Monday, March 18, 2024

3/17/24 GGP

What a day for a ballgame, the weather was amazing, sunny, not too much wind, and we had 17 players showed up.  The tones of a rock and roll show were present through the game, not sure what it was, but it was there.

The teams were askew from the beginning, but everyone sticks to the story of all the times that the teams are uneven and then the game goes the other way.  Well, this wasn't the case in this game.  Our team never scored a run, and we got to 3rd base twice, I think.  

Nick W was pitching a gem to start and Mitch came in and dominated us a little more.  Sonny was starting for us and he pitched well, but the home team had so many singles they could not be stopped.  Our defense was not helping us much either, we clanged and frisbeed our share as well.

I will focus on the positives, we had some great catches in the outfield when we needed them.  Nick caught several very high pop flies in left field, and the same with Bob in center.  Nick Smith, Bob and JT in the outfield in the 7th inning sets the MBC record for the oldest outfield staffed. So that is something.

I came in after Sonny, and felt good, the fastball was cooking at times.  The curveball finally went where I wanted it to go, which hasn't happened in months.  We slowed the scoring a bit, but the homers still eked out a few more from us.

Final Score- 8-0, home team.


* Thanks for making it out everyone

* Ana had one our few hits, and was the one of the two players that made it to 3rd.

* Don played SS and made it look easy

* Greg did a great job blocking the ball

* Powell and Mitch together again, much to our destruction.

* Mental note to Alejandro, don't be stealing bases with a 6 run lead

* I had 3 hits, 2 singles and a double, did not score.

* Gaspar with the clean hit to the gap

* Nick W had an epic at bat, likely 12 foul balls, maybe 15-16 total pitches.

* I made the plays at 3rd, had trouble with the throws