Tuesday, December 2, 2014

11/30/14 Cop Field

Well, it was a lot of rain. 

But then emails start bouncing around that the field just needs a little love and it would be fine to play in.  Secondary verification was done, and indeed it seemed that a rake and ten minutes and the game would be on. 

Then, after all that, our own AOY 2012 Brian Phelps reported this to me:

Ed and I played catch, hit some fly balls and talked ill of everyone who didn't show up. 


Some kid heckled Ed for dropping the ball. (It was a bad throw)


So what the hell happened?

I know I was on kid duty all day while Mrs. Paige caught up on work, so that is my excuse.  Lattig hurt his leg.  Everyone else had no such hindrances that I heard of (And no, I am not accepting Elvin's lame excuse of watching football).

In short, you all failed.

So, that's it.  Two assholes playing catch and talking shit about all you lazy, non-baseballin' folks.  All I can say is that I hope you are happy, you all missed out on hearing Ed get heckled.

We need the rain, so I can't say that I wish it would stop, but it looks like it will dry out before next Sunday.

Be there.

S. Paige