit were the pitcher and catcher.

Johnny started for the homers and pitched well, Satch went for the visitors and did about the same. The warm sun was nice on the shoulders and the mph of the fastball was a little higher than usual.

The visitors took the lead and held it, keeping the homers from scoring for several innings. All shut outs must and do come to and end, and this was no exception. After five innings, it wasn't fair to stay in the game while others weren't able to, so I bowed out and let Dustin take over to get the rest of the game, before he got too heated on booze and sun.

The play of the game was made by John Nero who was playing shortstop, not his natural position (but one of 8 that he played for the day) who went to his left to get a ground ball, extended out and grabbed it, and then as he passed second, pulled off the perfect flip to the bag to get the 3rd out. Amazing. The game never got close, but the homers fought a good fight, just like our ancestors at Lexington and Concord.


Grass Fed Beef from Bob. A great bunch of Tri-Tip from Jake. Boudine Sausages from Johnny, Spicy veggie bean burgers from Cagle, and assorted goodies and sides from the rest of the players, and we were all in BBQ heaven. Thanks to those who brought grills and charcoal, and to Nero who brought the beans I had requested, and I ate my share!

Game 2:

The teams switched up a bit, and Sean showed up and was warm by the time the game was ready, and headed in to throw. He pitched well, and was looking sharp, but our bats were just too potent and our luck was there too. Greg started the second game for us, and looked real sharp. Both lasted through the first five, and then I took the bump again for the visitors and John Carey came on to pitch for the homers.

We had extra special guest umpire of Brian Phelps for the second game, which made it all the more exciting, especially with his official clothes and demeanor. He called a great game, and helped us all to stay on track, as the beer and the heat took over. Tim, who I guess was on the DL, also umpired, doing the field, and at one point arguing with Loren about the chair he had set up past the bag.

We had some people leave and we had a few others show up, and everyone seemed to have a great time.

The final of the second game was 12-3, visitors.


* Special thanks to all those who helped get the field ready, especially Paul, who came out on Saturday to start the work.

* John Nero, 8 positions, 1 man.

* Bob Carey threw out his own son on a steal attempt. I thought he might have been safe, but he slid past the bag to avoid the tag, and was off the backside of the base. Either way.

* Speaking of John Carey, he pitched great. He also rang me up on a questionable third strike in the first game.

* Lattig came out, after battling a fever, and played as well. Then enjoyed some sun in right field.

* Jon McG, Liam and Aiden all had good days at the plate

* Brian Phelps was the winner of the A.O.Y Bad Sportsman award. We are all proud of him, and hope that he takes it with same class and stature that he handles himself with in every game, playing hurt, umpiring, safety meeting coordinating, the list just goes on!

* Dennis made his first appearance in the field since the broken ankle and didn't re-injure himself,which we were all happy to see

* I pitched around Loren for three straight counts, and he finally got a ripping single off the wall

* Tony came out in his civvies, and then, of course, decided he wanted to bat, and hit a double.

* Some hard come backers were all gobbled up by the pitchers

* Rich and Mitch were on the same team for the first game, and batted one after another. That probably wasn't fair

* Mitch was an asset offensive and defensively all day, including a Rickey run, where he stole two bases and came home on a passed ball

* Greg and didn't quite work out the 1st and 3rd situation, resulting in a thrown ball that at least didn't hit me

* My buddy George, who had not been involved in anything baseball related since he was 9, played both games, made some good plays in the outfield and got on base by the end of the day, thanks for the fun, George!

* Bob took one off the shoe in the first game, to make it official

* Noah helped me in the second game, giving me some good advice from third base, and we were all happy that he walked the line this year, more so than last year.... :)

* Ben showed up again, and oversaw all of the field work, including the hose team

* JT and his younger daughter were both out and having fun. The swing is right on, just needs to make contact!

* Jay brought out some pictures, his arm was hurting him so he just hung out and enjoyed the vibe, thanks for the pics and the support

* I have probably forgotten a lot of things, so let me know what should be added, Thanks to all who showed, hope it was a great time, I know I had fun

S. Paige