Monday, November 27, 2023

11/26/23- GGP

I haven't been out in a while, long enough that when I mentioned how nice it was to have 20+ players, Greg told me that the numbers have been good for a while.  Well, whatever gets it done.  We ended up with 25 when it was all said and done, including a new guy named Patrick who came in from the cold, and it was discovered that he was on Sean's fabled Evergreen 0-32 team!  Small world.

It was an absolutely beautiful day, the kind of winter day that we are happy that we live in Northern California.  The teams were divvied up and I saw a small problem with the hitters on the home team.  There were too many of them! Powell, Adam, Phelps, Mitch, Bob, Mike N, Lynch, the kid, it went on.  Not that our team was full of nothing, but that was an extended Murderer's Row. However, some one noted that every time we say one team is over loaded, they end up losing.  

Not this time.

Nick W started for the homers, and was pitching well, though we did hit some square balls, they seemed to be right at some one. No matter, lots of game left, right?  Well, the game kept on going that way, and then they switched to Mike N, and we fared little better, though we did score a run.  Then Sonny came in, and handed us a three inning boot in teeth to finish the game.  

I started for the visitors, and felt good, but could not get my curveball to work to save my life.  My back was also paining me, as a result of pulling a stump earlier that day, so I tried my best but was not full bars.  As a team, we all made our share of miscalculations, dropped balls, and misthrows, and the innings stretched on forever.  I could get 2 strikes on every batter but never the 3rd.  The homers fouled off so many pitches, it was a constant chase into the stands, and one more pitch from the reserves.  

As a result of all this, the score became *ahem* a bit embarrassing.  

I left after 5, and Dave came in to clean up the mess.  Sean came after him, and then John Carey, and then Greg.  Our defense improved slightly, but the damage was done.  I left rather than play an extra inning, so I do not know what the final outcome was, but the end of the game I saw was 13-2, homers.  



* The homers won this game, they made the plays when they needed to, and were all tough in the box.

* There were a yuge number of gorks and dinks as well.

* I aaaaaaaaalmost had Phelps on a strike 3, but he got one centimeter of bat on it and laid a perfect swinging bunt

* We visitors could not make the direct out to save our lives, but we made several outs on secondary plays, that is how you stay in the game!

* Sonny threw me a nasty knuckleball that was called strike 3.  I will leave it at that.

* We had a Carey vs. Carey match up, but no plunking.  The younger generation is getting soft.

* Speaking of, John Carey is playing with the Brooklyn Ramblers, or will be when their field thaws, ha ha ha.

* Phelps made a diving catch in center 

* I think in general, our SS's all played way too deep.

* Conor could not buy a lucky chance the whole game

* Nick got me right in the arm, on a pitch I could not get out of the way.  After then walking me, I took my base, rather than get hit again

* JT got a hit, but was thrown out trying for 2, which is kind of the best case scenario for everyone.  I recognized the look in his eyes about halfway to 2nd when he realized the ball was passing him by.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 4, 2023

10/29/23 GGP

 Well, if you weren't there, you can't know how truly nice of a day it was.  The sun was shining, the breeze just enough to tickle the fancy of a late autumn, and crap, we have 10 players again....even the band was one guy, waiting on a miracle.  

Victory often comes to the bold however, and rather than curse our darkness, we decided on a strong recruitment campaign.  There were two guys in the outfield hitting balls into a practice net who inquired if we were playing a game, and they were all in when approached.  Two other guys were leftover from a game that had happened earlier that day and they were in.  A trickle of latecomers from the MBC, and all of a sudden we had 18 players!  Think what we could do if some of the people that we actually rely on made it out!

Just as our fortunes improved, so did the band's numbers, and they were a full tilt delight for the attendees out on that beautiful day.  We remarked that for the random tourist passing through the park, we must have been a real crowd pleaser.  Actual baseball, played on the field, tin pan alley jazz music from the stands, tying it all together in the background.  

The game was decent, Sean was on point, and I was well rested, so we had ourselves a good duel.  Since Sean and Powell were on the same team, we took both the new guys from the hitting net, which proved a good balance.  They could mash, and they could run.  Both things that the MBC has diminished in of late.

The score stayed close, though the visitors threated a few more times than we did.  My curve ball was not working too well, so I stuck with the fastball and the changeup, which were effective enough.  

Defensively we looked pretty good too, it is always nice to have the game not be a shit show.

Sean last most of the game, then came out for Mike N and Powell.  I elected to stay in, as I am wont to do, apologies to my team for my selfish ways.  We threatened in the 9th, but ultimately came up short, and the visitors took it, 6-3.


* Marcy came out with the lil'un, she looked tired, but happy, great to see the family!

* Jonathan, who is fast departing from new guy status made a great running catch in left to end a threatening inning and a much needed play at 2nd base.  

* I hit into a double play to squash a rally.  

* A fantastic play at home to get a runner that I didn't think we had a chance at.

* What it came down to in the end was that the visitors were better at scoring chances than we were.  

* A well-positioned bunt from one of the new guy leaguers was a great bit of situational hitting.

* The new guys were all great, hope they come back!

* I did have 3 hits, and a RBI.  And I managed to leg out a single that should have been an easy hit but Powell is gonna Powell.

* I had trouble with location with my challenge fast ball.  I hit Bob, and almost hit Powell.  Sorry fellas!

* The weather was so hot, Sean's shirt turned into a Rorschach blot.

* The only time my challenge fastball worked was on JT, who probably didn't deserve it.

* John Mcg was a steady presence, and had some great blocks behind the dish.

* Greg is hurt, but still catching.  That's the spirit of the MBC right there.

New time, 1pm, see you all out there!

Somewhere in the game we added an inning, it was the 5th inning for 2 innings, so we got to play extra baseball, always a good time.