Friday, April 28, 2023

4/16/23- Cop Field

Sorry this is a late post, and a lot of the details are lost to the ether.  


* I was on Sean's team, I remember that much.  And he was pitching well.  

* We did not have quite a few of the players, and we had to wait for the game before us to finish, and there was a big party going on afterwards.

* We also had a long-lost MBC player come in from the corn, and he brought a new player with him, his 14 year old son.  Which made it easy to calculate how long it had been since he had played with us, since he didn't have that kid last time.  Nick and Hank were a welcome new/old edition to the game, and it was great to see them out.

* Mitch also pitched again, and did well. He took it on the chin in the latter part though.  

* Marcie and I tried out a new angle on the old game, the 1/2 and 1/2 right fielder.  It worked pretty well, and I don't think it provided any real advantage to our team, and we got to chat a lot while waiting for balls that never came.  We are both nursing our respective temples at the moment, so it seemed fair that we combine our efforts to make one competent right fielder.  And we did.

* There were a lot of caught fly balls, and strike outs on our team.  I came in to pitch later in the game, and managed to eke out a victory when we took the lead late.  I was not feeling my best, but managed to get through.

* Gaspar was having another hot game until he pulled up short with a hammy injury.  Get well soon!

* They mowed the grass finally, so it was more like playing in the wheat than running through the jungle.

* I had a 4-4 day, all singles to left field.  That is my new (hip) sweet spot, I think I have roughly 12 hits to that exact spot in the 4 games I have played so far.

* Marcie had at least one more sweet hit with an RBI.

* Mike Lynch continued to pound the ball

* There is an upcoming SQ game, can the lefties please start hitting to the short porch, like they do in our game????

* There were a few walks taken in this game, it is becoming more of a thing to take the walk after the 2nd count

* We were losing that game, and should have lost that game, but the wheels came off in the eighth inning, and poor Mitch had to watch his beautiful game go up in smoke.  We have not had a inning go that south in a while.

* On the tails of that, there was a strike 3 call that was not called, on Hank.  I guess we took pity on him, being out for the first time, and young, but that one difference had a ripple effect on the shit show inning.  Cap tip to Mitch for keeping it together :)

* Anna had a couple nice plays at 1st

* I don't remember what the final score was.

* It was nice to have a full roster, even with quite a few regulars missing

Don't Look Back

S. Paige

Monday, April 3, 2023

4/2/23 Cop Field

What a glorious game!  Well, anything that isn't a rainout qualifies as a glorious game, but we still had fun.  The ranks were full, even if we were missing quite a few of the regulars.  Greg started for the visitors and Mitch for the homers.  I desperately wanted to pitch but I didn't want to start, since I am chasing the Johnny Bartlett consecutive CG record.  Of course Greg brought up that he remembered a whole lot of CG losses in a row for himself, so now I got to go back to vault and see if I am chasing the right record.  Anyway, we made the deal that he would start and then i could come in without reprisal to my chase.  That worked, and we ended up each throwing 4 innings.  

Mitch was pretty lights out, he kept us to a few runs, and we never had much of a threat going.  Both teams had some great defensive plays, and some not so great.  Our team turned a double play just when things were getting ugly.  I managed to screw up a defensive play in every position that I played, thanks to my hobbled nature. The outfielders did a lot of not knowing where the ball was.  The lack of coverage at 1st was evident a few times.

And in what may be a first in the history of MBC we had a ground rule triple, called after Stoner hit a ball to deep left, that disappeared completely into the muddy salad that was the outfield.  We never found it, up it went, and plop, gone.  Seriously, the outfield was like running in a swamp full of jungle plants.

The homers had the edge in hitting, they were pounding the ball, and at one point there was talk of a reorg to combat the blowout.  But we decided to let it lie.  The crowd had thinned out from its glorious beginning when the Latin league was partying and having fun.  The band showed up for us though, and they kept us entertained the whole time.  I got better as it went on, and finished the 8th with only 5 pitches thrown. Mitch finally gave us a chance, and John Mcg came in with a curious lack of control that eventually yielded us some mercy runs.  We still never really had a chance, and other John slammed the door on us in the 9th.

Final 11-7.


* Great game, fun times

* The band sounded amazing

* Neither team had a real SS, which was new

* I somehow had 4 hits, though I could barely run to first

* Gaspar made two catches on foul pop ups behind the plate.

* There was a collision at the plate, with Arson catching, and Mike N coming in.  He should have slid, however the MBC has never ratified the Posey rule either.

* Greg nabbed Mike Lynch at the plate with a great throw from right

* Gaspar was doing it with the bat again, he is peaking in his 50s!

* Bob was not HBP, missed opportunities

* Nick made a couple of catches in left when we really needed them

* Lattig attempted an ole' at first, nope.

* The wind was fierce at times, pop ups got weird and my change up was getting propped up to get tee'd off on

* Thanks to everyone who made it out, welcome back baseball!