Monday, June 28, 2010

6/27/10- Cop Field

Another amazing day in Balboa Park and we were worried for a few minutes that we weren't going to have enough guys, but by the end of the day it was another 11 on 10 kind of game. We were bolstered by a few friends of Friends and then a couple of guys who looked like they had come to have batting practice.

Sean was back after a week off, and he and Satch decided to square off once more. The sun was warm and it was easy to keep arms loose and feeling good, Sean getting the call for the home squad. The visitors got off to a early lead, scoring two runs in the top of the first, and the homers answered right back with one, and we knew it was going to be a good game. On a day like that, how could it not be.

The visitors tacked on a few more and the visitors had a few more in their bag, and 4-3 was the look of it as we went into the fifth. And there is stayed until the visitors fell apart with the thanks to some shoddy fielding and timely hitting by the homers. All of a sudden it was 6-4 in favor of the homers and the tide had officially turned.

It stayed that way through the 9th inning, James having come into relieve Sean on the bump. Satch stayed strong for the visitors, mainly because he won't be playing for a few weeks. And then, from the bottom of the order, came a series of gorks, goofs, drives and drops, and a key throw away from Tony (who stated that he did it on purpose to extend the game) and the game was tied, it was Comeback City, baby! We then turned away the homers in the 9th with an amazing double play.

We entered the 10th at the top of the order, and the wheels came off, the visitors almost batting a round, to the tune of four runs. We smelled the victory on the wind, and Satch took the mound for one last dance. Greg started off the homers with a beautiful bunt single, but the homers were not able to capitalize on it, and a strike out ended the game. Tony pleaded for one more inning, but the teams were done and so was the game.


* Double play! Almost two!

* Mitch, Lattig and Phelps accounted for more than half of the outs or assists on the visitors team

* I hit Tony by accident, and Bob claimed that Tony had stolen his pitch

* Ritchie caught the whole game and made some great foul out catches.

* Ok, so Ritchie also got caught stealing....twice.....the second one taking the bat out of Lattig's hand in the 8th....

* Sean and James pitched a great game

* Bob and Greg absorbed some real nasty hits behind the dish, using all the gear they could.

* The fundamentals of making sure to get at least an out proved to be the difference in the game, I think

* Especially on the cop field, make sure you stop balls in the outfield, cuz if they get past you they are going to roll for a while.

* I think I got Sean to pop out to center field at least three times

* We had a little trouble with throwing the ball around, lets make sure we make good strong throws, hit your man in the chest, not limp wrist some three hopper past the your man

* While we are mentioning things, lets run out our hits, regardless of where they go

Next week is the 4th of July double header, starting at 11 am. This years venue is the West Sunset field, bring the dogs and beers. I will have to miss it this year, as I will be on a plane to the UK, don't worry though, I'll show those limey, tea drinking, scone making, Parliament having, red coat Punch and Jilly's what it means to celebrate freedom.

Happy Independence Day

S. Paige

Friday, June 25, 2010

6/20/10- Cop Field

What a great fathers day it was, we had fathers who have been gone, fathers with their progeny, Mike Gaspar's birthday (42 years young) and all on a beautiful sunny day. 19 came out to play and although some might offer that the lineups were a little unbalanced, it wasn't a a complete blowout. Johnny took the bump for the homers and Satch was feeding for the fresh visiting squad.

And an epic battle it was, being such a great day we had decided that we needed to play at least a few extra innings and 12 ups and downs later, Johnny and I were still battling on the hill, that's right we both threw the long haul. And surprisingly, neither of us was really tired or sore after wards, it is the benefit of having a good defense.

True, Johnny did have to face a murderers row of sorts, but the game was a close shave for a the first three or four innings, and it didn't ever get completely out of hand. I think this might have also been a testament to what happens when our captain, Greg, is not out there. Greg is good at keeping the teams from getting a little heavy on bats, and calling us on the bullshit that some of us may try to get away with.

We visitors scored first blood, the homers came right back and tied it up, and it played that way, with one more run added for the first few. Then the flood gates started to open for the visitors, thanks in part to the hard pan of the outfield that allowed singles that bounced to turn into triples. Satch was helped by some timely 6 and 7 pitch innings and a great defense that kept the ball in front of them. Johnny attempted some hurly-burly play while backing up third, base coaching Rick while he was rounding third. Rick stopped, then realized Johnny was on the other team, and his own team was yelling to keep going. Of course, we were too lazy to actually post a basecoach, but whatever. I admired the shrewdness of it.

A few grumblings aside, everyone seemed to be alright with playing 12 innings (there was talk of mixing the teams and playing a full second game), and as the sun set, and the wind brought the fog a little closer, we remarked that any father would be happy to have this be their Fathers Day event.


* Lots of homeruns and extra basehits, with the grass being short and fast. Rick and Mitch might have had the longest rolls, Satch might have had the line-drivest

* Amelia came out with her old man, and got a clean hit over the second baseman, looking great!

* Bob was HBP, and everyone cheered!

* Thanks to Ben, Bob, Mike, Noah for catching

* Dustin Skiles back and while maybe not in old form, certainly a contender again, replete with Jameson

* Again, Johnny, great game, you are a great competitor and a gentleman's gentleman

* We didn't get a double play, then got a doubled off the next batter. The universe at work.

* It was nice that everyone was chill with the close calls, there were a few that I didn't want to be the one to decide.

* Tony had a great spear of a line drive to kill a rally

* Amelia also stole a base and slid into third, that is what I am talking about!

Well, lets do it again this Sunday, same field, same time.

S. Paige

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6/13/10- Camp Swampy

Well, instead of having 12 on 13 this week, we just had 13. We tried our best, and we were bailed out when Johnny came late after attending the SWEEP of the A's at China Basin. But in general, it was a real loose game with not much to brag about. We kept the game honest and the teams seemed to be pretty balanced, but since we were playing defense against our own team for most of the fucking game, its hard to say what was what.

Sean and Satch squared off again, and the first couple of innings, the game see-sawed, but Sean's arm was sore from too much pitching and he thankfully stopped before it started hurting.

We homers were ahead, and then we were tied, and then Noah got back a run that we had given up, with a great clout to the deep center. Satch was fresh from not being able to play for the past month and a half, so I just took her easy and threw all but the last frame. James, Tony's new guy, and then the Circus came in to deal for the visitors after Sean, and the game began to get away from everybody. Zach, back after a long absence threw a great 9th for the homers. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing out and we got a few into the wind that just kept on carrying out. I think we skipped an inning some where in the mix, but what ever, the final was something like 12-8, so not a terrible blowout, but at the end of the day, not our best game either.

Richie Garcia was back again, which we all hope is permanent, as long as he doesn't fall off his skateboard again. Even Greg and Nick Smith were absent, we must be in the summer vacation doldrums, and it doesn't look too good for this weekend either, so if you got a friend bring him and ten other guys with you.


*Tony hit a towering homerun

* Adam had a tough day at first, more than one squibber with a weird spin came his way as did the balls in the dirt.

* Ben and Noah did a fine job of catching the majority of the game, with Richie coming in for the leg saver inning

* Circus and Lattig made a fearsome duo when they were playing defense for the homers, and yes, a few of them were tough plays, A FEW.....

* Glad no one got plunked in the head on the fly balls, the sun was right in our eyes

* Richie stole 2nd, 3rd, home on a pass ball.

* Tony did his patented delayed steal of home, which we all know is what he does when he gets tired of being on the basepaths and wants to sit down

* Sean had about 4 doubles

* James hit my knuckleball, which I made the mistake of throwing more than one. I can't stop throwing the knuckle to the new guys, since they are the only ones who swing at it. But its slow enough that they usually make contact and gork it somewhere....a real Sophie's Choice.

* I threw one at Circus to send a message, he got it.

Don't know where the game is this week, but I do know that Greg, Nick, Sean , Circus, Anthony are out already, so bring a friend.

S. Paige

Friday, June 11, 2010

6/6/10- West Sunset

Finally got a game in, and man what a beautiful day. The sun was out yet it was foggy and muggy, perfect Sunday baseball weather. And the people came out of the woodwork, we ended up having 12-13 for at least some of the game. Some people had to leave the game early, Satch included, and I imagine it probably got down to 9-9 by the end.

Sean and Satch squared off in a classic match and true to form, the visitors scored in the very first inning, thanks to a deep drive from Tony that one hopped to the wall at the 356 marker. We homers fought back though and made it a even game and then some. We fought forward and kept it going, the sun kept shining, and we were hot for the first time in a while. Sean was mixing the high balls with the change ups and curves. But we somehow built up a pretty good lead by the time I had to go in the 5th, somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-2. Johnny Bartlett took over for the homers and Greg came in for the visitors, and now to finish the story here is Mike Lattig with the final report:

At the end of the day, there was really only one thing to say - it's Mitch's world. The rest of us just live in it. Over the last three innings, Mitch basically turned in a five-tool performance, bringing his team back from the brink with timely hitting, heads up base running, great outfield play and the constant threat of him throwing you out on the basepaths.

Apparently you can score from second on a ground ball to second, And that whole "stop in front of the short stop to screen the ground ball and make the play hard" thing also works, as that's how the tying run was scored in the ninth. Then, in the tenth, after new-guy Manny started a rally that led to the go ahead run, Mitch locked down the one-run victory with two long-ranging, running catches in center.

Needless to say, no one was surprised. And really, no one was that disappointed. Another gorgeous day and another tight game in the books. Can we make it three straight one-run, last-at-bat victories next week at Balboa?


* Some strong defensive plays from Brian Cagle, and the rest of the infield.

* A lot of new guys, great to see the fresh meat for the grinder

* I had a base stolen, and the damn foul ball sent me back. Please people, let the ball go by, I only have one of those per game.

* Great turnout, beautiful weather, lets see another strong game this Sunday

S. Paige

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Another game, another miss from Mr. Paige, this time in a BBQ in Healdsburg, which I can;t say is a bad way to spend a Memorial day weekend, but it sure as hell isn't a baseball game....and now here with the recap is Mr. Mike Lattig:

5-3 game heading into the 9th. Greg and Sean had been locked in a duel. With two outs and nobody on, the visitors rallied for the tying runs with four straight singles off of yours truly. Then, with two outs and nobody on in the bottom half, the home team rose up for three straight hits of Tony, started by Anthony and capped off by... Oh, hell, I can't remember. Maybe lefty nick (who returned from the grave) or Sean's friend who was in town during a cross-country motorcycle trip. A stirring 6-5 victory on a gorgeous sunny day...

With another recap, here is the Big Stick himself, Mr. Tony Rojas:

i have to say, last sunday was one of the funnest and best games i've had the privilege of playing in for quite some time. not only did we see the return of nick levine, richie garcia and scott mills but the new guys were rounding out into form as well. i can't remember all the details but 20 showed and shaun pitched for the home team and was in fine form.

i think at one point he had struck out 7 or so in a row. i was lucky enough to play every position on the field except catcher and after we, the visitors, had tied the game with a 2 run 2 out rally in the top of the 9th, i came in to pitch. we got the first two outs pretty quickly. anthony stepped in and battled and battled and eventually popped a clean hit off a curveball to the outfield. levine then followed with a solid hit.

2 on and 2 out, bottom of the ninth and who but bob steps in to bat. he was killing the ball all day so i just went ahead and hit him with the first pitch. wrong move. bob got pissed, called ball one, and went on to battle after i managed to get 2 strikes. he eventually hit one into the left field gap. anthony scored. the home team went nuts. bob got the winning walk off hit. i didn't even care. i couldn't pitch any better. and it was an awesome game. can't wait til this sunday.

Glad to hear of all the exciting stuff, keep on coming out! Not sure where the game is this week, but you know it will be good.

S. Paige